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You have hiccups, and you’re interested in
learning how to get rid of them. My name is Beverly Bitterman, ARNP, health and wellness
consultant, and I’m here to bring you a few tips and strategies about getting rid of hiccups.
First of all, let me tell you that hiccups are caused by some spasming in your diaphragm,
and your diaphragm is a muscle that sits below your lungs. So when your diaphragm spasms
when it’s out of sync with regular breathing, it shoots air up through your lungs, and it
comes out your mouth in that embarrassing hic. So what we want to do is relax your diaphragm
and get it back synced up with the rest of your breathing process. So here’s some strategies.
One is to take a glass of preferably warm water and to drink it straight down with little
sips. So what you want to do is keep drinking the water until it’s all gone, and try not
to breathe while you’re doing that. So, in effect, you’re holding your breath. And we
also know that holding your breath can be another strategy to deal with hiccups. Another
strategy involves taking a teaspoon of sugar and putting it, say, in a teaspoon, and then
putting that toward the back of your tongue. And then what you’re going to try to do is
to swallow that sugar and try not to breathe while you’re swallowing the sugar. So you’re
focused on something else other than not breathing, which makes it easier to do, and the granulation
in the sugar sends different signals through your body that also helps to relax your body
and let you get back in sync with your breathing. In order to avoid hiccups in the future, you
might look at what are your triggers. Some people find that if they have too much alcohol,
perhaps, or too big of a meal, they’re more prone to hiccups. I know that when I eat dry
foods — like dry toast, for example — if I have a bite of toast and I haven’t had some
water recently, I might swallow and notice that going down slowly and that can trigger
hiccups for me. Most hiccups go away in a few minutes. If they don’t — if they last
more than three or four hours — it’s time to consult your medical provider. There are
medications that can help stop hiccups if that happens to you. Again, my name is Beverly
Bitterman, and I’m an ARNP health consultant, and I hope that your hiccups go away quickly.

100 thoughts on “Family Health : How to Stop Hiccups

  1. Massive thank you to this lady! My brother was fighting with hiccups for like 1 or 2 hrs. We couldn't find the way to stop it no matter what we tried. The sugar helped somehow. Im 30 this year and now I finally know how to sort it out without drinking loads of water haha

  2. holding my breath while sipping a drink tight in the mouth actually worked for me. hiccups be gone 😁

  3. Anesthesia will cause the hiccups as well and can last for days at a time.
    Had surgery this past Friday and my hiccups are still very active and today is Monday…every 3 seconds my entire body shakes.
    The longest time they've stopped was 30 minutes then came right back.😯

  4. Could've just naturally disappeared but again my hiccups also disappeared during the time I was watching this video!

  5. I had whisky too quickly and i got bad hiccups . i couldnt sleep for next five hours and then i tried having some sugar and finaly it helped!! Thsnks

  6. yes my hicups are finialy dam gone
    the easy way is
    get a warm peace of hot water
    *pinch your nose while drinking the water
    and there u go
    thank me later lol

  7. After having the hiccups for an entire day i am happy that the sips of warm water thing worked thank you so much I recommend everyone to do the same thing.

  8. I tried the sugar on a teaspoon but accidentally swallowed the spoon. Is there a video on how to get rid of that? Thanks in advance!

  9. My trick that works 100% of the time (not always on the first attempt) take a deep breath, bend all the way over and VERY SLOWLY release the air

  10. i swear to f^^king god if these f^^king hiccups don't go away im going to put a shot gun in my mouth and blow my f^^king brains out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. every video… I dont care who you are or what causes hiccup, just get to the point! every vid with the lengthy opening jeesh! nothing is working!

  12. Ugh i have friggin crohnic hiccups that I inherited from my great grandpa and my just grandma they usually last 3 days its the second day I. AM. MISRABLE.

  13. my girl friend was watching this to try to stop her hiccups, then I jumped on her, that scared her, she slapped me, but no more hiccups.
    10/10 would do it again.

  14. I had hiccups when I began watching the video. I tried holding my breath. I did it 3 times for as long as I could. Then took 3 breath's in-between. It worked for me, thanks to this Doc & God lol. I thought I was going to die my whole body is sore from having hiccups for so long.

  15. I have been hiccup in all day 17 hours enough to stop me sleeping. hence I googled it holding my breath has worked. Without forgetting Prayer. Amen it's gone.

  16. Another way to get rid of your hiccups as drink some water and hold your nose while drinking cold water you're welcome

  17. Masturbation works! Pls note that i am not a creep and this is not a joke. I suffered for 2 days from hiccups and tried every solution in every youtube video. Nothing helped. Finally, i thought i'll masterbate and see if that works. AND IT DID! so if you have tried everything and nothing worked, try masturbating. I think it just gave me that distraction, shock or relaxation of muscle to stop these stupid hiccups.

  18. If none of these methods work….fill ur belly with water and gag urself…throw up…that was my last restort after having long hour hiccups and having tried all those guaranteed methods on how to stop them

  19. I only get hiccups once a month, but when I do get them, it gets really bad. It would just last one day and have maybe, like, six spurts. But each little hiccup spurt lasts an hour! And it is painful, nauseating, and bad for my acid. I can't get them to stop today. 😭

  20. waw this is so unenlightened old school status qoe bull crap! sugar waw just waw . ok so here is something that has worked for me 100% of the time . take a glass or bottle of water and put your head between your legs and drink then by by hick ups .

  21. Man, come on ppl. None of these work. You want the Hughes Green hiccup cure. It’s similar to these, but I’m telling you, it works. You want your body to feel it’s drowning, and all you need is a tall glass of not-too-cold water. Preferably hold ur nose, lean ur head back and contentiously drink slowly, without breathing, until u feel like ur about to die. You’ll feel like ur drowning. Go as long as you can. After you’ll take in a deep breath coz u been holding it for so long. If u do it right, ur hiccups will be gone. Go research it by name. It’s the only one I found that worked and I’ve searched my ass off for years about this. I can’t believe it’s not a well-known thing that everyone just knows about. So weird

  22. Baclofen (baclin).. Take this tablet 3 tyms a day..i had severe hiccups for one week and this tablet did magic.. Disappeared in just 2 days after taking this medicine.. My condition was very severe.. Remember me in ur prayers..

  23. Medication that stops hiccups : chlorpromazine 25mg tablet works 100% . Thanks to my doctor only cost $15 .

  24. Drinking water worked without thinking of breathing YES I was this desperate to watch this video after having hiccups for 30 mins

  25. (Turn to camera) "You have hiccups! And you're interested in how to get rid of them. :}"
    Jesus what a fucking opening…

    …And ending! Man this is gold.

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