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You’ve got a sore finger. It’s probably sore
right around the nail bed. The fancy name for that is a paronychia. My name is Beverly
Bitterman, ARNP, and I’m here to give you a couple of strategies for how to deal with
that. Sometimes you get them because you might have a hang nail and maybe you’ve pulled the
hang nail out and then you developed an infection, and sometimes who knows why you get them.
But, you’ve got a soreness, either on the side or on the base of your nail. The good
thing about this, is they’re pretty easy to treat. And, what you want to do is apply moist
heat, and because it’s on a finger, it’s really easy to do that. All you have to do is get
some hot water, run some hot water into a cup, and then let’s pretend it’s my index
finger that’s the one that’s hurting, and I’m going to just stick it into the hot water.
And, I can even just kind of carry that around with me, I can talk on the phone, I can watch
T.V, I can do a variety of things, while my finger is being healed by the hot water in
the cup. I suspect that the, keeping it in water frequently also helps clean it, etc.
But, generally, you’ll find that if you’ll do that for two or three days, you can get
rid of your infected finger or your paronychia. You can also see your physician and you can
get an antibiotic, however, it will still take a little while for that to clear. And,
I recommend that you give the hot water a chance to work, and see if that won’t help
you. If you have any fever, or any other symptoms beyond nail redness, of course, you’ll also
want to see your physician. My name My name is Beverly Bitterman, ARNP, and I hope that
your finger feels great soon.

47 thoughts on “Family Health : Treating an Infected Nail

  1. Well i got this from slamming my finger in my car door about 5 months ago and this black bubble didnt form till the next day i thought it was just from my finger being slammed in the door so i didnt pay any mind untill four months later i just decided to squeeze it and see what happens the puss came out but i didnt seem like i got all of it so i dont know if this will work for me maybe i waited to long?

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  4. The area around my nails is always swollen due to nail bitting and cutting my cuticles since I was a child.Please is there something I can do to improve my fingers???

  5. Nail fungus requires time to mend despite the presence of a treatment. It’s been several weeks since my partner applied this fungal remedy “jumkazin blogspot” (Google it) twice a day for his nail. But it does work. It treated both of his pinkie toes in a few weeks, and the big toes are all treated except for the last stubborn remnants at the edge of the nail.

  6. Search this toenails fungus treatment “jumkazin blogspot” on Google. The key element is you have to be persistent. To experience the effectiveness of the item, apply it every morning and evening for two months. My pal also purchased another remedy but he didn’t notice any improvements after utilizing it. Only this treatment works effectively on fungal troubles.

  7. This did work ,not so much the swilling but the throbbing and most of the pain !! PS I've only done it once so far , 20 minutes hot as I could stand it …

  8. here's a few suggestions for treating nail fungus naturally
    Soak your nails in warm water and vinegar
    Apply natural oils such as red rosemary, clove oil and epsom salts which have antibiotic and antifungal effects
    Further ideas you can try are pepper, coconut oil.
    (I read these and why they work from Sebs Stopper Secret site )

  9. Mine is i remove it by nailcutter… And it happen to me TWICE. Mine is by me stupidity removing with my hand. And today is by nailcutter

  10. Thank you Beverley, you are a nice person for helping us, I feel like my finger is going to fall off, haha, but i will take ur advise and ill let you know how i get on.

  11. My toe nail is infected because I went outside without socks and shoes, Edit: I’m going to doctors now

  12. I broke my wrist and it flipped backwards so that now the palm of my hand is facing upward instead of down. I tried warm water but my hand is still facing the wrong way. I may need to get a penicilin or something.

  13. I had no idea this existed so I thought maybe it was the hangnail and I ended up pulling it as far as I could go 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ why me!?

  14. I had a poisoned finger for almost a year. Three courses of antibiotics. Kept coming back. This tip actually works. Thanks for sharing this  Beverly!

  15. I use warm water and apple cider vinegar. I soak it for 15 minutes once or twice a day. Works great! I've actually seen it pull the infection out…pretty gross, but mesmerizing at the same time xD

  16. Apparently I cut my nail at the corner of my finder to far down the nail. My finger is red, swollen and painful. I have done this before, long time ago. I cannot remember what I did for it at that time ( I know I did not seek medical attention) this time I chose to soak mine in straight vinegar with the mother root. I don't know that it has to be with the mother root, just what I happen to have at home. I am soaking for about half hour, then squeeze the infection out. Hurts like hell when I squeeze it, but infection does come out I continue to squeeze each time until the only thing coming out is a like a pinkish red liquid is all that comes out. I assume when that comes out all the infection that is going to come out at that time is out. I soaked it again for about half hour, squeezed again until infection stopped and the pinkish liquid began to come out instead of infection. I plan to soak at least once more (maybe more) today. After the two soaks, some of the redness due to the infection has also lightened, no swelling has gone down as of yet. I tried to find information about soaking in vinegar with no luck, don't want to soak it too long or often if not recommended. No information found, so I am going to continue to until healed. I will do a follow up in the next day or so wether as it is healed or not. Will also Post any adverse reaction to the soak, if I have any. For reference the date is 2/07/2019

  17. Currently have this on my left big toe. After antibiotics.. ugh . What's helping so far is Hot water and espom salt followed by Tea tree oil. Working amazing

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