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Hey doctor Legrand here welcome to my channel where we bring you insightful fun and educational videos on all things pertaining to health in this video I’m going to talk about how fasting can reduce blood pressure in my practice I have actually seen several of my patients reduced their blood pressure through a combination of instrument asting and water fasting a regular basis I’m going to go over two research articles supporting using fasting to lower blood pressure and then at the end of my video, I will go over one benefit of calorie restriction and Cardiovascular health so make sure to stay until the end of this video the first study was done with 110 patients which consists with an average weight of about 290 plus pounds per patient who are Hospitalized for three weeks for the treatment of extreme obesity with a fasting diet now these patients were actually Evaluated for several times for changes in blood pressure lipid profile as well as glucose and insulin levels Now the results that they actually Found in this study when they were measuring all those increments is the study showed a decrease in cholesterol levels normal glucose tolerance levels in 88 percent of patients Wow and blood pressure decreased on average 11 Points systolic Lee and 7 points diastolic Lee the other thing they found in this study Is that on average there was weight? Decreased about 30 pounds in each one of the patients the second study is actually very similar to the first But with actually greater results and here’s why it actually had 174 Patients that were hypertensive so a little bit bigger sample size But with these patients they were actually went through a pre prep diet before a long 10 to 11 day water fast So very extensive the results was almost 90 percent of the patients had reduction in blood pressure by 30 percent points systolic Lee and 13 points diastolic Lee and in stage 3 hypertension cases They had blood pressure reduction on average of 60 points systolic Lee and 17 points diastolic Lee Reduction the other fascinating thing they found with these patients is the ones that are on hypertensive medications Were all successful all coming off of them during and after the study the last study I’m going to talk about has to do with calorie restriction now with calorie restriction I’ve talked about before the benefits and this one actually talks about the benefits of Reducing or actually lowering the chances of getting atherosclerosis and heart disease in this study patients were fed around 1100 to 1900 calories compared to the other group consuming 2,000 to 3,500 calories they found that the group that consumed lesser calories had lower cholesterol and Triglycerides which put them in the ultra healthy level of the top fifth percentile of 20-year olds as well as had 40% Less carotid wall thickness Wow this is actually a really amazing you can see that there is some profound effects of Fasting when it comes to car vascular health if you ever thought of doing a fast talk to your doctor first to see if you Can benefit from this wonderful benefit of fasting when it comes to cardiovascular health for today’s question? What are other methods that you have done to lower your blood pressure? Do you have a health question that you would like to be answered in my next video and make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below to find out how Fasting can help you lose weight Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you can be alerted when I post that video Give me a big thumbs up if you ever have done water fast, or if you like this video And if you have not already watched my other videos on fasting make sure to click on these videos links here Thank you for watching and see you next time andö see a doctor as teacher

13 thoughts on “Fasting Benefits – How Fasting can reduce high blood pressure/Hypertension and prevent heart disease

  1. No!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't talk to your doctor about it. He will almost invariably say "NO" because he is a pharmaceutical shill, in most cases. Do fasting anyway. Start with intermittent fasting and go to the Reddit subreddits called /r/fasting and /r/intermittentfasting for guidance.

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  3. Dr. LeGrand, Does water fasting better than Juice Fasting or soup fasting ? I want to eventually cure diabetes. I have done intermittent fasting 16:8 2 meals for awhile, now try new method. Thanks.

  4. Actually fasting raises cortisol so it will increase the blood pressure and when you eat the blood pressure will stabilize.

  5. I have been eating one meal a day for 2 months and my blood pressure dropped from 150/108 at its worst to now a constant 113/68 heart rate 57. I'm on no medication for blood pressure

  6. Dr. LeGrand, in the video it was mentioned that a research had 174 hypertension patients go through a "pre-prep diet" before a long 10-11 day water fast. Do you have a clue on what kind of diet it was?
    Because it lowers blood pressure a whole lot more than the previous 3 week fast, and the only difference seems to be this ""pre-prep diet"", right? Thanks in advace

  7. The guidebook in this “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) high blood pressure option is simple and easy to read and fully grasp. In just Two nights, I was able to get all info I required from this. I have personally tracked final results ever since i began on it. On the thanksgiving holiday, I had it at 148/98 and within 1 month I lowered it further more to 116/78. .

  8. I’ve been extremely ill about 4-5 times.
    Each time I stopped eating for
    3-4 days. Each time I got 100% healthy.

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