Taking Charge of Your Health

warning the following presentation contains controversial material while there is no profanity of any kind viewer discretion is advised this free life-changing presentation will start in 5 seconds [Music] unfortunately that sound you just heard of a failing heart is something I personally had to experience before I had a wake-up call and discovered the shocking truth hi I’m Jerry and these are three sexy sports cars these supercars are capable of high performance at speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour and yet they all require different types of fuel in other words they’re energy sources food are very unique and in a few minutes you’ll find out why these cars are literally the secret to your weight loss and I should know because this was me before I discovered this secret a 46 year old out-of-shape woman who had no energy no self-esteem and cardiac heart disease knocking on my door until I mysteriously discovered how to lose more weight in three weeks that I had in the last three years going from this to this in record time losing 16 pounds in the first three weeks and going on to lose over 61 pounds over the next three months curious just keep watching the short presentation and I’ll reveal why and if you are over 30 and have failed that fat burning before then this presentation is something you absolutely must see now watch this presentation until the end and you will also discover one really different and super simple secret that has literally helped tens of thousands of others lose weight and feel great people like Liv Tyler Beyonce and Christy Turlington you’re also going to discover how to lose more weight in a single week than you have in the last three years without having to give up your favorite foods or do hours of insane workouts the fastest way on earth to increase your self-confidence without breaking the bank by going under the knife with the latest risky surgical procedure plus the number one killer when it comes to your metabolism and why you must avoid this at all costs note this is a mistake even pros make and it will ruin your chances for success warning I’m getting pressure from big food and big pharma the powers that be to take this free presentation down so watch this now while you still can you may think you’ve tried at all or seen it all when it comes to burning fat fast yet I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like what I’m about to expose to you today and one tip in particular will totally shock you it’s near the end of this presentation and it’s my favorite so keep watching remember I’m going to reveal the down and dirty secrets of burning fat fast secrets that give you confidence strength and freedom freedom to eat your favorite foods freedom to wear your favorite skinny clothes and the freedom to look feel and be your best now before we dive in I’m going to share something from my personal life that to be honest my family begged me to leave out of this presentation I think you’ll see why this is so difficult to share when you hear it in a few minutes so try not to judge me and keep watching deal you may think I’ve always been one of those working moms with a perfect size six but that’s hardly the case at all in fact I’m no Jennifer Lopez and I certainly wasn’t always a gal you’d see featured on health and fitness websites thinking back it was Tuesday evening June 24 2008 I recall it was a really hot day as I struggled to consider wearing a short sleeve blouse to work that day but really didn’t want to expose my at the time flabby arms I was with my daughter Samantha and faith in the drive-through of a notorious fast food chain grabbing dinner I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted after a long day at work when suddenly the phone rang and I was told that my brother Doug had suffered a massive heart attack referred by doctors as the Widowmaker as less than 1% survived this type of heart attack so I called my husband made arrangements for the girls to stay with friends for the school week and jumped in my car to drive 300 miles to Chicago in hopes that I may get a chance to see my brother one more time as my body literally trembled in the car on that five-hour drive in the dark I had two resounding little voices running through my head as if they were on a playback loop the first was please God let Doug survive the second was oh my god what if I’m next the agony of seeing my brother in a coma as his body trembled unconsciously on the ice therapy was almost unbearable I mean there wasn’t one single dry eye in that room nine days later he miraculously came out of his coma and actually survived with very little long-term adversity my brother had dodged a bullet now I knew I needed to take better care of myself yet I’m a little embarrassed to say once my brother was out of the woods I pretty much went straight back to my old habits but my story doesn’t end here barely two years later I received an early call while at work in fact it was October 18 2010 I remember it was a beautiful sunshiny day so when my sister-in-law called me to ask if I had seen my other brother Phil quite honestly I was totally confused wasn’t he at school teaching the kids after all my brother hadn’t missed a school day in over 30 years especially not during football season as he was the head coach so I asked for the rest of the day off and headed over to my brother’s house to help in any way I could 3 hours later while I was in the bathroom I heard the most hideous screams I have ever heard in my life as I ran out the door and onto the driveway I saw my sister-in-law sprawled out on the pavement mumbling they found him they found him when I approached the police officer he confirmed my brother phil was found in a park not far from my house dead on arrival the tremendous pain I felt at that very moment was unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced before I was devastated to say the least frankly I was at the lowest point in my life or so I thought but it partially led me to where I am today feeling happier and healthier than ever something about you want to experience – however even though I knew I was ready for a change I needed one more thing to really push me over the edge and get me to move from overweight and out of shape into the pinnacle of Health I am today I’m embarrassed to admit this but I actually still hadn’t done anything to change the way I was taking care of my health then exactly one month to the day after Phil’s death I was picking my daughter faith up from soccer practice as I waited in the car line with the other parents sipping on my dr. pepper I remember feeling a little short of breath and then it happened as my beautiful baby girl ran up to me to say hi mama I felt an unbearable tightening of my chest shortness of breath and my heart was racing that was the last thing I remembered before coming to that evening in the as I awoke to the concerned phases of my two daughters husband and other family members my mind raced frantically what just happened how did I get here will this be the last time I ever get to see these beautiful faces how could my immediate family take yet another family tragedy will I ever get to see my girls graduate get married have a family of their own yet surprisingly as the matriarch of the family held back my tears and stayed strong for my family when the doctor explained to me that I had experienced what is known as symptoms of a pre heart attack I wasn’t exactly surprised that night after everyone had left except for my brother Eric and my husband I made a vow to myself and my brother I decided at that very moment to make a change that would affect my life forever I would never ever let food imprison me again never again would I allow self-sabotaging unhealthy habits to stand in the way of what folks like you and I really want to look feel and be our best I swore I’d read 50-plus books on the subjects of nutrition and scour the internet research journals and pick the brains of the top pros to discover the secrets of losing weight and feeling great and thanks to that turning point I uncovered the secret formula and it’s one that works for just about anyone and works every time and today I’m going to reveal it to you just keep watching remember despite my success today I’m really no different than you I’m just a gal who stumbled upon a really efficient system this is a plan that allows folks like us women over 30 to live our life with more health and vitality every waking hour experience the excitement and strength of knowing you are there for people you love and enjoy most virtually eliminate disease and disorders such as diabetes hypertension and heart disease have increased energy and a newfound libido of someone 15 years younger than you and have the peace of mind to know that food no longer controls you in a few short weeks and even better it doesn’t involve any insane workouts no starvation diets and no crazy pill-popping miracles this is the exact system that’s allowed me to quickly and easily lose 60 1.2 pounds of fat and keep it off for good this time and it’s the system I’m going to share with you today so you can get the results you desire and deserve also and it’s been scientifically proven to work for any body type at any age no matter what your current condition may be and I’ll share all these secrets in just a moment yet first I want to share the truth with you about the real challenge that we face this is the dirty little secret as to why nothing you do keeps the weight off you anymore and quite frankly why it’s not your fault most people have no clue about this secret the truth is there is a real-life conspiracy going on right under your noses and it is the very reason why weight loss is such a struggle for you again this is not your fault although once I share the secret with you it will become your responsibility to change it in your life forever with just this one simple action step the shocking truth is that you’ve been lied to when it comes to how to get the body of your dreams a body you deserve and those lies have all but destroyed your chances of success the weight loss industry has most people believing that you have to practically starve yourself in order to have the body you deserve maybe you’ve heard you must count every single calorie that goes into your mouth you know those silly point system diets like Weight Watchers Jenny Craig and the 21-day container diet another one of the many lies going around these days is that you have to eat one of those low carb no carb diets like Paleo Atkins or the South Beach diet to see success and losing weight perhaps you’ve heard that everyone should eat the exact same way you know the one size fits all diets claiming your bodies exactly like everyone else’s even though your girlfriend Karen eats whatever she wants and never gains a pound I bet maybe you even believed some of this at one time it is total and utter BS that’s right when a belief system is not serving you for the greater good it’s nothing but BS it’s not even remotely close to the truth if you are one of the countless good men and women that have fell victim to these lies then you need to decide right here right now to accept the truth because if you don’t you’ll find yourself feeling frustrated and alone you will end up destroying your metabolism stopping your weight loss dead in its tracks you may even find yourself giving up on the body of your dreams and quitting altogether no matter how strong you thought your focus was this time even worse you could find yourself waking up in a hospital bed like I did listen this is not what I want for you and I know it’s not what you desire for yourself and despite popular belief this is the very reason that your struggle with weight loss is not your fault if you really want to blame something or someone for your struggles with weight loss then do this take a good look at the real villains like big food big government and big corporations promoting their lies and half-truths dumbing you down think about it for decades you’ve been lied to by these crooks with false and misleading claims designed to rip you off and these guys are betting on in fact depending on your suffering and confusion to make a buck scumbags you know what it confused me too because these powers that be have the media in their back pocket and therefore continuously spread this misinformation like a wildfire in fact when dr. Kessler 2009 interviewed an executive in the food industry who he called the equivalent of Henry Ford he was amazed at how well these execs knew exactly how to get you to eat more and more of their foods popular so-called weight loss foods used by the Weight Watchers of the world this exact stated the food industry creates dishes to hit the three points of the crave compass ensuring you become addicted to their foods as their conversation wound down he walked dr. Kessler to the door and said with the certainty that only an insider could have the food industry is a manipulator of the consumers minds and desires and recently when the World Health Organization attempted to come out with new guidelines advising that people should consume no more than 10% of their total calories with this glorified junk food the big food advocates pushed back so hard that our government actually declined the advice because they said the restrictions were too hard on the food industry and immediately senator Thompson took a government jet to Geneva to the World Health Organization and told them that if they published this document to the public they were going to withhold the 406 million dollars we were going to give them as our contribution to the w-h-o in other words the US government extorted the w-h-o to bury this document so stop blaming yourself because the weight-loss industry is filled with misinformation and bogus propaganda to make sure they keep dumbing you down to believe their bogus lies when it comes to losing weight and feeling great in fact the truth is that you should never rely on the one-size-fits-all calorie counting low-carb diets that are continuously perpetuated by these fiends and when you use these one-size-fits-all approaches you wreck your metabolism to a screeching halt you’re seven super fat burning hormones shut down and you find yourself going through moments of wanting to go on a seafood diet as in you want to eat everything you see your body actually starts to store more fat instead of burning it all because you’re not considering that your body is unique now that you know the problem that your weight loss has been held back for years due to these lives let’s jump into the specific secret tips I have for you today the same secrets that have been used to help tens of thousands of other smart folks like you to get the body you deserve and desire I have to tell you might eat right for your unique body type is the real life-changer it’s my personal favorite and it’s been responsible for most of my success I know you’re curious so hang with me I’ll get into my secret eat right for your unique metabolic type specifics in just a moment I promise it is nothing like any information you have ever heard before and even better it is really easy to figure out so keep watching listen well I would love to tell you that I figured all of this out by myself I really need to share one more secret with you before I expose the truth on losing weight rapidly with ease the groundbreaking secret tips I’m about to share with you were actually taught to me by a somewhat famous kinesiologist from Chicago who has 25 years of hands-on experience in fact he has a number one best-selling author and has even been featured on Fox CBS NBC ABC and the CW I call him my shy town secret weapon now the thing about shaitan is he is the anti mass media expert and unlike many other experts my shy town secret weapon had to actually walk the walk as he himself was very overweight for most of his younger adult years until he changed his life yet in the beginning of his career as a personal trainer and fat burning expert he didn’t always get great results with everyone for the first 10 years or so he actually admits that he was only able to really help about 30% of his clients even though they were all eating basically the same foods he was advising them to of course these were the same foods that he himself had used to lose weight and feel great for nearly a decade at this point yet almost 69 percent of his participants were not getting the results they desired and deserved and this just wasn’t going to cut it so that’s one shy town noticed something very specific and very telling the 31 percent of the people he was really able to help burn fat fast lose weight and feel great actually moved differently that’s right those people who were absolutely losing weight and loving it on his program had fluidity and fast-twitch movements whereas his clients who biomechanically were medium and slow-twitch dominant were barely burning fat at all and that’s when it hit him that’s when he literally had his wake the four cup moment one person’s food is another person’s poison especially when it comes to weight loss because we are all just a little bit different and based on these differences we require a different diet plan the one-size-fits-all routines were total BS in other words it is silly to think all people should eat the exact same way and science has proven it and when my secret weapon shared this with me I decided to wake the fork up as well because I had known several friends who were able to eat foods that I couldn’t and still look great heck we all know people like that that’s when and how I discovered these three most incredible tips I must share with you here they are first you absolutely must know about the one simple timing technique you have to avoid if you want to easily and quickly lose weight and it will surprise you listen most people believe that eating four to six small meals all day long from the moment they wake until late in their day is actually a good thing in fact for the last decade it seemed as every expert from Tokyo to Texas was preaching this one-size-fits-all technique to quote unquote boost your metabolism and I actually believe to this as well but was never able to lose weight with this technique not to mention I was hungry all the time this may surprise you yet it has absolutely scientifically been proven to be untrue because this overextended eating window actually shuts down your fat-burning metabolism this technique is only good to do if you are one of those freaks that exercises three plus hours a day and take some form of ergo genic aids such as steroids growth hormones or testosterone shots and you eat like a bodybuilder every day watching everything you put in your mouth and even weighing your food on a scale and who the heck wants to do or look like that unless you avoid this overextended feeding window you’re in for some serious headaches if you want to burn fat fast now I’m no kinesiologist like shy town and all that fast twitch slow twitch muscle fiber oxidative movement mumbo-jumbo didn’t resonate with me so he explained it like this remember those three sexy sports cars I spoke about earlier well it turns out these sports cars are a lot like our bodies let me explain the Tesla is extremely efficient with its fuel food source estimated at over 280 miles per gallon and therefore doesn’t need to refuel eat as often it’s like a body that is slow oxidative dominant the BMW i8 represents the medium oxidative dominant person as it is somewhat efficient with its fuel food source it gets about 120 miles per gallon yet the Ferrari Berlinetta represents those folks with the fast oxidative system this car body actually gets only 14 miles to the gallon a regular gas guzzler so for those people that move to like a Tesla they only needed to eat a certain number of hours out of every 24 hour cycle this is which side town calls intellectual eating window and it’s a real gamechanger people’s bodies that are like a BMW i8 hybrid need to consume all their calories within a different time period and for those of us who have a fast oxidative system like a Ferrari we must eat all our calories within a completely different time period throughout our day so you have an intellectual eating window that is very specific and special for your body the best part about it it takes less than three minutes to discover which car your body is like and it’s a lot of fun and the technique to stay within your unique intellectual eating window is super you don’t have to do this forever just until you lose all the fat you deserve and desire so don’t worry just picture it people will look at you in amazement as you shed the fat in record time simply by taking advantage of this one simple tip you’ll also be cleansing your body naturally through a cool process called Auto Fuji it will have you feeling 15 years younger it’s amazing that you can experience all these benefits just by eating within your unique intellectual eating window rather than eating the exact same calories all day long listen to this one would it surprise you to discover you can actually enjoy eating the right foods for your unique body type you will also control a fat storing hormone called insulin and you’ll also burn loads of fat when you take advantage of this next simple tip that’s right just like a Tesla uses batteries as fuel like a BMW i8 uses both batteries and gas and the Ferrari uses high-octane gas your body requires different food fuel choices depending on your oxidative speed as well I will give you a perfect example most people believe that chicken fish and 100% grass-fed beef are excellent sources of protein yet if you are a slow oxidative person you know the tesla salmon dark chicken and grass-fed beef is much too high in purines for you and will make you gain fat instead of burn it whereas if you’re a fast oxidative type the Ferrari you must have high purine proteins and lots of them to burn fat fast and have superhuman energy another big discovery the slow oxidative type must enjoy their favorite carbs to burn fat fast yet the fast and medium oxidative types must limit their fruits and bread in order to lose weight and feel great and medium and fast oxi types can gorge themselves on their favourite fatty foods let’s face it we’ve all known that one person who can enjoy their sweets and look and feel great and we’ve known that one person who can eat the high fatty foods and look and feel amazing as well by the way these are not the same people that’s because one of these folks has a slow oxidative metabolic type and the other has a fast oxidative metabolic type by discovering the secrets to this process you’ll walk into every room with more confidence and energy than Heidi Klum and George Clooney put together here’s how you do it I want you to simply take this short multiple choice question air that gary has designed all you need to do is spend three simple minutes picking answer a or B literally when you discover the gift of actually enjoying the secrets of learning the specific foods that are right for your body type vibrant energy and sexy toned muscle is just a few weeks away just imagine this you’ll experience weekly daily even hourly excitement as you move closer to your dream body on top of it all you’ll actually love the foods that are on your list believe me I was blown away as many of the foods that were my favorites but I thought were unhealthy were the perfect foods for my unique metabolism and enjoying the journey is the key to staying on the path and this simple strategy will get you there fast I promise you and it gets even better here comes my really big massive crucial tip just be warned without applying this tip to your weight loss strategy you can virtually forget about succeeding this is the most important tip law you must buy into this is the tip that will allow you to eat all your favorite treat foods the foods you find crave alicia’s while burning all the fat you desire this is shaytan’s world-famous fat burning method and every person with a near-perfect body I know uses this strategy even if they aren’t aware of it and it’s the simple strategy that gives you the freedom of enjoying your dream body in the fastest most efficient manner possible and get this this tip puts you on success autopilot in your sexy sleek sports car of a body on the road to weight loss way at the corner of fat burn Boulevard and awesome Avenue because let’s face it your body will be like either a Tesla a BMW i8 or a Ferrari f12 how freakin cool is that all while you magically burn fat fast gain confidence and increase muscle tone here’s how it works your weight loss is not controlled by calories rather it is controlled by your hormones three hormones that are vital to burning fat fast or insulin leptin cortisol now don’t worry I’m not going to get all technical with you as I’ve twisted shy town’s arm to keep it simple when you go on those one-size-fits-all diets and don’t eat right for your unique metabolic type these three hormones become double OC out of control however the powerful combination of eating the exact specific foods for your unique body within your precise intellectual eating window has been shown to speed up your metabolism rapidly increasing your weight loss in the shortest time possible this formula I’ve uncovered and shaytan’s perfected over the years which I’m about to reveal to you gives you the best of both worlds the specific delicious cheat treat foods for your unique metabolic type combined at a very specific time this is crucial it cannot be whenever you want this secret is literally the one to knockout punch combo to turn your body into a fat burning furnace 24/7 why because it keeps your insulin leptin and cortisol in total balanced and this is the true secret to fat loss allowing your body to lose boatloads of weight by simply hacking into your hormones without ever having to cut back on your calories plus creating your new perfect hormonal balance through your intellectual eating plan gives you freedom you have never experienced with all those other popular diets not only that you will actually use your body’s favorite foods as a formula to supercharge your metabolism and lose weight and feel great talk about amazing just imagine this here you are packing up the family suitcases for your summer vacation when all of a sudden it’s time to pack your swimsuit only this year you are packing three new hot sexy bikinis for the beach without even a single second thought or feeling as if you might have to hide under a t-shirt covering a one-piece like years past you call up your girlfriend to ask her to go shopping for three more swimsuits after all you will be on the beach for six days and she actually is amazed by this call because she simply can’t believe how much weight you have lost while eating your favorite foods in fact all your friends marvel at you what’s up how in the h-e double toothpicks can you be losing that much weight so easily and effortlessly well here’s what’s up the thing the dealio you now know the secret system the hidden secrets behind the insane success others have had in the world of losing weight and feeling great people like Beyonce Jennifer Lopez Liv Tyler and Christy Turlington and now you have access to it starting today Wow I realized that that was a lot of information you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed and maybe confused at this point and that’s perfectly okay all this really means is that you have two simple choices to make right now choice one you can take all the tips and info I just gave you and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together all by yourself and while it will take longer and you will probably make some serious mistakes who knows you may get lucky and figure it out on your own or you can take choice to the smart choice the choice most savvy women take who are finally ready for weight loss success this is absolutely the easiest fastest and most intelligent way possible to lose weight and feel great listen why risk failing on yet another attempt to lose the weight when my shy town secret weapon has done all the work for you he’s laid out your exact step-by-step blueprint already why even consider doing this on your own it’s the exact same system I used and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you and it works virtually every time this world-class weight loss system has over two decades of research perfecting the formula to easy weight loss success all with folks like you in mind well I think it’s time to introduce you to my shy town friend properly professional fat burning guru Gary Watson world renowned number one international best-selling author world-class kinesiologist and celebrity trainer who has been featured on Fox CBS NBC ABC and the CW which of course means that his system has been tried tested and proven not just by this working mom but by hundreds of thousands of people just like you and me Gary’s best-selling program the three week fat blast diet is exactly that system the truth about blasting fat off your body in three short weeks the 3 week fat blast diet is the best fat earning diet plan I’ve ever used that allows you to eat all your favorite foods and still get the body of your dreams it is literally the only program you will ever need to lose weight and feel great and keep the weight off for good this super easy diet will work for you even if you have mommy fat left on your body a crazy busy lifestyle a stressful job that limits your time crazy food cravings obesity in your immediate family you just look at food and gain weight or even if you feel as if you’ve tried absolutely everything believe me I should know because I literally thought I suffered from all those conditions now I need to share with you what the three-week fat blast diet is not so you understand precisely the adventure you’re about to experience this is not some ridiculous one-size-fits-all low carb no carb starvation diet this isn’t one of those one-size-fits-all high fat protein diets either you know the Atkins crap it certainly isn’t one of those super expensive surgical approaches and rest assured it definitely is not one of those pill-popping calorie point counting container programs no this is not one of those programs that makes bogus promises you know like those ten pounds in ten minutes and you darn sure better believe this is not one of those big food big government manipulated billion-dollar corporate industry plans I think you’ve been deceived enough by those greedy corporate types and their crazy profit driven ads and soul called reports this on the other hand is the bonafide real deal I say this with certainty as Gary has discovered studied and worked with the very best in this industry and has more than 25 years of hands-on experience behind the three-week fat blast diet this relentless pursuit and passion has revealed the secrets to real-life permanent healthy weight loss and exposed all the nonsense out there that causes good people to fail miserably so I can guarantee that this time you get real results and now starting today our success can be your success the real results driven by these success strategies can now be copied easily by you giving you the joy and freedom of looking and feeling ten years younger in the shortest time possible effortlessly allowing you to take total control of your fat blasting nutrition all while achieving your sexiest leanest body ever and shocking and all your family and friends quicker and easier than you ever imagined listen it’s only fair that I completely come clean with you right here right now a hundred percent honesty if you’re just looking for yet another bogus one-size-fits-all program or some lame calorie counting point system scan selling you their glorified junk food or some other miracle plan that you already know will never ever work for you you know if that’s what you want leave this page right now and head over to see mr. Roarke and tattoo on Fantasy Island the plane the plane this is not some BS miracle cure for losing weight and feeling great this is the real deal a time-tested formula that actually works and the best part about it it works wonders for women who are 30 40 and even 50 years old and beyond so if you’re wanting the real answer to sexy toned weight loss gary has made this diet as simple as it can get here’s what you can and should expect the three week fat blast diet to deliver if you want to discover a life of vibrant energy burn loads of fat tone and shape muscle look and feel 10 years younger in three weeks or less then this is the system for you and if you want to walk around in an amazing body have an incredible nutrition plan that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods have a flat tummy and a rock and booty and look feel and be your best then the three week fat blast diet isn’t just a solution for you it’s the only solution for you remember I lost fourteen point six pounds the first three weeks and then went on to lose 61 pounds and have never felt better not to mention I lowered my cholesterol my blood pressure and virtually eliminated any risk of cardiac heart disease this was after holding post-pregnancy baby fat for nearly two decades and many others have lost weight as well like Kelly bags a teacher in her 50s from Smithton Illinois she lost 23 pounds in record time or how about Theresa levy from Fort Lauderdale Florida this high energy grandmother lost nearly 30 pounds Theresa is in her 70s ladies if she can do it so can you let’s not forget about Pamela Abbott WA from Las Vegas Nevada who was finally able to lose that last ten pounds from her belly or Cindy Gail from West Virginia who got down to the weight she was at age 21 after shredding fat in three short weeks just look at what you’ll receive today inside the three week fat blast diet I want you to turn immediately to page 41 so you can discover the secrets of eating right for your unique body type this includes the exact foods and strategic success plan for how you use your favorite foods to blast fat immediately then you will feel excited to turn to page 62 so you can discover your precise intellectual eating window that guarantees speedy weight loss on pages 67 to 72 you’ll see delicious and nutritious meal plans specifically for your convenience and on page 74 you will discover the truth on how to keep this weight off for good it is the only thing that has ever kept the weight off for me and thousands of others permanently strategic binging on your favorite foods is a must to keep our fat burning at its peak and this is the only system that teaches you how to do it the right way as you’ve probably noticed by now the three week fat blast diet is by far the easiest and fastest weight loss plan on the market today this is because you get to actually eat your favorite foods and lots of them in fact most fat blasters shared that they lose on average of 15 pounds or more in three short weeks simple speedy and spectacular amazing right considering they’re eating their favorite foods now perhaps you may be thinking I bet a system that delivers all that could really cost a pretty penny honestly it really should considering this exact system has literally helped tens of thousands of smart people just like you lose tons of fat fast don’t worry I’m going to cover the cost and a huge discount I’m going to give you today in just a moment yet first I want to share a few more unique secrets this one-of-a-kind system will deliver to you it will unlock the power of your seven super fat burning hormones right out of the gate on day one also you’ll get instant clever insights from learning how to avoid the top three fad diet lies that’s tucked away waiting for you on page nine and I’ll also reveal the one sneaky strategic binging trick that’s causing the most rapid fat-loss progress in women over 40 today that’s on page 74 listen the retail value of the three-week fat blast diet alone is $87 and that’s without any additional bonuses yet you’re not just getting the three-week fat blast diet system today I’m just getting started because you’ve watched this entire presentation and demonstrated your true passion to get the body you desire and deserve I’m going to toss in to better body bonuses so you can lose weight even faster and these added bonuses are free of charge the first gift you’ll be receiving today is the guide to igniting your seven super fat burning hormones immediately it’s normally valued at twenty nine dollars yours free today remember until you learn this little secret more than likely your hormones are double OC out of control storing fat instead of burning it no matter how low your calories go today we are going to fix this in addition you’re also going to get the Bermuda Triangle of foods because there are so many lies out there this critically important manual is going to save you time money and even perhaps your life because this will set the record straight once and for all it’s normally valued at $39 but today only you’re getting this for free listen you can easily see why the three-week fat blast diet system is worth eighty seven dollars and when we consider the price of the bonuses the retail value is over a hundred and fifty dollars yet because you are still here I have a much better deal for you so keep watching of course you could just walk away and continue down the same path you’re on right now you know what statistics show that you can end up spending more than 10 times the amount you’d invest today simply in medical bills related to being out of shape and overweight alone then there’s the burden of paying for even more fat clothes as your weight continues to go up you know the clothes you don’t enjoy wearing anyway and what fun is that if you’re going to spend money on new clothes that might as well be new skinny clothes that you love or even worse spending your hard-earned dollars on the sheisty big food corporations engineered weight loss foods you know the Franken foods that get you addicted to them they have been shown to double even triple your monthly food bill let’s not forget the time away from work that will more than likely happen if you simply keep doing what you’re doing now and that’s not what I want for you and it’s not what Gary wants for you so let’s just make this a no-brainer decision for you today okay look you deserve to know why Gary’s offering you a massive discount today you see not so long ago Gary was predominantly sharing his secrets with only multi millionaires who paid him over five thousand dollars a month that’s five thousand monthly per each individual yet something deep inside of him was missing he began to feel empty inside can you relate then it hit him like a ton of bricks he no longer wanted to help only the super wealthy privileged people he had a stronger purpose a much bigger cause something he calls helping the world wake the fork up this cause this wake the fork up mission that led to the three week fat blast diet has now impacted hundreds of thousands of people and you know what you’re invited to join us in this cause an opportunity to help build the life of your dreams by looking 10 years younger feeling sexy incredibly healthy and confident in all that life has to offer losing weight and feeling great the way deserve to experience life above all share being your best with as many people on planet earth as possible so he sold his private consulting company wrote this amazing book and set out to help change the world of weight loss an inspiring goal indeed and you know what I think he is off to a great start because he’s already helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and feel great that’s millions of pounds lost think about that can you imagine the incredible impact he has created think about it looking out your window at thousands of working parents having more energy and freedom to share with their kids feeling as if you now are one of the inspires instead of being an inspiring being the person you always dreamed you could and should be and joining in as a leader in this cause instead of a follower a leader just like me this is what Gary wanted for me and it is exactly what he wants for you and he isn’t stopping now because he needs to help as many people as possible wake the fork up in this road they call life this of course means a much lower price for you as it is his mission to get you to join the cause today this one simple desire means that he refuses to let financial circumstances hinder anyone that means you will not be paying the retail value of a hundred and fifty five dollars for the three week fat blast diet plus its bonuses today in fact your investment today will not even be close to a hundred and fifty five dollars it’s not even going to be half that price heck it’s not even going to be fifty seven dollars your total investment today including the three week fat blast diet system plus all the bonuses you now see on this screen is just one easy payment of only thirty seven dollars have a look below this video right now and then click on the yellow order button that says Buy Now to log in your discounted price today for only $37 right after you click that button you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page that looks like this once you do this you will get instant access to the entire system and all the bonuses without waiting for anything to come in the mail that’s right simply get started in 30 seconds by instantly viewing everything on your smart phone tablet or computer listen even better take advantage of your unconditional 60-day triple guarantee if for any reason you do not feel this system meets your expectations in any way whatsoever or if for any reason you do not lose the weight you desire and deserve to lose in the first three weeks or even if you wake up one day and decide you really don’t like the way Gary cuts his hair in the next 60 days he will gladly refund you every last penny no worries no questions and no BS a hundred percent guaranteed no hard feelings look you essentially are getting a free trial for 60 days Gary takes all the risk while you reap all the benefits don’t delay get started today clicking the Buy Now button below lock in your discounted price today remember you’ll join everyday folks like Teresa from Fort Lauderdale who experienced these incredible results following the three week fat blast diet system and Cindy from West Virginia who feels like she did in her 20s and then there’s Pamela who dropped her last ten pounds in less than three weeks these were the last ten pounds she couldn’t seem to lose no matter what she had done in the past listen remember Kelly from earlier well here’s an added bonus to her story not only did she herself drop the weight easily and quickly but get this she got both her son Nate and her husband Scott to use the three weeks that blast diet system and they melted away the fat as well here he is Scott bags from Smithton Illinois who was exhausted falling asleep by 8:00 p.m. on the couch every night after work he lost 31 pounds in record time their son Nate lost 17 pounds that’s what I call a family affair incredible in fact while this program in my opinion works best for working moms over 30 it has also given many brothers husbands fathers and sons incredible results as well like Rick O’Neal from Tampa Florida he lost 13 pounds of pure fat in three short weeks just have a look at what graduate student Gerald Eugene from st. Louis Missouri discovered in his journey of weight loss 36 pounds down in record time remember my brother who made that pact with me here he is Eric Christopher 58 pounds lighter after using this amazing program and of course I dropped 61 pounds on this amazing system let’s not forget about Gary’s transformation he lost over 50 pounds and has kept it off for 15 years I told you he watched the walk practices what he preaches is the real deal plus if you act now before this presentation ends we are going to throw in the three week fat blast diet fast track guide this literally will get you started in minutes instead of hours and Gary’s gonna give it to you today for free add it all up and the total value is over $200 and even at that price this is a total steal yet today and only today the entire three week fat blast diet system with all the bonuses plus the super bonus is yours for only $37 now remember you’re not just getting an incredible bargain today essentially you’re becoming a part of the newest and quite possibly the largest weight-loss movement of the decade and just by participating in the three-week fat blast diet system you’re going to make new friends left and right friends to mutually help inspire and celebrate with think of us as your new community of weight loss weight the four cup warriors simply click on the yellow button that says Buy Now and guarantee your discounted price today no shipping costs no delays you’ll have immediate access to every feature of the three-week fat blast diet system without delay plus all the great free bonuses valued at over a hundred and twenty dollars on their own simply for taking immediate action today here’s what will happen the second you click the yellow Buy Now button below this video first you’ll be taken to our 100% secure checkout page which looks like this then after you order you can select the add-ons you prefer to help you start losing weight and feeling great even faster if you so desire then simply click on the button that says complete your order you will receive an email directly from Gary Watson with your exclusive membership password and ID finally you’ll simply arrive at our secure members area which looks like this and you are all set up ready to rock it’s that simple hey let’s remember why you’re right here right now you’ve been struggling with your weight loss for far too long and if you neglect to take action today you may never get that body you deserve and desire and how frustrating and angry would that make you feel even worse you can find yourself waking up in a hospital bed just like I did this is not what I want for you and it won’t happen because by simply taking action right here right now you can get started with the fast track guide today and start losing weight and feeling great immediately see this vision I have for you today you will finally have the answer to your weight loss challenges once and for all and you are starting to feel excited energized sleek and sexy you are bursting from the seams with hope and enthusiasm turning heads as you enter the room you are living the dream and enjoying every second of it finally you have arrived walking talking and breathing in the body of your dreams a body you desire the truth whole truth and nothing but the truth your inability to lose weight and feel great is not your fault entirely and now you know why seriously you’ve been manipulated by big food you’ve been lied to by the billion-dollar weight-loss industry and there’s that dreaded one-size-fits-all approach that did nothing but backfire in your face yet today is your day to claim your power and take responsibility to take easy action steps that you know will put an end to the lies and discover a new real lose weight and feel great plan that simply works here’s the great news unlike all those bogus total BS weight loss gimmicks this one is guaranteed to work for you simply try the three week fat blast diet system for 60 full days on Gary and see the results you deserve and desire or you pay nothing plus we never leave you hanging either Gary or his support team get back to you quickly with any questions you have so you’ll always feel taken care of immediately after you buy today you need to do this go to page four of your fast-track guide and spend three minutes discovering your unique body type this simple assessment tells you immediately what you must do to reactivate your metabolism believe me this is the perfect place to start as it guarantees you have a clear advantage right out of the gates with losing weight and feeling great remember along with the fast-track guide you’ll also be getting the world-renowned 3 week fat blast diet system by number one best-selling author gary watson remember this is the easiest fastest weight loss system i have ever come across plus your seven super fat burning hormones your personal handbook so you can immediately supercharge your metabolism and feel ten years younger and the Bermuda Triangle of foods a quick read that will literally save you hours in the grocery store so you never have have to guess which foods are healthy anymore listen please don’t put this off one minute longer let me tell you why remember Gary lowered his price for the three week fat blast diet by over 60% for you today just so price wasn’t a factor just know this an offer like this will not last for long eventually he will have to raise the price back up to its true value so you must act now before this happens not to mention all the super bonuses are only offered today so don’t get left behind only the first comers get access to this total fat burning power package now remember unless you act today you may never take action and before you know it days have turned into months and maybe even years you’re still overweight and out of shape feeling tired all the time hating your clothes are even worse you can find yourself waking up in the hospital just like I did on the verge of having a heart attack so let’s make sure you get what you really want and need today right here right now all you need to do is wake the fork up and take action and do the only smart thing you can do while you still can make the easiest wisest decision you will ever have to make on your quest to looking great and losing weight claim your discount your bonuses heck let’s be real claim the body of your dreams you deserve to have the fastest easiest fat burning program out there click the yellow button below right now and let’s get you started today if you’re still watching I bet you have some questions here are the most common questions I received about the three-week fat blast diet system and the answers to help you out why do so many fail to keep the weight off for good when you use those mass-marketed one-size-fits-all diets you actually damage your hormones instead of supercharging them so the minute you even slip a little your body begins to store even more fat than it did before you started the diet the three-week fat blast diet gives you the exact foods your body needs for your unique metabolic type guaranteeing you superchargers seven super fat burning hormones realistically how soon should I start feeling changes in my body within the first 72 hours your body will begin to cleanse naturally simply by eating right for your bodies cific needs and most people start to feel more energy and confidence as they lose seven pounds of weight in the first week alone in addition they begin to get a feeling of euphoria as the physiological healing begins to take place in other words they get happy why should I try this system fast fat loss increased self-esteem mental clarity improved confidence looking and feeling great these are just a few of the reasons why so many others have loved our system make no mistake however nothing and I mean nothing motivates people more than achieving great results superfast once you experience this you also will become hooked this is what makes this programming so different people actually make this a lifestyle not just a quick fix nothing is more fulfilling what happens after I hit the Buy button below simple after clicking the Buy Now button you will be taken to our secure checkout page then enter your information and you will be granted instant access to the three-week fat blast system allowing you to view all the material on any device anytime from anywhere immediately can you please tell me again about your triple money-back guarantee sure because this program literally saved my life and because Gary wants to limit your risk completely if for any reason whatsoever you wish to receive a refund any reason at all Gary will give you a hundred percent of your money back no questions asked how long will this system be available to the public to be honest that question is hard to answer obviously Gary and I want to help as many people as possible yet as previously stated there are some very powerful corporations out there who are trying to stop you from hearing the truth so it’s impossible to say just how long this website will be up bottom line if you’re ready to lose weight and feel great you probably need to make your move right now by pressing the yellow button below today

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