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no you know what’s what’s happening the reason that fruit fats are different than the nuts and seeds for instance is that as the fruit ripens the enzymes in the fruit are breaking the fats down into their component fatty acids so the body doesn’t have to do that work okay I mean that’s you know fruit is essentially ripe fruit is predigested because you ever try to eat a right and unripe banana everyone’s bitten into a banana that wasn’t really ready yet yeah and it tastes starchy doesn’t it you know why it’s starch okay because an unripe bananas all starch and as it ripens the starch is converted to sugar and so if we try to eat an unripe banana we will probably not feel very good we’ll get in a gesture because the body is not very capable of breaking that starch down if we eat the same banana not only contains starch which then breaks down to sugar but it contains protein which is broken down into its component amino acids and it contains fat which is broken down into its component fatty acids so we eat the ripe banana the body has very little work to do because much of it’s already been done as the fruits ripening okay so eating eating you know avocado if it’s ripe should be considerably less work for the body than eating the same equivalent number of calories of nuts for instance you

14 thoughts on “Fat fruits vs Nuts & Seeds

  1. Aw cute kitty. <3 I had to watch it twice to understand what you were saying because the first time I was too focused on the cat and forgot to listen to you.

  2. Loren you being the only true model of health I know I have to ask:

    What is your bodyfat % over the course of a year on average if you care to measure or roughly estimate that?

    Is it true that your immune system gets weakened by a very low level (say sub 5%) ?

    I'd love it if you got back to me – thanks!

  3. Hey Loren,
    What do you think about raw green peas.
    Are they a fruit because when they are young they contain a lot of sugar.
    Second question: What about wild organic raw peanuts? Are they still Toxic like the normal ones?
    I dont know what to expect from these two things.

  4. I need some advice. I weigh 310 lbs. was 380 but it's taken 13 years to drop it. I exercise everyday 30-40 minutes weights and cardio. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet (except when I crave tuna or chicken) consisting of mostly green juices. I don't eat fried foods, carbs, any junk foods at all (perhaps once a month I will have a burger or treat meal), soft drinks, sugars or salt. I can't lose weight fast enough. 1/4 of a lb in a month is not good enough. When you have 240 lbs to lose. What do you suggest I try to just give my body a natural jump start without resorting to drugs?

  5. Why did you take so long to put this out ….? This would have been help a year ago man. I thought our bodies made enough amylase to finish off the fruits starch, no matter how much your chess hurts, after eating the partly green bananas. Maybe I'm just a idiot lol. I don't listen to my body enough yup

  6. Learned something new, thank you. I'm on day 5 of my water fast and it's been painful and exhausting. I haven't slept in 5 nights and the stomach and intestinal pain and cramping never stops, is that normal? I might eat some watermelon today, my body can only stand so much. I've been drinking water, a gallon a day.

  7. Actually I do really really well on yellowish green bananas and on the really ripe ones. I think what he is trying to say is that he doesn't really eat the greenish yellow one, lol. Everyone is different and everyone should listen to their own body…period
    nice video!

  8. I was wondering about mixing foods. I´ve felt that mixing fats like avocado and sugers like orange etc. makes digestion harder… any comments on that?
    Great videos and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  9. Expand on this video I bit if possible. Discuss coconuts and coconut water. What's the classification of coconut meat?? Thx very

  10. Good point! I found out we can Def gain weight on fruits even the juicy fruits such as mangoes and papayas. They are low in proteins but somehow I can gain weight if I eat enough calories for my body. I would feel full for half a day after 3 medium papayas in a meal. I can't wait to fast with u when I'm ready. I wish someone from WA can travel to Costa Rica to fast with me.

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