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My name is Sonia, I live in Delhi. Qtn: What were you suffering from before you
started taking KAMALAHAR. Ans: Actually I had gone for a usual ultrasound,
I came to know I have fatty liver, grade 1. Another time I went for an ultrasound I came
to know my fatty liver had slightly increased, it became 1 and 2(grade)..and then I came
across KAMALAHAR over the net…I took medicine for 2/3 months so far and went for a general
health check-up and I was wondering I still may be having fatty liver…the liver enzymes
were very high for me. Recently when I went for an ultrasound, my
liver was cured. I was very surprised, I asked my pathologist
two or three times. She said you do not have fatty liver anymore,
I do not know what you are doing but whatever you are doing is absolutely right and liver
enzymes were in normal range and no problems what-so-ever. I was never over weight and I was having diet
control from the beginig I was a regular gym goer and I used to walk
a lot but still, I had fatty livre before I started taking KAMALAHAR. So that was actually worrying because I was
doing everything possible to help myself but it was not happening…so I got in touch with
KAMALAHAR thing and I started taking it..I was pleasantly surprised and my enzymes are
well within range. Qtn: Did you follow any diet control along
with KAMALAHAR ? Ans: See diet cobtrol is one thing which I
have airways been following. I take olive oil, organic vegetables. These were things I was doing before KAMALAHAR
also, I waa doing regular excercises..these things help but I am pretty sure that the
medicine(kamalahar) was a catalyst. Qtn: Is there any thing, msg you would like
to tell people who are suffering from fatty liver or other liver disorders. Ans: Yes, I have. It helped me immensely and I am very very
glad about it. I would definitely suggest if people are suffering
from Fatty liver or other liver disorders, I would say allopathy does not have much to
offer for Fatty Liver specially because I had consulted a lot of allopathic physicians
who said..just chill out, there is nothing much we can do about it. So I think it is this is a very good thing..I
am pretty sure they can get cured of their fatty liver and other liver disorders. Thanks.Thank you so much

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