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100 thoughts on “Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin

  1. I use this shiity fucking drug, you never can understand how much powerful this drug is..when the drug come low on the body its absolutely is not impossible to Tolerate it.. look like all Muscles are Tearing .. cutting self, jumping, pressing …
    just need refills so quickly..

  2. is it just me or does anybody think there is no way that guy is snorting fent in the opening scene? I mean first of all… its in a pill… I dont know about canada but in the US fent comes in a powder or crystaline substance. Second of all, he was snorting mad big lines. In the US even if your opiate tolerance is super high, it still only takes a small amount to get high if the shit is pure. Anyway, good luck to everyone on the road to recovery! Stay safe out there folks

  3. Lmao, wicked job by the undercover cop who thinks the ski mask is going to disguise his Australian accent – just lost his job. Not to mention all Australian middle aged men tryina score in Calgary just got fucckkeeedd.

  4. When the little girl on the swing popped up i was like "nawwww WTF even TODDLERS be fucking around with FETTY?!" thank fuck it was the father… dont do drugs kids and teenagers! Unless of course you doing them with me! Hahaha JK JUST QUOTING KENNY FUCKING POWERS! AKA DR COCK N BALLS! THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN DICK!

  5. ''The withdrawls are the easiest part of recovery'' THAT IS NOT TRUE. Im an addict still battling I get stable for weeks or months then relapse when things fall apart. The withdrawls ARE and always will be the hardest part, once you get past that and get on a beupenorphine (sp) program that takes care of the sickness, after that its easier, waaay easier. What this man is saying is repeating what clean people have told him that have never experienced withdrawl. Take it from me, the first hurdle is the hardest part, and that is the withdrawl. Keep getting back on the wagon, you will fall off from time to time. This advice is awful, just gives people zero hope. and its not the truth. His advice later is excellent, when you mull it over- GO TELL SOMEONE THAT YOU ARE EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT! YOU CANT BE TRUSTED. TELL THEM YOU WILL FAIL MANY TIMES BUT WHAT MATTERS IS YOU GET BACK ON THE WAGON EVEN IF THATS A HUNDRED TIMES. Look at it like a demon, the thoughts are a demon talking you into it, demons need to hide to work on you. LITE THAT SHIT UP and shame the devil. Im not religious but I am spiritual, another big point is you might have to tell your friends you need time to heal and it might be a year or several, you will have to disassociate yourself from the crowd that use it, surround yourself with good people that are understanding, the opposite of addiction is connection(see TED talk on addiction where the English guy talks about addiction and rat park), be close with your family or friends that dont touch it, be around them as often as possible, do little jobs for people, rebuild your self respect. The scary part after withdrawl is wondering if you will ever feel that good again. I cant say you will I'm in this boat right now but its a damn site better than living day to day hit to hit. If you are jagging, start smoking, then reduce, all the while waiting on a program to get on like I mentioned before. For fentanyl addicts I'd say reduce to heroin immediately at least your unlikely to die as quickly, then do above, suboxone saves you from withdrawl and makes everything else easy compared to the hell you are living right now. then look to the future, for me I want to help addicts and in that I help myself.

  6. I wore one fentanyl painpatch.for one weekend.and when I took it off I couldn't get out bed .or eat I was so damn dope sick.

  7. Let’s get honest together, these idiots are military age kids. Most of them got hooked on drugs even younger. World almanac statistics now on line , with cheap app. 600,000 since 2009. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. China yes delivery by mail to South America.

    Now Who stopped our DEA bust of Hezbollah terrorist dealing drugs in America as A contingency ,of the Iran deal.
    Now imagine that. Our paramedics said it best Quote “ we have never seen anything like it kids dropping like flies overnight, because their same source dealers who hooked them then laced their drugs ,with enough fentanyl to kill 50 grown men. Even our paramedics with gloves have overdosed just from handling the victims bodies. “ our morticians say Quote “ it’s like watching the twin towers falling all over again. Because as we are renting multiple refer trucks ,to handle the overload ,of victims bodies overnight .All we can think is just like on 911 it’s a new form of warfare “ let that sink in.
    Parents teach your kids about weaponized drugs.

  8. Perhaps I'm a fool, but I actually feel bad for these folks. These particular people seem like decent folks deep down. Drugs are bad, man….

  9. I was addicted to fentanyl for around 2 years. I live in Alberta, near Calgary. I was fortunate enough to have survived the addiction and made it through recovery. Thanks to my family and fiancé. I couldn’t have done it without them & the incredible medical treatment in place by the Canadian government. ❤️

  10. I was also Addicted 2 opiates Percocet Oxycontin Fentanyl but also clonazepam marijuana cocaine and methadone it took me over 20 days of detox before I felt better and it was hell but it was worth it and I'll never go back fentanyl was the worst drug I have ever gotten off of it took so much out of me and it really does make you think you'd rather be dead then not have it but that passes quicker than you think anybody addicted out there hang in there and just keep trying you will make it

  11. That dude that was an addict and worked at the treatment center, “u have to b clean 5 days.,” if u endorse that, u wasn’t an opiate addict or at least not a true one like these people and I was. U can’t be homeless and go 5 days. The sickness will always win!!! Plus he seemed like a dude that was walking tall, “I kicked this and look at me know. I’m better than u!” I wouldn’t want him as a sponsor or anywhere near me when I recovered. Most true addicts need a place to go detox. Especially opiates where u can get at least some sort of medication to ease withdrawals and can’t lay or take a warm shower. The baths and showers helped me more than meds would. I hope that guy waited 2 more months. He reminded me of myself so much that I WANT to help him. When stations make these videos, y not set a fund where we can give to get the ones who r screaming for help to get into treatment. I would donate every check BUT I’d better see that money went to them. NOT THE STATION! True opiate addicts and recovered ones know what I’m saying

  12. Watching this is crazy I have been clean for 10 years thank God I was addicted to oxy and then my doctor put me on fentanyl patches because of a major back injury and I live Ontario so the fentanyl pills never were a thing here everyone wanted sorry wants the powder fentanyl which is horrible I live in a town of 130,000 people and every day the paramedics are pulling people out of just one drug spot by were i live i have lost 15 friends in 3 years alone i have been to prison one because you can get so much of pure fentanyl powder into the prison I have seen multiple people overdose or die because of this pure fentanyl like the doctor says a couple grains of salt can kill you and that's normal fentanyl nowadays people want the best always so car fentanyl is the thing which is 100 times stronger than regular fentanyl

  13. Wow…as a former opiate addict to hear a doc tell someone withdraw is the easiest part is a flat out lie. Unless you've experienced it you can never understand it. Hell.

  14. I've been on a slow reduction of methadone. I started on 80ml now i'm down to 35ml a day. Heroin and crack took the best part of 20 years of my life, when i stopped it was like losing my best friend, i was in love with it. Once i'm down to 20ml methadone i going to do a 2 week subutex detox, i don't mind saying it scary because i've done 3 cold turkeys and each time it felt worst then the last.

  15. I hate that people think “meetings” are going to be what saves them like the girl at 26:00, meetings are where you can find the most unstable people and fall off the wagon quickest, they constantly preach at 12 step meetings that 99% of you will fail and end up using again, which CLEARLY proves that the system doesn’t work.

    If I’m a dietician but 99% of my clients are gaining weight, they need to try a different route. Or if I’m a boxing instructor but I tell my students “99% of you will lose your fights, but 1% will be successful”, it’s time to find a new teacher.

    Staying clean comes from within, it’s a matter of willpower and choice, not stupid fucking meetings and imaginary higher powers, prayers & sponsors.

    If homeboy really wanted to he could spend that 100$ daily panhandling on methadone or suboxone, easily get the 5 days clean and be put into a program, he’s just not ready for the next step yet.

  16. Lets bust all the dealers that way we have thousands of citizens shitting themselves and willing to murder to get well.

  17. Well yeah it will kill you if you abuse a medication and snort it up your nose. WTF do they think will happen? Just take the pills as the manufacturer recommends. You still get well and you won't die.

  18. One of the saddest parts about this documentary is that most of the people in it seem kind of proud to talk about how many times they have OD or how many friends they know that have died, do they enjoy the hectic lifestyle ? Does it give them a day to day purpose other than paying a house or a car off? It’s almost like they enjoy the hardest of survival challenges knowing they are dancing with death. Interesting how humans can be.

  19. I’m so happy I started taking Subutex 7 years ago.. I still take them but I’m alive and dodged all this poison heroin when I stopped it was still morphine based heroin not fentyal trash…

  20. No matter why you stop, if it’s for someone else it’s fine. As long as once you got your legs, start doing for yourself. This guy is not experienced. Kicking is the easy part? BULLSHIT

  21. I saw this, and for some reason I knew it my in my hometown. Edmonton is sick with fentanyl. High school friend dropped dead from it. Scary stuff.

  22. I'm glad i've stopped my
    addiction on Marijuana
    2 years ago, drugs sometimes
    make you feel comfortable.
    but the truths is, you're
    just escaping the problems
    you should be dealing with.
    now i'm addicted to cocaine.

  23. Poor poor white people. Now that drug addiction is a "disease", its a national crisis. When it was black people, it was just a crime. Now we get to sit back and watch like you did in the 80's.

  24. Took away four of my closest friends an a handful of others around my circle almost got me shits no joke I pray for everyone who’s goin through this or effected by it this is our America

  25. Wow the healthcare comment seems to be more shocking than the drug use to some. World super power with no healthcare, surely not.

  26. Too anyone reading this comment, if you are still in the grips of your addiction. . I hope too god You don’t become a statistic, and I hope too god I don’t either! It gets harder but the reward of walking this earth as a free man from the grips of addiction… you can’t put a fucking price on that!

  27. That is strange that the guy at 9:21 has his hair and beard groomed really well. It is especially strange since addicts "don't care what people think" as the girl said and don't really make much money to spend on grooming. Is it just me?


  29. As a former drug addict.. watching these guys going into public bathrooms to get their fix just.. idk. I realize how far gone I was, and how fortunate I am to be where I am now.. this world needs help.

  30. What a thoroughly decent professional is the young 'Drug Doctor'. He has genuine sympathy and is a credit to his peers. To treat young drug-addicts in a negative way only exacerbates matters. Doctors with this kind of attitude will undoubtedly obtain far more positive results. God bless him.

  31. I know lots of people struggle with addiction all over America. I almost burst into tears at 17:20
    Money should NEVER be a deciding factor when it comes to getting health care. Making sure that our citizens are healthy is the best way to prevent so many societal issues. “I can pay for rent OR I can pay for medicine BUT I can’t do both” is a sentence that should never need to be even thought of. I don’t make a ton of money, but I’d gladly pay more in taxes if it means that healthcare is available to everyone person in my country. No exceptions.

  32. The naloxone kits in the UK are a pre loaded syringe in a safety box all ready to stick in someone. But there's no breathing thing. Addicts can also get methadone or subutex for free on prescription. Generally they start ppl on 30ml and titrate the person up to a saturated dose of around 70-100ml. But then all ppl do is just use on top of their script and get stuck on methadone 🤷‍♂️

  33. 17:18 wow, "You don't need money for this, it's healthcare"… That sentence in the US would be, "Well you need $200 for the appointment, and then if they agree to treat you, it will cost $28 dollars a day, every day, until you decide to leave the progam, if you want to get into a private rehab, that will cost $1500 a day, so figure it out and get back to me."

  34. Almost every state in the U.S has an ideal options clinic. You get in the next day. If you want help please look for help as hard as you looked for drugs. You are worth it. 6 years clean now and its so worth it.

  35. I’m sorry, but no!!! , what a load of shit… There is no drug in the world, that is so addictive, that you can’t get off it. Bollocks to rehab, and stuff, get it in your head that you don’t want it, simple… Stop wasting people’s time by making documentaries, tell yourself that you don’t want it, and run with it. It’s easy….

  36. Taking a dead woman's money and the little bitch just smirks. These falldowns are pieces of shit, not worth saving. I don't care how "hard" their life is, they wake up every day and choose to be shitty people. Garbage human beings who aren't worth the naloxone to resuscitate them. I have been babysitting people like this for three years, and I am at the point where I just don't care anymore. I cleaned up my life. I chose to get my shit together, and all these little bitches have it pretty easy. Goverment funded heroin, free fucking hydromorphone and they still act like fall down goofs. Better off dead.

  37. Instead of buying fentanyl i try to save up my money and buy suboxen. I just bought one. I’m going to try to stay clean as long as I can right now.

  38. Ok,,,,dont abuse the medication but its the doctors who just willy nilly had all this crap out,,,accountability on their part needs to be owned totally!

  39. 7:20 You don't need money for this, it's healthcare, said to no American. Except the Senators who get healthcare free and then call you a socialist if you want some. And injured veterans, but they took a job to defend the country, so fuck you if you don't think I earned it. Im a veteran not a senator.

  40. 8:48–8:54 u little horrible skunk…i stole this dead ladies wallet…keept it under 1000 ..a ye like uh Becky

  41. For everyone bashing America for the "it's health care, it's free" line just stop…. Literally the next scene was another doctor telling him the waiting period was months long….

    Doesn't matter if it's free if you can't access it….

    Oh and did you even see in the video that America has pleged billions to fight the opioid crisis and Canada hasn't spent a penny?

    Fuck America, eh?

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