Taking Charge of Your Health

What are you eating?
The latest craze in fibromyalgia diet plans. Where are you getting your info from?
Stay tuned for some real diet plan tips for optimal health.
Hey Gals – Cindy here with treating fibromyalgia dot com helping you better cope with your
fibromyalgia. In this video – I’ll share my 3 favorite fibromyalgia
diet plan tips. You may be faced with a challenge right now.
That of being caught up in the convenience of ordering fast foods or buying ready-to-eat
processed foods. Many of these products are high in salt, sugar,
& fat that the processed food companies have used to create chronic food addictions.
A great book to explore is Michael Moss’s book Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked
Us. You may very well suffer from a food addiction
right now. The world’s largest processed food companies
add addictive ingredients into food products ensuring that they have a captive audience
to tap into on a regular basis. It’s no wonder obesity & diabetes is on the
rise in North America. You can fight back by making the right choices
as to what you eat & what to avoid. So what fibromyalgia diet plan should you
follow? Here are those 3 simple tips for you to consider
implementing: Tip # 1.
Apply the 80:20 Rule. An easy strategy to implement is to focus
on eating fruits, vegetables, salads and complex carbohydrates 80% of the time.
Complex carbs are found in foods such as brown rice, beans & whole grains.
These carbs for the most part are naturally occurring.
They are also slow to digest which helps keep your insulin levels in check.
On the flip side simple carbs are found in sugar-based products that are often man-made
in nature. Try to minimize your exposure to products
such as pastries, cookies, chocolate bars & soft drinks.
For the other 20% of your foods eat primarily protein-rich foods prepared with limited amounts
of sugar or fat-based sauces. Getting into the habit of preparing your meals
or snacks with the 80:20 Rule in mind will help you break any ingredient addiction you
may be experiencing right now. Tip #2.
Visually divide your plate up. As you portion out various food items onto
your plate visually divide your plate up into quarters.
One additional tip is to use a picnic or camping plate that is already divided up for you.
Load up at least half of your plate with raw or lightly cooked vegetables or fruit.
For the 3rd quarter of your plate choose a lean cut of protein prepared with a limited
amount of rich sauces or gravies. And for the last quarter place a portion of
a common staple such as rice, potato or pasta on your plate.
This simple visual division of your plate ensures that you are not overdoing it with
one particular food category. Now – I know what you may be thinking.
Don’t go out & buy bigger plates in order to have bigger portions.
Instead – consider eating small meals that are spaced out throughout the day.
For example – base your fibromyalgia diet plan on having 5 small meals or nutritious
snacks. This gives your body a steady stream of the
necessary nutrients and energy to keep you adequately fueled and your appetite curbed.
And Tip #3. Start each meal fresh.
Want to start feeling better right away? Start each meal with fresh fruit, a salad
or assorted raw vegetables. In the morning – I try to have a green drink
smoothie before eating anything else. Ideally – I’ll drink my smoothie before ingesting
any coffee. This gives my body a chance to refuel with
some nutritious food as opposed to being taxed first thing with an acidic stimulant.
Don’t get me wrong. I do love my coffee in the morning.
However – I feel a lot better after I’m properly hydrated & initially fueled.
During meal time later in the day I start my meal with a salad or some fresh fruit.
Eating a large salad prior to your main course fills you up with lower calorie nutritious
foods. You’ll end up reducing the total amount of
calories consumed during your day. This simple act allows you to shed pounds
that much sooner getting you back to that svelte girl-like figure you’ve always dreamt
about. There you have it several easy-to-implement
healthy eating tips that create a balanced diet plan for you to follow.
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Until next time – Stay Positive – Stay Strong – Stay Informed.

6 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia Diet Plans for Optimal Health

  1. As a man, I've never dreamed of having a svelte, girl-like figure. Whilst I understand 80%+ of people with FMS are women:- the other 20% are men. I find it off-putting that you'd start your video with "Hey gals" and then continually reference your audience as women.

  2. ha I finally figured why I hate this channel, this woman is so classest. like, sometimes I'm so poor a dollar burger is what I get to eat in a day. when I was homeless a burger was a treat, not everyone can make and prepare their own food. not to mention, as a person with a terrible debilitating illness, I'm lucky if I can even have the spoons to make food, let alone plan any of it

  3. I guess I don't get the negative comments. It's not that hard to heat something up in a pan. Put it on low heat and simmer for a while. Salad and stuff is actually cheaper than a lot of krap people eat.

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