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today to talk a little about achieving your optimal weight people ask me all the time Lauren how you I’m 5 foot 10 inches tall how much should I wait for what’s the best wait for me at 5 6 etc etc and it’s important to understand that each body has its own awful weight every one of us lives in a different frame and that your optimal weight depends on the size of your skeleton size of your frame now if you want to get technical what you can do is you can get a set of calipers you can actually measure the distance if you feel here at your elbow there are two bones here and two here and that distance between there never changes regardless of how much weight you gain or lose that distance never changes and so you can look at a chart to see how does your measurement compare to other people’s measurements to get a sense of whether you have a large small or medium size frame now a quick and dirty way to do this which isn’t quite as accurate is to simply look at a wrist we tend to put relatively little fat around wrist and so you can you can take your thumb and forefinger and you can see how easily you can encircle your wrist I’m 6 feet tall and many of the clients I see have much larger wrists than I do even though they’re often much smaller or shorter than I I have a very small frame for my size so what’s optimal for my body 6 feet tall may not be off to for your body at 6 feet tall how do you know ultimately how do you know what the best way is for your body well like everything else I teach I believe that the answer is truly as simple as getting your body clean learning how to meet all of its needs as well as possible and then completely learning how to listen to and pay attention to the messages that you’re virtually infinitely intelligent body is sending you all time so I frequently hear from people that say Lauren I eat a low fat raw vegan diet like you do but based on a book I read I’m trying to eat 15 or 20 bananas at a time and I can’t do it I feel full I don’t feel comfortable it feels like too much what should I do and the answer from he is always very simple listen to your body so if your body tells you that you’re satisfied it means no more after or 5 6 but ask that would be the place to stop okay there is no mythical right amount you don’t need to stretch your stomach you just need to be paid attention to your body okay and you know again anytime someone tells you to do something that is contrary to what your own body is telling you you want to be careful now the only caveat to that is that listening to being able to properly hear and interpret your own body’s messages may be challenging until you get your body clean so a cigarette smoker this body tells them to smoke cigarettes because it’s addicted to nicotine and the same is true whether your addiction is caffeine cocaine heroin or bread and so you want to be careful because you may be hearing messages that aren’t really coming from a clean and properly functioning system but instead are based on the addictions which is why the only way you can properly get the messages is by first getting your body clean enough that you can trust the messages that it’s sending them but there there is no mythical right amount if anything what you can trust is that all the research shows that unless you live in the arctic animals that live at the north or south pole for instance need excess body fat to keep warm well you and I have even if you don’t live in the tropics like I do you still have clothing and buildings and heat to keep you warm in the wintertime wherever you are we have to stay warm because we’re tropical out and so right here your torso it’s always going to be about 95 degrees Fahrenheit which I believe is around 35 or 35 and a half degrees Celsius it has to stay that temperature that can’t vary very much for very long because unlike cold blooded animals that have the ability to allow their body temperature to go up and down with the ambient temperature we can’t do that we were made to live in a place where the climate didn’t change very much it if you have been to the tropics you may be surprised to hear many people imagine that it must be awfully hot here given that if you live in Pennsylvania or California Oregon in the summertime it can get very hot well it doesn’t get that hot here because the temperature variation from one day to the next is very small and that’s partly because of the fact that there’s a 12-hour night two 12-hour day at the equator and so there is much time for the earth to heat up as there isn’t a place where you have an eighteen or nineteen hour day on the longest day of the year it’s a completely different situation so back to body weight I mean obviously there is a massive weight problem no pun intended today I think 70% of the US population is overweight or obese and this happens for a number of reasons not least of which is your body is looking for nutrients when you’re hungry and yet many people are consuming almost nothing but empty calories which is why as soon as you switch to a calorie excuse me a nutrient-dense diet a diet for instance like I eat of only raw fruit simple fruit meals usually one at a time or simple green salads all of which contain massive quantities of nutrients though natural quantities because taking in excessive unnatural quantities as happens with juices and smoothies things that are processed that you manufacture yourself you’re actually burdening your body asking it to process through much more than you ever would consume in nature so we don’t need to consume anything except what’s natural to us and what’s available right from the trees and the vines around us and if you don’t live in the tropics you may not have an abundance of fruit all year long as there is here because here in the tropics more than 50% of the trees make some kind of fruit if we lived here what do you think you’d be eating when fruit is abundant and everywhere most of the time clearly like all of our other primate relatives and most other mammals here we would probably be living on those things that tasted best to us we’re most attractive to us and we’re most satisfying because they’re nutrient-dense they have plenty of calories and they have that perfect pure water and when we get our bodies clean and weak that way we never ever need to worry about weight so all those people who are going to the gym try to attain or maintain their what they think is their optimal weight what that says is if you need to do hours of working out to maintain your weight you are probably not eating the diet that your body was designed for or if your diet is perfect you’re still not losing weight it probably means that you need to detoxify so your body can let go of excess body fat okay so a long-term fasting is not a solution for weight loss it’s a short-term solution but if you don’t make permanent changes it doesn’t last ultimately what you need to do is both get your body clean and continue meaning its needs with the best choice as possible the best way to meet your body’s needs for all your body’s needs so you’re getting all the sleep you need you’re getting all the pure air you need you’re getting all the perfect pure water you need in getting the best food possible you’re dealing with your emotions in a constructive way etc etc when you’re doing those things you never ever need to think about your weight because it takes care of itself and so I advise my clients to throw their scales away we use a scale of the center because it’s a it’s a way to help us see what’s happening through a specific process but every day you don’t need to base your weight goals based on what the scale says because that number is meaningless anyway it really comes down to body composition and many people may have a perfectly fine wait for their height but may not have enough muscle because what they have is all fat okay so again weight the numbers not that important what you want to do or make the choices that support creating an amazingly healthy body and body composition and then the weight takes care of itself and you never ever need to think about house

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  1. Hi RR, Celery isn't ideal in my opinion. Though easier to digest (and therefore, better perhaps, than many other vegetables,) I would still say that celery is inferior to fruit and soft tender leafy greens. Of course, everything is relative, and celery is light years ahead of many other things…if that's the worst you do, you're doing pretty well!

    All the best to you!

  2. Where have you been hiding? You have a lovely and passionate talking (sweet fruit talkin') that people need to hear.

  3. You are very kind yogaranka…and I've been hiding in the place where no one ever sees you…in plain site. 😉 I've been quietly running Tanglewood for 15 years and used to travel and speak quite a bit…but much less over the last 10 years. I would have gotten started on YouTube much sooner…but to be honest, am a bt of a technophobe…

  4. Hi Serendipitous! I love yoga, and practice religiously…once a year like Christmas. 😉

    Actually, I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago and practiced daily for years, and now much less regularly than that. Fortunately, I stay much more centered, fit, and flexible even when I'm not practicing than I used to. Namaste, Loren

  5. You are very kind amigo…and incredibly perceptive! 😉

    Glad you found the channel and I'll do my best to keep putting out the best and most interesting content that I can.

  6. Every word as written on the rocks,20 years i tried to lose weight ….(180 kg) and only when i turn to be a vegan and i did not thought about my weight due to severe health problems ….i lost 100 kg …and all those around me were hysterical to quickly ,to much…i knew the thruth and i am a new healthy man today

  7. Wonderful that you had some incentive to make a change, and even more so, that you were willing to take responsibility and do what you needed to do…it would have been much easier to just die…which is what so many choose to do.

    You are a testimony to the power of commitment and to the power of a healthy vegan diet. And as you know, it can just get better and better.

  8. It was great to see you with your shirt off. In all the videos where you are wearing a shirt, I have visualized a stick man underneath. 8) All I know from memory is I felt best at my lowest weight.

  9. Have you researched the impact of raw veganism on brain size and intelligence. If the development of our brain was due to introduction of high calorie and nutrient bio availability from cooked food and / or animal foods , wouldn't a raw vegan diet have a long term negative impact in this area?

  10. Hi Raj. No, I've not "researched" the raw veg/brain size & intelligence thing…but I've experienced it & don't need science to tell me the obvious: When the body & blood are as clean/well-functioning as possible, so is the brain. I don't need a study to prove the substances that are toxic to us (cooked/animal foods) can Only harm the brain as well.

  11. Here's a list of pretty smart veggies: Susan Anthony, St Francis, William Blake, Charlotte Bronte, Buddha, Einstein, Epicurus, Gandhi, Sir Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, Sir Isaac Pitman, Plato, Plutarch, IB Singer, GB Shaw, A Schweitzer, Percy Shelley, Socrates, Tolstoy, Tesla. HD Thoreau, Twain, Da Vinci, Voltaire, Alice Walker, Wells

    Clearly, these folks didn't need animals, and I would venture to speculate that they didn't need cooked either.

  12. Would you recommend water fasting for underweight people? If yes, any other tips? Thanks for your info!! Keep going!

  13. Rob Ruddy, thanks for sharing your opinion.  Having taken thousands of people to Much higher levels of health than they'd ever experienced before, I know that a fruit based diet is — by far — the best diet for the human body, whose digestive tract is in fact, is almost identical to our closest primate relatives who are all frugivores.

    The fact that many people "dropout" of this diet means no more about it's benefits or suitability than the fact that most people don't continue exercising, meditating, or doing anything else that's good for them  Change is hard and changing one's diet is hardest of all, especially given that there's virtually no support for a raw vegan diet.  

    But that doesn't mean it's not beneficial to us.  It is.

  14. Am 16 years old ive been fasting from 8 pm to 8 pm the next day i eat my food at night (warrior diet) can this stunt my growth?

  15. American diet & British diets are ran by the rich upper-class investors, they have food scientists planting the right amount of addictive ingrediance such as sugar and salt into every processed food. This is inhuman & people are exploited just for money greed. No-wonder there are so many people with health problems. Take away these paraciets  that are ruining peoples lives & have proper foods, not crap. Check out the men who made us fat on youtube. Also sugar pure white & deadly.

  16. i live in Florida- so many of the coconut and fruit trees have been cut down in the modern times, when it seems to me that it should be the opposite, more fruit trees should have been planted – and fruit plants, since there are "More people now, – i don't count the ones on farms ,

  17. Optimal weight for rowing, bodybuilding, wrestling, power lifting, boxing, stay at home mom, office worker? there are way too many variants to determine what the "ideal weight" would be someone and it depends on a lot more than the size of the skeleton. The ideal weight for you running a fasting wellness centre is very different than if you had to run a powerlifting gym or if you were a professional ice skater for example.

  18. Loren, I know you've said before that muscle size is not always indicative of strength, but do you think it is possible for a 100% optimal diet (fruit) eater to develop a large and powerful physique? Or is it just not in our DNA to have a gorilla-like physique when consuming our natural diet?

  19. Hi Loren. You look skinny in a t-shirt you have chest muscles, though! Look better without a shirt. How much do you weight. Im also 6' tall small/medium frame. My weight 163 lb.

  20. Is there a con to blending up raw fruit and vegetables and drinking it rather than just eating it? Assuming that I'm not adding anything else except maybe water

  21. if someone is eating so many bananas at a time ( unless they're super fit ) maybe is allergic to bananas – most likely , whenever you crave anything in excess it's probably no good for you !

  22. you keep using the phrase ' detoxify ' – what do exactly mean by that ? I always thought a raw-fruitarian-vegan diet cleans the body ?

  23. Hahha. I measured my elbows before. I was 5'4", at the time, and according to my elbows, I had a large frame for a man that was well over 6' tall. But, I know when I was younger, I needed to weight about 115-125 lbs when not lifting weights or doing intensive labor sort of work, and, about 145 lbs if I was doing one or both of those. I've gotten taller since then, though and the GNC scale says I should weigh 145 – 153 lbs. So, I guess GNC thinks I don't need any more muscle!

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