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You know, as human beings, there’s many bites
from insects and common animals that can be incurred by us as human beings. Hi, I’m Captain
Joe Bruni, and what I’m going to talk about is how to treat the bite from a centipede.
Centipede bites can be very painful, and cause a great deal of discomfort. However, do not
be alarmed; they are treatable. First and foremost, wash the area with soap and water
to disinfect and clean any germs. Apply some type of antiseptic to the area, and then move
onto applying ice and some type of hydro-cortisone cream to reduce itching and swelling. Antibiotics
is not commonly prescribed for something like a centipede bite; however, monitor the area
for signs of secondary infection. If signs of secondary infection occur, like additional
swelling, red streaks, or pus occur, then a trip to a medical facility and treatment
is in order. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see ya’ next time.

50 thoughts on “First Aid for Insect Bites : How to Treat a Centipede Bite

  1. I got bit by a house centipede,it's bite's enough to make you jump,it bit my baby toe where it later started to swell and hurt whenever i moved it,i washed it off and the swelling went down and eventually went away,the bite's enough to make you jump,it feels like a needle going into your baby toe and the after effects are more painful than the bite in my opinion,it's bite crippled my baby toe to where i couldnt move it cuz it was too painful.

  2. Later i saw one on my ceiling,it was a monster house centipede,it was huge,not sure if it was the same one that bit me but i killed it anyways and mopped it's guts off the ceiling lol.

  3. hahaha for all you guys, that got bit by a centipede i bet those fucking 15 second commercials are pissing you off.

  4. @UnitedAirsoftTeam24 nah your never supposed to suck poison out of anything, if you have a cut or ulcer etc in you mouth even just the tiniest cut you will then get venom in there too, just stay calm tie it up like you said and keep the area as still as possible before seeking help

  5. @fablecio I'd just wanted to pet a millipede to scare off my classmates :D, but what type of millipede has no toxic? Please, im 10 years old, i know its weird, but i want a millipede

  6. @Rattle189 Haha! Nothing wierd about scaring the classmates! I've seen some exotic giant black milipedes for sale at petco before. I think they all have some sort of secretion. If you live on the East Coast of the USA you can find something called a Narceus Americanus (Google/wikipedia it) in your backyard I find these all of the time under logs. They are harmless but their secretion makes your skin look like someone put highlighter ink on you.Thats all I pretty much know

  7. @fablecio Hey, i live at the phillippines, so there are no big millipedes, i'd just wanted a pet. (Phillippines is a country)

  8. @shinbanman I was cleaning my room about 10 minutes ago and I saw one scurry for freedom from a pile of clothes I had in the corner. I grabbed a plastic bag, picked it up like it was dog poop and then shook the bag over the toilet and flushed him like he was human poop. Now there's one less centipede in the world. Thought you might like to hear about my victory

  9. Thank you! One bit me when I was sleeping. I knocked it oof, not knowing what it was (it was dark), but found it by luck on the carpet this morning.

  10. @tjardohilberts ._. ithink you are misunderstood, centipedes kill roaches and all the other pest species. learn moar, at wikipedia org

  11. @ZombieApocalyps they dont bite or sting and they dont have teeth. they use modified legs to inject venom but luckily most cant bite through human flesh.

  12. Thank u,I didn't knw if they bite, & if so what to u answered my question. I have centepedes in my house sometimes. They're beautiful, cuz they're clear,u can barely see them.

  13. Because we don't play around with centipedes. Look at their scary-looking legs, terrifying running speeds and last of all to cherry top this, they bite.

  14. FUCK ALL CENTIPEDES!!! One jusy got me today! FUCK IT HURTS SO BAD!!! I'll get even with one day… promise… 🙁

  15. OMG, it's so bad, bad bad bad af!. I don't like centipede but I guess it likes me, thas why it kissed (bited) me, at my butt😂. When I was bitten, I just ran away, didn't know what to do, and I let that little creature to bite me for 4 times. 1 is bad, 4 are?. You know, why I ran away, I did try to get rid of it, but I couldn't, it bited my butt at a public area. It's a L and L, if I open my skirt, there you go my butt for strangers, if I don't, ay, 4 bites?. So, I did that 4 bites, literally cried and screamed, and went to the hospital, got a shot, and I don't know why that shot wasn't as bad as the centipide bite😂. Anyway, such a stupid but needed(?), experience :v

  16. I really hate centipede…i just got bitten on my neck just now while i was sleeping and its only 4.14am in the morning and all medical shop are closed,….wat m i supposed to do now…m really worried that sth might happen to me since its too painful….

  17. I got stung by a centipede during an airsoft game…I had to worry about the damned sting and the incoming bullets

  18. I'm currently bombing my room with a bug bomb because a huge centipede walked right past my hand as I was cleaning the floor. To prevent a bite, bomb that fucker 💣💥

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