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Five things you can practice to cure overactive
bladder. By balancing diet containing fruits and vegetables,
balanced diet with attention to fat and calorie makes it possible to suppress inflammation
affecting overactive bladder. Overactive bladder is a problem in which the
bladder inevitably shrinks. Some people who have this problem are suffering
from embarrassing because of frequent urination, urinary leakage, incontinence. It is said that the main cause of this illness
is that moisture is not absorbed well and it is in stress . However, it may be caused
by collapse of autonomic nervous system balance, nervous problems and debilitating pelvic floor
muscles . Although symptoms may differ from person to
person, the thing that is important is noticed early, so that it will not become a chronic
illness. If you do not notice the symptoms and leave
it alone, you may lose control of the bladder or become incontinent. Actually, you can control overactive bladder
in a natural way by things you can do from the usual point of view, treatment, etc. so
that it will not become a chronic major problem. This time, I will introduce five things you
would like to try by all means who are troubled with overactive bladder. 1, Train the pelvic muscles. The exercise to train the pelvic muscles on
a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to lighten overactive bladder. This movement strengthens the muscles around
the bladder. Because of this, it suppresses the weakness that causes overactive bladder. By doing exercise you can prevent incontinence
, as well as improve your sex. Recommended.
Let’s take pelvic exercises from 10 minutes to 15 minutes a day.
In accordance with this, it would be better for the bridge to put plank etc. in the routine.
Please try to tighten or loosen the bladder muscles while training. 2. Improve eating habits. Actually, dietary habits are one of the most
important things to solve this problem, although it seems nothing to do with overactive bladder
. A diet that restricts fat and calorie suppresses
the collapse of inflammation balance. This inflammation may worsen overactive bladder
while it is not noticed. Also it is very important not to take too
much food that weakens bladder. Recommended. Let’s eat more antioxidant-rich fruits and
vegetables. Let’s refrain from citrus juice.
Let’s refrain from drinks containing caffeine such as coffee.
Avoid processed foods and sweets. Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks.
Be careful not to take too much dairy products. 3, Be careful of the amount of water ingested. Generally it is recommended that you drink
six to eight glasses of water a day to maintain health and moisture. However, those who suffer from overactive
bladder are slightly different. By taking too much moisture, it becomes even more difficult
to control the bladder. Of course it is not a story that you should
not drink water. However, in order to reestablish the function of the bladder, we recommend
that you reduce the amount of water intake during the period of strengthening the bladder. Recommended.
Let’s refrain from the intake of moisture. It would be good to drink more water when
you are at home or when you are in a place that is easy to get to the restroom. 4, decide when to go to the toilet. It is not a pleasant thing to endure a toilet
and there is also the possibility that it will have a bad influence on people who have
no problems with bladder at the present moment. However, for those in need of overactive bladder,
it is practice to decide the timing to go to the toilet and to put up with it somewhat
beyond that timing. You will be able to control the frequency you want to go to the toilet. By deciding the timing to go to the toilet
by yourself, I endure a little discomfort and I begin to get used to the timing the
bladder decided by myself. By doing this you will be able to control
your bladder yourself. At the same time, it is possible to suppress the atrophy of the
bladder which occurs when there is no urine to be taken out. Recommended. Let’s wait 3 to 5 minutes when you want to
go to the toilet. Let’s extend the time to end little by little
every 4 or 5 times, let’s reduce the number of times to go to the toilet. 5, Quit smoking. People who suffer from overactive bladder
and who smoke may well know that there is a possibility of suppressing this disease
by quitting tobacco. Toxins contained in tobacco weakens the muscles
of the body, causing inflammation and convulsions. This will affect the whole body. Of course,
bladder is no exception. Recommended. Please stop smoking now.
It would be a good idea to reduce the number of cigarettes little by little to control
the desire to smoke. Let’s take tea and healthy food and suppress
withdrawal symptoms. Are people in need of overactive bladder,
perhaps overactive bladder? If you are thinking, please practice your
family therapy introduced this time and try to be able to control the bladder.

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