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Let’s talk about some home remedies to get
rid of fleas and how to use them. There aren’t a great deal of home remedies that work for
fleas, fleas are really resistant. So, some of the things that you can do at home to help
out would be, number one, is vacuum, and vacuum a lot. Fleas love to get inside of carpets
and dig down deep, and it’s very difficult sometimes without vacuuming to get rid of
an infestation. So, a simple home remedy is vacuuming. The second thing is going to be
getting rid of anything that fleas can bed in, such as bedding, towels, things like that,
that are folded up, or where animals like to lay. And, washing that type of bedding
quite often is also another good way to get rid of fleas. A Controversial home remedy
would be Brewer’s Yeast on the food, especially for dogs. That seems to work in some cases,
doesn’t seem in others. We do not recommend using garlic which is a frequent thing that
you might see on the internet, as far as home remedies for, for fleas. You know, basically,
there is another thing that you could potentially use, which is Skin So Soft, which is a type
of shampoo that is placed on dogs primarily, and some people think, seem to think that,
that basically will prevent fleas from jumping on, or at least attaching on. But, again it’s
not very well proven. So, the basic things are going to be revolving around home care,
you know, vacuuming, getting rid of bedding, any place that fleas are going to want to
live. And, then using products on your pet which we’ll talk about to try to kill those
fleas off.

43 thoughts on “Flea Control : Home Remedy to Get Rid of Fleas

  1. Hey good advice.
    Well i dont really know if i have flea bites, i have 3 cats which go in and out as they please, they have flea collors and we spray them with flea spray, but i have these bites on my ankles that are really itchy. And they itch the most at night time when i go bed. Ive washed my bedding but i still get bit 🙁
    Do you know how i can stop itching, its really annoying.

  2. I dont have my own pet. My sister in laws new dog visited me just ONCE which was over a month ago Since then ive seen 3 or 4 fleas in my house. There was one biting my arm today! Due to having 4 small kids I vacuum my house thoroughly TWICE A DAY! But the little varmits are STILL in my house so I wouldnt say this is an effective way to beat a real infestation! :S

  3. Skin So Soft is an oil. Supposed to be a moisturizer. For people, not dogs. It's true fleas don't like it, but neither do pets. It's not good for them. If you apply it to carpets, the smell never goes away and if it gets tracked around on the carpets, they get sticky. It really does repel fleas, but personally, I don't think it's worth the hassle. There are flea sprays for carpets and upholstery. One I found was even safe for use on pet bedding. No smell, no mess, no fuss.

  4. Another thing to add is a bowel of liquid soap, (ex: dawn) fleas are attracted to this for some odd reason.. Also, hold a light source over the bowel and leave the room for awhile..

  5. @Natasha6961 I did buy it…and begun spraying it in my house.Little did I know what a mess it would make when vacuuming the carpet. Any advise?

  6. buy some BLUE DAWN DISH SOAP. wash your dog with it, it will almost instantly kill the fleas and its 100% safe. then, mix the dish soap with water in a big bowl and place it anywhere in the house. just try not to let your dog(s) drink it.

  7. @chadpopstar Thanks. I added a small cap full into their water but they wouldn't touch it. Can't say I blame them lol :o)

  8. @chadpopstar If your house is infested with thousands of fleas you can't easily get rid of them by just giving your pet frontline etc! The poison from frontline only lasts so long.

  9. Diatomaceous earth (DE)! I don't know why people don't know about this gem – but it's a natural substance; fossilized algae. It is completely safe on your pets because it only hurts exoskeletal insects i.e. fleas, ticks, roaches, etc. Make sure you use food-grade DE which is the only kind allowed indoors and is safe on your garden as well. The other kind is what's used in pool filters -do not use that kind. A bag of this stuff goes for around 10 bucks at Lowes or Home Depot.

  10. The CAPSTAR flea pills really WORK. They kill all the fleas. You can give one pill a day if needed, it is very safe even for young puppies and kittens. You may need to give it in a piece of cheese. You'll still need to treat your yard with a spray, wash the pet's bedding, fog your home once or twice and vaccuum or sweep and empty the bag and put a flea collar in the bag.
    CAPSTAR pills are available at 1-800-petmeds, Petsmart and some vet clinics. THE PILLS KILL ALL THE FLEAS OFF…..

  11. I just used Skin So Soft oil on my dog and the fleas were jumping off of her into the sink. That's never happened before. This is our first flea problem and she's 10 years old.

  12. Wbhat are those tiny balls that roll off cats when they scratch?Flea eggs or excrement.There is blood in them.

  13. Garlic is very toxic to cats and dogs, actually destroys their red blood cells and can cause anemia. Since we're talking fleas, they probably assume you have domestic animals in the house.

  14. this is a lame excuse for home a remedy ….glad this isnt the only video …..wheres the info on cedarwood and citronella treatments or do you recommend advantics and frontline like all the other lovely "PRACTICERS" THAT LOVE HEARING ABOUT OUR PETS SEISING 

  15. I was struggling to get rid of fleas in my home and I tried almost everything. The only thing that worked was "Ortho Ant Killer Powder" I left my home for 2 hours and I never seen a flea since. I assure you it works. I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this review if it didn't.

  16. +TheCinderella29 – CAPSTAR is also very, VERY expensive! That's partly because it only works for 24 hrs. and then your pet(s) have to be given another one. But at like $3/pill, it's not cost-effective, especially for people who own multiple pets. It was designed for nursing pets and kittens/puppies(?) under 8 wks. old who are too young for standard insecticide-based flea treatments.

  17. Sorry but capstar and Sentinel spectrum on your pet and diatomaceous earth sprinkled all over your house and vacuum after 2 days reapply and vacuum and no more fleas inside your home. For the outside hire a professional or get a flea spray and also needs to contain igr in it. No fleas until your dirty neighbors don't treat their dog, cat, or yard lol.

  18. I have used many methods that work—even the $9 a can leading flea killer. The one that has given me the longest lasting relief is rubbing alcohol. When I mist my floors with good old cheap $1 a bottle alcohol, the fleas that are left pack up and leave! I spray my dog too with a little added fabric softener. He loves it. My ankles aren't itching anymore. Boric powder sprinkled on your floor overnight kills eggs and larvae. Just sweep it up the next day. If you see your dog scratching in a specific area of his fur, put a blob of Vaseline in the area to smother the flea. Wash clothes and couch covers in hot water and vinegar. Dry them on hot. Fleas and their eggs are hard to kill, but you can get them under control.

  19. I had heard Brewers yeast yrs ago but yours is the first time on utube.ty I'm going to try it in the 22 yrs I've lived here I've never seen anything like this nothing is working!Fl I wish people would come back and say wether or not variest cures work.12/17

  20. Over time fleas become resistant to sprays that contain things like permithrin.

    Vacuum the floors to remove dust. Spray insect growth regulator (IGR) (from ) to stop flea eggs/lavea progressing to the next stage of the growth cycle. Daily vacuuming removes some of the pupae. Spray cider or white vinegar to kill the adults. I think it's the acid that kills them but it does kill them unlike other methods like laying salt or diatomaceous earth on the floor. Salt is bad for carpets as it makes them wet.

    I also tried placing shower curtains on rails around my bed to stop flea bites.

    Using a beater-bar vacuum helps to prevent lavae become pupae and for pupae to turn adult earlier.

    Fleas live 10 days at 3 deg Celsius. So empty vacuum cleaner after use and freeze the contents. That's why it's a good idea to use a bagless vacuum.

    Nothing kills the pupae as they are wrapped in a protective shell.

    Fleas can jump on your trousers/dress at knee height before you enter your home. So I walk to my front door. I walk 15 feet away. I brush my trousers with my hands. Just before I enter my home I brush my trousers again.

    I use Martins IGR. There is Precor too.

    I like to spray vacuum suction head with vinegar too.

  21. what suggestion for a house with a crawling baby. She gets in everything and everything goes in her mouth. Im not spreading poisons. We have all wood floors. I am vacuuming and moping daily. I am using a lemon/rosemary home made spray on the wood floors. I have pulled up all the rugs washed and put them away. I washed the cats twice with dish soap and plan to continue weekly. have even tried adding salt to the bath. it cuts them down but dosent kill them all. we have dosed them with meijer brand cat flea killer. We had fleas once before at another location. the best remedy we found was cold. in winter open the windows and let the house get cold for a day. Fleas thrive in hot moist conditions. the opposite kills them.

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