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Alright so I want you to pretend that
you’re drinking. Bring the cup to your face. Try to bring it as close as you can to
your mouth My tremor started I guess it was ten, twelve, it may have been longer, years ago and got progressively worse especially over
the last two years where the medication didn’t seem to be helping at all. The tremor really prevented me from
writing without my left hand trying to stabilize my right hand and eating
things such as soup drinking was almost impossible to do
without holding it also with my left hand I was going to a neurologist at
another hospital outside of Philadelphia and he referred me to Dr. Baltuch at Penn. Mr. Kleinman was actually taking medication and still had problems with
his activities of daily living associated with his tremor. He really wasn’t ready to undergo an invasive neurosurgical procedure and be placed
under general anaesthetic and when he looked at the different options that we
discussed he felt focused ultrasound would be a
better option. My father never wanted to cut through the brain so this is a
wonderful option that he was fortunate to come across. Focus beam ultrasound is non-invasive
there are no scalpels involved and although it is not risk-free it does not
involve any hardware and it could potentially be done as an outpatient
procedure. This procedure involves the MRI to anatomically target the location
and to deliver focused beam ultrasonic waves to tightly control the lesion
which is going to be made. One of the beauties of this technique involves the
fact that the patient is completely awake in the MRI machine so we can test
their tremor with sonications and we can also test to make sure that nothing untoward is happening to them. We’re looking at the anterior commissure,
posterior commissure and the thalamus and setting up basically the targeting
for this procedure. We’re gonna center where the target is gonna be with the center of the globe. So we’re good, everything ready. You ready to sonicate? Yes We’re gonna sonicate now guys. He looks good, pressures good. He’s
been great. Mr. Kleinman? How do you feel? We’re out of here? We’re good? I think we’re good, I’m happy Focused ultrasound has been really
personally exciting for me. I’ve been in this space now for thirty plus years. In many ways this represents the next step Put your fingers like this. Oh my. Oh my. I couldn’t do this an hour or so ago Ecstatic, I mean this is just, he was so
excited to get this whole procedure done I’d resigned myself to the fact that
there was no change, that I was going to be that way. but when the opportunity
came along, I jumped on it right away and just thankful that I did. One of the really exciting aspects of doing an awake procedure like focused ultrasound
is you can really see the results immediately and there’s really an aha
moment when you really feel it you’ve hit a therapeutic sort of sweet spot and
you can really get an excellent clinical result that’s you know it’s magic

6 thoughts on “Focused Ultrasound Treatment for Essential Tremor | Jordan’s Story

  1. I've only seen videos where hand tremors are treated. The solution is permanent, but I think they warn that over time some tremor might return.

  2. In 2017 I did DBS for tremors that I have in my both hands. I’m in pain from second part of surgery until now, I just find out about this. And I want to know if I remove my DBS. Is this going to help me? Please I need help

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