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Foods for constipation relief that makes you
poop immediately and empty your bowels Sitting on the toilet seat and trying hard
to pass the stool with no success, chances are we all have experienced this painful situation.
It is a very common problem and in US around 15% of people experience symptoms of chronic
constipation. Common causes of constipation are dehydration, medications, poor diet and
lifestyle. Using over the counter laxatives can relieve constipation but overuse can cause
side effects like cramps, dizziness, and blood in the stools.
Natural ingredients with high levels of fiber can increase the bowel movement and relieve
constipation. #7
Chia seeds Do you know chia seeds contains healthy fats
that can absorb water? Rich in fiber and nutrients chia seeds are a great source to treat constipation
and empty your bowels. Soak the chia seeds in water for 20 minutes then add them in your
daily juice or smoothies. The chewy texture on chia seeds will help the stool to pass
through intestines quite easily. #6
Yogurt and kefir Yogurt and kefir contain a high amount of
probiotics, also known as good bacteria that can improve the gut health and aid in to treat
chronic constipation. Eating yogurt in breakfast can soften the stools and helps to empty your
bowels. #5
Prunes Do you know only three prunes contain 8% of
recommended daily fiber intake? Prunes are one of the best home remedies to treat constipation.
Rich in fiber prunes can boost bowel movement and helps to pass stool. Phenolic compounds
in prunes stimulate gut bacteria and improve gastrointestinal health. You can eat them
directly or add them in salads. #4
Apples Apples are highly rich in fiber that improves
the digestion and stimulates regular bowel movements. Apples contain Pectin a soluble
fiber with laxative effects, which can help to soften the stool and improve gut transit
time. Also, apples are full of water which can prevent constipation. To enjoy apple benefit,
eat them raw or drink pulpy apple juice. #3
Spinach, Broccoli and Other Greens Most greens like spinach, cabbages, and broccoli
are a super source of fiber. Rich in nutrients and full of vitamin c, and k, these greens
can add volume to the stool and moving it easily through the gut. One cup of spinach
contains 17% of recommended daily fiber intake. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are super healthy
and full of fiber. You can eat these vegetables raw in salads or add them in the smoothies
for a fiber boost. #2
Blueberries Blueberries are super high in dietary fiber
that can treat constipation and makes you poop immediately. Half a cup of blueberries
contains 5 grams of fiber that can help to ease the symptoms of constipation. Add them
to salads and smoothies or you can eat them raw as a snack. #1
Water The main cause of constipation is dehydration
that can make the stool dry, lumpy and hard. Drinking a good amount of water can soften
the stool and help to ease the constipation symptoms.

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