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certain foods will make your face look
much younger or older common skin problems are usually a result of poor
diet according to Nima Talib a naturopathic
doctor and skin specialist she’s also the author of reverse the signs of aging
the revolutionary inside-out plan – glowing youthful skin your diet has
products that change your face so it’s important to eat foods that change it in
a positive way so if you’re thinking of eating a cookie or drinking another
glass of wine you might want to think about what it could do to your looks
according to Talib there are certain foods that can change your face keep
watching for some of the most problematic ones before we begin this
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number four wine talib says that one of the drinks that impact our face is wine
it causes redness between the eyes enlarges your pores gives you droopy
eyelids and flushes your cheeks and nose it causes this because alcohol
dehydrates your skin this can happen with high consumptions of any alcohol as
well the body metabolizes alcohol from an enzyme in the liver this releases a
byproduct which is called acetaldehyde which is extremely toxic to your body
tissues when this occurs our skin and body
tissues become dehydrated this can cause premature aging in our skin which causes
wrinkles dry skin can also lead to breakouts which may be why you start to
develop pimples or zits after a night of drinking alcohol also dilates the pores
in our skin which can lead to whiteheads and blackheads which can lead to
inflamed skin foul poles and acne alcohol also causes our body tissues to
inflame this is because it causes our body to release histamine
this causes our skin to turn red and if someone excessively drinks over a period
of multiple years this redness of the skin can actually become permanent
what’s more is that the alcohol actually hydrates us and impairs our sleep this
can affect the body’s regenerative cycle which our bodies go into while we’re
sleeping this can lead to a dull complexion to fix these issues tallip
recommends following the 80/20 rule refrain from drinking wine 80 percent of
the time and only indulge 20 percent of the time are you curious about what
types of foods are best for healthy skin on your face
well keep watching until the end because I’ll fill you in on what you should be
eating if you want healthier improved skin number 3 sugar as much as we all
love to eat our favorite sugary snacks you should really start to limit the
amount of sugar you have in your diet this is because sugar can cause lines
and wrinkles on your forehead sagginess under your eyes and a thinning of the
skin according to Talib of course she says
that removing processed sugar from your diet is the easiest fix she adds that
even cutting your intake in half will provide rapid improvements to your
complexion substituting processed sugar with natural sources like fruits honey
and dates will help us well sugar can make conditions like acne and rosacea
much worse studies state that high glycemic index foods can trigger acne
and skin says dermatologist Rachel Naza Ryan the process is likely through the
trigger in the insulin levels following an intake of sugar which may increase
activity in oil glands leading to pimple formation she says foods which are high
in sugar can also cause insulin resistance which is known to cause aging
spots as well as excess hair growth foods which are high in sugar also cause
inflammation this results in enzyme production which
can lead to the breakdown of elastin and collagen elastin and collagen are what
keep your skin looking young and firm this is because they are what attaches
the skin to the muscles which are in your face it is a well-known fact that
too much sugar can lead to premature aging number 2 dairy
Darry may have some harmful effects on your skin particularly if you already
have issues with acne or tend to break out easily and if you want to consume a
lot of dairy you’ll experience bags and dark circles under your eyes swollen
eyelids and white spots and bumps under your chin says to leave to fix this
talib recommends removing dairy from your diet because you may be intolerant
to it refrain from it for three weeks and observe the changes it has on your
energy digestion and complexion another thing you should note about dairy is
that if you have acne Dairy may irritate your condition according to health line
some research states that artificial hormones which dairy cows are treated
with could throw hormones in your body off-balance this could potentially
trigger acne Healthline also states that when combined with refined foods and
processed sugar milk products can disrupt insulin levels and cause the
skin to be more prone to acne number one gluten high intakes of gluten can cause
dark pigmentation and spots around the chin and puffy red cheeks it takes a
toll on the immune system and disrupts the balance of reproductive hormones
which is what causes dark pigmentation on your chin if you have a gluten
sensitivity you may be more susceptible to certain skin conditions than other
people there are many different types of skin conditions which can occur as a
result of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity this includes acne psoriasis
and eczema psoriasis affects larger areas of skin it’s a type of immune
reaction which is commonly linked to certain grain proteins like gluten a
study which was published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that those
who ate gluten-free diets had significantly improved skin the National
Psoriasis foundation recommends that those who are sensitive to gluten or
have celiac disease stick to a gluten-free diet to reduce the risk of
those symptoms to leave recommends removing gluten completely from your
diet to restore your complexion she adds that cutting back will not do the trick
this time to restore the hormone she says that drinking water and eating
a lot of fiber will help restore your cheekbones now that you know what types
of foods you shouldn’t eat if you want to avoid premature aging as well as
other skin issues here are some foods that you should eat to improve your skin
health avocados avocados are very high in
healthy fats which help improve the health of skin on your body particularly
your face this is because fats help keep the skin moisturized and flexible in
addition to containing fats that are good for our skin studies also suggest
that avocados have compounds in them which can protect skin from damage done
by the Sun UV which is caused by overexposure to the Sun or harmful UV
rays causes premature aging including wrinkles avocados are also a great
source of vitamin E vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps protect the skin
from oxidative damage avocados are also a great source of vitamin C vitamin C is
essential for the health of our skin this is because the skin needs vitamin C
in order to create collagen collagen is a structural protein which keeps our
skin healthy and strong vitamin C deficiency can result in dry skin and
what’s more is that according to health line vitamin E becomes more effective
when it’s combined with vitamin C making avocados a great food to eat if you want
to improve your overall health of your skin broccoli broccoli has all sorts of
different vitamins and minerals which promote better skin health
broccoli includes vitamins and minerals such as zinc vitamin C and vitamin a
broccoli also has lutein which is a type of carotenoid which protects the skin
from oxidative damage which can cause the skin to wrinkle and dry out and who
wants dry skin right broccoli also contains sulfur fame which has many
different anti-cancer effects sulfur fane most notably may be able to help
prevent skin cancer and protect the skin from sunburns
tomatoes tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C which keeps our skin healthy
and strong tomatoes also contain beta-carotene lutein and lycopene which
protects our skin from sun damage they also are known to prevent premature
wrinkling Healthline recommends pairing foods which are rich in carotenoids like
tomatoes with sources of fat such as olive oil or cheese fat can help
increase the absorption of these carotenoids which can further help
improve the health of your skin what foods do you eat on a regular basis
that’ll help improve your skin what does your normal skin care routine look like
let us know in the comments section below
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29 thoughts on “Foods That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

  1. What foods do you eat on a regular basis that help improves your skin? What does your normal skincare routine look like? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. I agree with most of the information, but didn't they say avoid dairy in the beginning of the video? Then at the end, they say throw in some cheese with that.

  3. WTF is up with this narrators terrible voice and inflection?! He sounds like smart ass dorky annoying zit faced teenager going through puberty who's yelling at us in some weird condescending over excitement for no reason. I couldn't even pay attention or stand it long enough to keep watching. Chill the fuck out already. Sheesh.

  4. I never knew that what I eat reflected on my face or age or whatnot. This is a very helpful video Bestie. Good luck on your next videos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Benzoyl Peroxide soap (10%), Clindamycin lotion (prescribed), and Cetaphil facial moisturizer w/ broad spectrum SPF 15 sun screen.

  6. The title of this video is misleading! Forever half of it talks about alcohol and wine have an effect on your skin! I consider this totally misleading and since I don't drink wine or alcohol cuz I'm allergic to it all so big it's totally misleading

  7. What can I have instead of dairy? Pls help me, I'm underweight and a vegetarian, so how can I gain weight and calcium without dairy?? 😔

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  10. Limited wine with dinner is actually good for you. Especially if it doesnt have sulfates in it.

    It also eases tension thats why women drink it. In fact I had an entire bottle of wine last week and my skin improved. Its called taking vitamins, exercising and eating healthy. Biotin and ageless eye is what a lot of women buy thats why you can't always tell how old women are they buy things to make them look younger.

    Nobody would guess your a day over 23 if you have the right skin routine. And use a facial wash with avocado in it. Or Loreal i love their products its great for my skin it tones down the paleness and evens out my skin to were I don't need a lot of foundation.

  11. 💛 I appreciate the information regarding combining foods that have vitamins C & E to get even more benefits from them! 👏🏾👍🏾

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  13. What I eat is a lot of tomatoes starting now to eat a lot of avacados and cucumber to but I did not know that avacados help the skin i love. Avacados . I also start to eat kale hope that's ok for the skin

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