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when ya putting pressure on hurt hurts
this pushing on it okay touching doesn’t hurt put any pressure and surprisingly
this is being done with no anesthetic honey crying or screaming at my results
Jemaine yours so you had this done several times keep coming back he saw
the podiatrist and just didn’t get a solution to it they did a really painful
thing and it came back anyway they cut it out and I mean he’s got little deep
yeah looking back and then Georgia some kind of an acid in it if I made you dive
attending okay so you prefer what we do here I have my
people shaving yes this way is just kind of upkeep it’s not gonna go away anyway
so what we have is is a hard almost like a scab is what I related to it’s an
overgrowth of keratin keratin being the protein in in toenails and in hair and
warts and some skin growths and in this case just because the way the bones in
the foot are and the pressures that they’re exposed to we get too much
production of keratin aren’t over callous to the point that it’s even
painful and normally I would have the podiatrist work on something like this
to try to come up with a way to have it not keep doing this by doing whatever it
is they do to the foot inserts or he made some but he told me he was gonna
still have it okay and there’s no work there or anything good not now okay was
it it’s fine you know what you can’t you can’t I can’t tell it from what could be
developing the door but I would say it was consistent with the cork the way
looked I just never want those words to come
back because that’s how it all started I mean those were horrible I had three of
them across remember that there that’s better

68 thoughts on “Foot Corn Surgery Treatment

  1. once i had a wart removed like this, unlike this some surrounding flesh was also removed, and there was no pain killer, i have to say it was lovely really

  2. I am not sure it's a bunion due the fact that it doesn't look like one it ls off center I would say it's a ganglion cyst

  3. What do you call the hump that protrudes from the left side of the big toe? Is it a bunion and can it be removed and will it stay gone? It would seem that it would cause this lady problems with that foot.

  4. I had a corn like this when I was a teen. It eventually fell out on its own. It was cone shaped. Was that a bunion? I ask because her toe wraps under her other toes. A high heel wearer.

  5. A corn is only a small problem with her foot!! The way that foot is shaped now, I (of course, not a doctor) would remove bunion and break her foot to reset all of her toes. Get her a better set of shoes (whatever she's wearing is too small) and maybe some PT to strengthen her calves and small muscles after the cast comes off. That foot has got to feel miserable as she's walking on it.

  6. I had many warts (about 12) covering each fingers for a period of a couple years. They were treated with cryotherapy which didn't remove them. The physician determined to cut them out. I used to be given a needle in and around the wart to numb it. Then he cut them out. Recovery was a bit of painful but the warts went away.

  7. her poor foot! The deformity of the toes and that bunion all what I can assume was caused by years of jamming feet into shoes too small and heels.

  8. does easing the pressure helps in curing it? I've had it on both feet back in 2013. and i thought it happened because of too frequent walking, so I just put in footpads under my feet everytime i wear shoes. And it went away by itself.

  9. my husband has the same thing it is a Callus not a Planters wart this was the prescription his podiatrist gave him

  10. I've got a corn on the bottom of my foot it's a nightmare , it's like a stone in my boot till I trim it off now and then with a pair of small sissor snips .

  11. It can be treated without operation through a very simple remedy… I too was suffering from it but now my foot has no corn..

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