Taking Charge of Your Health

So there are I don’t know
how many accredited schools of naturopathic medicine
here in this country, and there are others
that are online. Yeah. What advice would you
give someone in choosing? It’s not like I don’t
suggest anybody, but I really want to
empower all of you. The problem is, most schools
of naturopathic medicine is they look at diseases and
how to cure them with herbs. And I don’t do that. That never really works very
well because you have someone with a prostate
problem, and all they do is take the Prostate Tonic. Well, herbs are so powerful
and potent that it often works, but eventually it won’t, OK? Your body will heal itself,
but it needs your help. And so I don’t like
to focus on diseases– you heard from my
initial statement. I like to focus on
creating powerful health. And most of the naturopathic
schools and colleges focus on healing
disease with herbs, and it’s just kind of
opposite of my thought. Plus, I try to educate
everybody in how to create powerful health. So I went to a couple
different schools. I went to a lot of schools. We both trained with Paavo
Aerola, a great old naturopath. I trained with Dr. Bernard
Jensen, John Christopher. But they were more people
that talked about food and using herbs and
movement and encompassing this program that I don’t
know if it exists much out there now. So what I would do is– you
like a real smart guy to me. I would just start
practicing and be a coach and bring people in and
be a doctor or whatever it is you want to be. I’m giving you a certificate
now because sometimes you get through these schools and
you end up getting polluted. Some people always say
that once you make it through medical school, you
can’t think natural anymore. You can’t because you
have all the names of the diseases in your
mind and all the drugs and too much information
about anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and you
don’t need that to be well. I’m not saying it’s bad,
but you don’t need it. In my clinic one
day, I got this. And I had 17 diplomas on my
wall from various schools and courses and
people I trained with. And I had a patient
in the waiting room. And I took all the diplomas
and smashed them and threw them out the window into
the garbage can where I threw all
my patients’ files. That was a little traumatizing. And then I decided I wanted
to throw out my stethoscope. I did. I threw out my sphygmomanometer. I don’t even want to own
something that’s called that, but that’s a blood
pressure cuff. And I just started dumping,
and the next thing I knew there was nothing
left in my office. And then I went out the
door, and I said, next. And the patient came
in and looked around, because I realized I was
hiding behind all that bullshit because I didn’t
need that anymore because I have seen the light. [LAUGHTER] And really, it’s all
about healthy living. Healthy living. It’s not about healing
disease, even healing disease with herbs. Now, sometimes we
use those names, but I just put a name
of an organ on there that this will help. Prostate, Heart, Brain. But I try to get
people away from that. Now, you are going
against the grain or swimming upstream
a little bit, but the world is turning
in this direction. I don’t think there’s
anybody in LA that thinks that Chicken McNuggets
are a healthy, nutritious food. I always used to say,
there’s three words that go with healing yourself– change– you’ve got to
be willing to change. My patients had to
be willing to change. Responsibility. Quit blaming everybody else. It’s your ass that got you here. It’s your ass that’s going
to get you out of here. If it’s not Uncle
Harry’s fault. It’s not, I was molested when I was a
kid, or, by Harvey Weinstein. [LAUGHTER] It’s not this. It’s not. Stop blaming. We’re a country of blamers. We’re a country of whiners. We want to blame
everybody for everything that’s wrong in our life. Everything that’s
wrong in our life is because we
volunteered for it. So I had to get my patients to
change, take responsibility. And then, here’s the last
thing to remember– simplicity. This is not rocket science. It’s easy. And if you can get
your head around that– and it’s difficult
because it’s not the way our society, in general, thinks. But if you can get your
head around that and then make yourself a shining
example of energy and vitality and health– that’s what I did,
and that’s what got me in a lot of trouble. That’s what got me here. Because the reality is
as a medical doctor, you can’t take
someone’s clothes off without putting up one of
those paper stupid things on. I wanted to see
my patient’s body. One is I’m kind of perverted. But another reason
is I have got to see what I’m working with, OK? I’ve got to see what
I’m working with. So the minute you get regular,
you have to follow their rules. And I just don’t do
regular very well. I hope that made sense.

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