Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, I’m Ashley Gundermann. I attended SPSCC as a running start student. I graduated in 2005 and I’m currently studying naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University. I’m passionate about naturopathic medicine because I really love the philosophy of it. It’s about treating the whole person and finding out the cause of the persons symptoms and starting with the least invasive form of treatment first working your way up. So I served in Uganda as a community health volunteer from 2009-2011 and I did a lot of community health projects and I was able to use my background in health there. But I also did a whole array of projects that had nothing to do with health so I really got to grow my skill set. I learned about building small businesses, project planning, and project management. So it really diversified my resume. My goal is to definitely work with underserved populations, specifically I really like to work with Spanish-speaking populations because I am a medical interpreter. So that’s my main goal. I think SPSCC gave me a great foundation in writing which really helped with all of my classes in the four-year university and also in my graduate studies. I think that with professors at community colleges a lot of them are there because they like teaching. They have a lot of passion and interest in their field and they like to share that with students. So I feel like some of the most interactive teachers I had the most enthusiastic teachers I’ve had has been in my community college classes.

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