Taking Charge of Your Health

The cool thing about food science and the
reason why I transferred to hospitality management is because it’s so hands-on. Business it
was kind of like they just wanted you to get the degree and just get out of there. They
wanted you to have a good education, but food science had mandatory internships and practical
work experiences, and then luckily with Jill North we had the opportunity to run a fine-dining
restaurant, and also the Bevier Café. So we had all of this practical work experience
all the time, and it didn’t compare at all to the amount of work that the real world
takes, but it was just such an eye-opening experience so we really needed it. It was
something that, by the end of it you knew it was something you wanted to be involved
in. So, it’s very hands-on program and that’s, I think something that you don’t get anywhere
else at the U of I, but you definitely get it at hospitality management.

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