Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Christopher Mote. I’m a board-certified family physician, trained as a Doctor of Osteopathy and certified in
functional medicine. Today, I’d like to talk to you about those two concepts.
First, a Doctor of Osteopathy is a medical doctor fully trained and
licensed like any other physician in our country. We can practice in both
specialties and primary care. What’s unique about the Doctors of Osteopathy
is that we were trained to look at the patient in the context of their life –
their environment – and not just the tissues that we see on our exam table
but to see the patient in light of their habits: their eating, their exercise, their
stress, and their sleep. So that’s a concept that undergirds all of our
clinical practice. To bring the rubber to the road – to really make that a concrete
clinical practice though, functional medicine has allowed us to get into the
weeds with the patient and really dissect the diet to remove inflammation
or improve nutrient density. And when it comes to sleep – how do we get them better sleep with better tissue repair. Looking at their exercise to really understand
the frequency, duration, and intensity and how that changes their physiology. So
functional medicine becomes a concrete clinical form of practice that takes the
overarching notion of a patient in their environment and makes it into the real
effective medicine that we were hoping we would have. It is about removing the
roadblock so that the patient can recover their health. And so functional
medicine brings that home. Doctors of Osteopathy in general were
taught the concept, and functional medicine is where we can actually grab
hold of it and make it effective.

One thought on “Functional Medicine vs. Osteopathy – Dr. Christopher Mote, DO, DC

  1. Dr Mote is THE MOST caring, sensible, knowledgeable (he's a genius in the true sense of the word), helpful, kind, thoughtful, humble, humorous, supportive, responsive, educational, professional, and personable doctor I have had the honor of being treated by in 17 (and +) YEARS of experience with doctors. His family and staff are equally impressive! Wonderful people. My whole family and I LOVE them ALL. You could not ask for a better place to be. I am STILL ALIVE, partly due to Dr Mote and his staff and family. If you want to HEAL, rather than treating symptoms, THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND HELP, in NUMEROUS ways. I am forever grateful, and endebted. My life is returning to me. I am happy to be alive for the first time in decades. I can't say enough good things in words… Give them a try and feel GOOD again!! This is a voluntary review, given from YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Thank you Dr Mote and family for your time and effort and help. Thank you Moyra, Hannah, Kristen, Esther, Robbie, Jillian, and others who escape my memory at the moment. You have all encouraged me to keep going! Thanx is not enough. A heartfelt review here for others… Love you all! Rain. <3

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