Taking Charge of Your Health

The Naturopathic Therapeutic order
which was first defined by Dr. Jareds Zeff, Dr. Pamela Snyder and Dr. Stephen Myers. It’s the systematization of the Naturopathic approach to medicine and while you’ve
likely intuited this on your own as you embarked on this journey of Functional
medicine and maybe not even so much on the conscious level, this is the means by
which we were able to unearth the root cause of our patients ailments create incredible health and take that which has been deemed as an incurable disease
and put it into remission by providing our patients with the framework to heal
and create lasting change. Change which is sustainable. The therapeutic order
deposits the diet, exercise, spirituality stress reduction and other lifestyle
modifications are at the foundation of health and we see that this is honored
and upheld in Functional medicine as well. In fact the Institute of Functional
medicine dedicated an entire annual conference to instilling these lifestyle
modifications as foundations in health. It transverse both medicines and the
therapeutic order is often something that’s seen as a naturopathic paradigm
where we wholeheartedly embrace. Everything that is natural well
rejecting everything which is higher level surgeries and medications but this
is simply not true and the question is why now more than ever are we turning
our attention to these lifestyle modifications? Well, the data is exploding
what was once a naturopathic philosophy is now been validated by science and because as many of us know there are no amount
of supplements or medications that you can give your patient that will undo an
unhealthy diet and lifestyle. There just isn’t and now more than ever we are
seeing escalations in Chronic disease, autoimmunity, infertility, Autism, Diabetes
the list goes on and it is now in this moment in medicine that we need to focus on patient-centered education and health care. The therapeutic order was built none on the premise that any modality is good or bad. In fact it provides the framework
in which we can utilize all modalities but with a respect. A respect for the
innate wisdom within the body and a respect for the natural healing
progression the respect piece is very important and we can use any one of
these modalities. However, we reserve those higher order therapeutic
interventions the surgery and the medications for when they are absolutely
necessary and not any time sooner. The therapeutic order is really the
foundation in which we all practice whether we know it or not whether it’s
conscious or it’s just something that you’ve begun to incorporate in your
practice and that’s the beauty of functional medicine, right ? There were all able to come to the same table and come together and really serve our patients.
This is actually the premise of the therapeutic order in which all health
care providers have a place at the table health coaches, nutritionists
chiropractors, medical doctors naturopathic doctors the list goes on and even
argue the farmer has a place at the table when it comes to health care and is when we collaborate that our patients are best
served. This is true in a grade of Medicine. The therapeutic order is the
future of Medicine. Thank you.

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