Taking Charge of Your Health

so I want to tell you a story about
remembering because when I was preparing to go to medical school I had a moment I
had a moment where I had to ask myself is this really the best use of my time
here on this planet because I was thinking about the chaos in the world
our problems with the environment and quite honestly I had to ask myself am I
going to dedicate my life to extending human life while the planet suffers is
that what I’m doing thankfully the answer is no absolutely not because what
we do in natural medicine and functional medicine is we are reintegrating people
in to their environment into their communities into nature again and i hope
what all of us see instead of organ systems or even instead of a holistic
system that walks in the door that we see a person with a purpose and when we
do our jobs the beautiful thing that happens is that person can regain their
clarity their energy their inspiration they can go out into their communities
and we see this all the time right the patient that comes back in and says I
did the diet and my family did it with me too and now the neighbors they really
want to know what we’re up to that’s the most beautiful thing they’re going to go
out make different decisions at the grocery store and the farmer responds
and eventually we will grow this so that the environment and the environmental
policy will respond to this change that’s what I think is beautiful so I
think we’re remembering we’re we reintegrating to our community and what
is community at a large scale but an ecosystem we can re-establish our
ecosystem and we just play a small part in that when we truly see the patient
front of us and use root cause medicine as that opportunity so that they can
truly live in their purpose and make the change we all need thank you.

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