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Gain Weight – How to Gain Weight Faster – Home Remedies in Tamil? Some are trying for weight loss and at the same time another group of people is searching for weight gaining tips When we more Fat rich food for weight gain, fat gets stored in the body as well as it becomes a cause for many diseases. There are some ways to gain weight in a healthy way. If we eat some type of fruits it helps us to gain weight. As sugary content is more in these fruits it helps to gain the necessary weight. We are going to see whIch are the fruits Dry fruits will be helpful Because Dry fruits, Cashew nuts, Almonds contains more saturated fat and calories So there are more chances to gain weight. Banana is a calorie rich food. If you take banana continuously you will gain weight Summer is the best season for weight gain because we get Mangoes at a cheap rate in this season It is also called “King of Fruits”. As calories are more in mangoes your weight will increase. Chikoo is a fruit which helps to increase weight when we eat chikoo everyday we can feel a gain in weight but if you eat it once in a while you cannot see any difference Fig is a wonderful fruit but some would have avoided it. Take the fruit if you get it. As it contain 111 calories you will surely gain weight. If you want to gain weight take avacoda It has 322 calories as well as contains more good cholesterol. By eating your weight will increase and it is good for your heart. If you take Dates everyday surely you will gain weight Take atleast 5 dates per day It contains 114 calories,vitamins and Protein and helps you to increase your weight

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