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Namaskar, I am Shraddha and like always I heartily welcome you to our program Swastha Sukhi Sansar. I hope that you are having a prosperous and good day. How to keep ourselves healthy and happy? Frequent visits to the doctor when one falls sick. Friends, many times we do not try to find the root cause of our illness. With this show as our medium, you shall be educated upon the reasons why you fall sick? The biggest reason is failure to deep cleanse our body from within. We should deep cleanse our body from within so that we remain healthy and happy. How to keep ourselves healthy and joyous? Let’s find out with Dr. R.K. Aggarwal. You may call us. (+919266522522)
Our contact numbers are flashing continuously on your tv screens. Let us all welcome Dr. R.K. Aggarwal. Presenter: Once again we welcome you to our show. Doctor: Namaskar, Welcome. Friends, I get numerous calls everyday wherein people are very happy and impressed with great results. In the same context, thousands of people have been calling me for gall bladder and kidney stone problems from all over the world. They have the same enquiry and amazement that will the stones be passed out from the body without surgery? A popular societal myth has been circulating that there is no path for the gall bladder stone to come out of the body. This has led to two major setbacks. First is, that people who fear going under the knife become fearful mentally. This fear in mind causes further degradation of health. Second is, where people following the myth go for an operation courageously. Their gall bladder is removed. They are told that their stones have been removed. But truth remains different than what they are told. We shall discuss upon this topic today so that you may understand what is a Gall bladder stone. i have discussed this many times But i still regularly get many phone calls where people want to understand and know more. They have fears, anxieties and doubts in their mind. They are not wrong in asking many questions about gall stones removal. There are certain elements in the society that do not want an easy solution to gall stones removal without operation to exist. Gall bladder stones or gall bladder sludge Instead of calling it a stone you can call it backed up sludge in the gall bladder. i have often said,” Shudho deha manas ch yasya s jeevti varsh sham” This is an ”ashuddhi”, impurity inside the body. It is stagnant waste material inside the body that gets made in our liver. Again, I must emphasise that it gets made in our liver and travels to the gall bladder. This sludge stagnates inside the gall bladder After stagnation, the sludge takes on the form of gall bladder stones. So, I shall show you a few slides. I have show them to you a numerous times but as new viewers join us, people call us and tell us that they have heard that we are capable of treating their gall stones without operation but they find it hard to believe So they request us to explain the entire process in detail. Friends, the goal of our show is that you wake up and understand that it is possible to avoid unnecessary operation and make your life healthy and happy so that the world may rejoice with your happiness. Please watch these slides. Truth of Gall Bladder The final truth about the gall bladder that, I shall substantiate with the help of this show. As you can see in the Diagram, the gall bladder is green in colour, in the diagram on the right side. SSOHM, Super Science of Healing Methods. SSOHM is a sutra of Lord Shiva which says that human beings have originated from the same divine consciousness as God. This is an ancient belief. Freedom from Gall stones. I started this movement many years ago. Over a period of 24 hours your gall bladder stone will be expelled. But there is a pre requisite to this that needs to be kept in mind. The stones wil not be expelled n the first 24 hours. But they will be expelled from the gall bladder after following a thorough process of cleansing within a span of 24 hours. We have removed kidney stones thousands of patients through the help of natural medicines. You do not need any laser or operation. No cut, No sew. Whether it is kidney or gall bladder , the stones can be removed with the aid of medicines. Look at this diagram carefully In this diagram, I shall show you the 4 most vital organs in the human body. So that we may discuss upon health concerns such as diabetes, blood pressure, anaemia, liver and kidney failure etc.. As you can see in the diagram on the left side, the liver written in white colour. has two green tubes below it in green colour, called bile ducts and below it on the sides is a green colour, balloon shaped organ which is your gall bladder. What is Gall bladder? gall means green coloured liquid, and bladder is like a balloon. Bladder which has green coloured substance was termed gall bladder by the western doctors. In indian language it is called ” pitta ki thaili” Liver is a very important organ, As you saw in the diagram above, it is divided into 2 parts The gall sludge gets formed there and thorough the bile ducts and makes it way to the gall bladder. One bile duct leads the sludge to the gall bladder and the second one leads it down below. why is the duct formed this way? It is because when we eat food, we need a large amount of bile juice to help digest the food. or at other times,
We need this bile juice in small quantities in order to help digest the food properly throughout the day Our body composition helps make these processes go smoothly. Small amount of bile juices gets collected in our gall bladder Because when we eat food, we immediately need a lot of bile juice for help with digestion. small quantities of bile juice is needed throughout the day for proper digestion. So the secretion of bile juice solves dual purposes. Now, I shall show you one more diagram and explain to you how gall stones are formed. In the Diagram, you can see, Gall bladder blocking the cystic duct In the Diagram, you can see a yellow stone Watch carefully you will see more stones at the bottom of gall bladder It is only when a stone gets stuck at the neck of the cystic duct that a person gets a pain attack but if the stone is at the base of the gall bladder there will be no pain We have seen gall stones of all shapes and sizes gall stone size can be from 2-3 mm to 2-3 cms these pictures of expelled stones have been collected from our patients this proves that gall bladder stones can be expelled watch this diagram carefully here you can see the process of gall stone formation you can see the liver along with various ducts with small green coloured blots inside them these blots are the particles which are very fine and get transported below to the gallbladder the sac filled with these fine stones is the gallbladder this is the gallbladder these fine stones get dislodged from the ducts and along with the bile juice find their way inside the gall bladder these fine particles gets accumulated and form consolidated mass of stones inside the gall bladder Doctors often say that there is no path to reach the gall bladder stones I say, that if there is a way for the stones to go inside then they can come out the same way as well. the gall stones have a path to enter and and exit from the gall bladder So the myth pertaining to the first question is busted that the stones do not have a way to get expelled from the body But there is a proper process to achieve this expulsion of stones from within the gall bladder the process is very complicated but has been made simple by us We use a simple process and your gallstones come out easily Many people believe that since the stones are inside the gallbladder, that getting their gall bladder removed will solve their problem completely. such people do not know the insider truth and end up making this mistake under a spell of ignorance and unawareness These stones are getting formed inside your liver on a continuous basis The actual way to solve this problem is finding a way to stop the formation of gall sludge and stopping the accumulation of gall sludge inside the gall bladder And only then a person will be completely rid of this problem So, Friends, as you have seen all gall stones are formed and originate from the liver which further travels down to the gall bladder and settle down at the base of the gall bladder and accumulate inside the gall bladder in the form of sludge Many people in their ultrasound reports have found that their gall bladder is filled with stones and sludge I have been discussing the same sludge here with you We have a caller with us, let us address their concerns Doctor : Hello Doctor: Yes, please tell your query Patient: Doc, these 3 bottles of ‘bowel cleanse’ help to detoxify and clean the entire digestive system. With the help of these ‘bowel cleanse’ we can achieve purification and deep cleansing of our bowels Doctor: Yes,it will. Patient: But how do we maintain the results of the bowel cleanse as we go on with our daily routines after the bowel cleanse treatment? Patient: What kind of diet must we follow to maintain and retain the results achieved after bowel cleanse? Doctor: You have asked a very intelligent question. I have elaborated on this subjects many times before I shall touch upon this subject again for your benefit There are two things General phenomenons- Digesting and excreting food . This is the basic principle and on this lies the foundation of good health. People often ask me what to eat and what not to eat. Actually, It is not the right question. It is an important one but all over the world different kind of food is available in different regions and it is not necessary to find the same food everywhere. it varies from region to region transportation allows the export and import of food all over the world but we need to understand things more deeply in regard to the question asked The amount of food eaten decides predisposition to illness. If you eat more food than your body can digest and assimilate then it will lead to development of more diseases in the body Each person has different digestive abilities so every person should eat according to their digestive abilities If one eats more than they can digest they will fall sick and those who eat less and in a balanced manner will have a good health I am not asking you to starve yourself People either resort to fasting in the name of dieting or either start overeating Balanced and healthy eating is the need of the hour a middle path must be adopted to achieve good health One should not take pride in their ability to fast or go on extreme diets nor should one take pride in overeating The cycle of life continues to flourish if one adopts a middle path and resorts to non extreme eating practices this philosophy was propagated by The Buddha as well. That as long as one does not adopt a balanced way of living, there will not be development at the spiritual, mental or physical levels Because excess of anything is bad for you ‘Ati Sarvatra Varjayet’ Coming back to the topic of Gall bladder so the removal gall bladder i shall show you a video on the process of gall bladder removal some other time you can see the process for yourself They make 4 incisions in your stomach i.e. laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder removal I will give a small overview of the same You are given anaesthesia and laid on the operation table 4 holes are made in your stomach Through one of these holes your stomach is inflated with a pump your stomach takes on an inflated appearance Then the gall bladder is punctured with the help of a needle and the juice within the gall bladder is drained and then the bile duct please watch the Diagram as well I shall explain to you again Now watch carefully Follow my cursor on screen The cystic duct is cut The duct is pinned to close it and with the help of a forceps the gall bladder is extracted out of the body and upon gall bladder removal, the carbon dioxide used to inflate the stomach is released and all the holes are closed and sewn together This is your typical gall bladder surgery And after it you believe that you have been rid of your problems and pain whereas your body and life will forever be deprived from the aid of your gallbladder It is a huge irony We are attempting to save your Gallbladder We enable you to lead your life with your organ intact and optimally functioning inside your body Still we are asked so many questions pertaining to the authenticity and often in the name of surgery your gall bladder is removed, a precious, most precious organ of yours is removed out of your body even in that situation no doubts or questions arise in your mind at that time It is truly a huge irony We have another caller with us Doctor : Hello Patient: Hello, Namaskar Doctor : Namaskar Patient: I am Dilip from Bombay Doctor : Yes, go on. Whenever a eat, after every meal, I have to rush to the bathroom to defecate I want to know that after taking your medicines after bowel cleanse will I be benefited from it or not and also I wish to find out the reason behind my urgency to defecate each time I take a meal or even if I take tea Immediately after taking tea within 15 to 20 mins i need to defecate and relieve myself. Doctor: This Diarrhea after eating or drinking is an annoying condition that really upsets a person’s normal way of life We get many patients suffering from this condition Your digestive system has inbuilt sensors Humans have not built these sensors God has designed the human body with these incredible sensors millions of years ago But humans, remaining ignorant, do not understand Just as in a remote control when you press the volume button but the tv channel gets changed instead! so, in a way, when the circuit does not work then the sensors get disrupted and sends wrong signal, then only these mishaps happens So in the same manner the inbuilt sensors attached to our digestive system due to some reasons such as polluted air, toxic matter are disturbed and their function is affected negatively Like, feeling the urgency to defaecate immediately after food In such cases, the gall bladder has to secrete a small amount of bile juice that would help with digestion But if the sensor sends the wrong signal to the gall bladder then the gall bladder ends up secreting unnecessary large amount of bile juice So, the food instead of moving slowly through the intestine moves at an abnormally fast rate The intestines inside the human body are designed in such a way that they are coiled inside so that the food moves through the intestines slowly and naturally in order to let the digestive processes be completed before ending up in the anus for evacuation. But in an adverse situation when our sensors do not work it is then that the the digestive process speeds up to such a degree that as soon as you eat all the food that you ate without proper digestion ends up in the anus. Subsequently, pressure in the anus is felt and a need to excrete is experienced To solve this problem the inbuilt sensor in the body needs to be fixed Rest assured that bowel cleanse will solve this problem The inbuilt sensor needs to be treated first for the bowel to function well Sometimes medicines other than bowel cleanse are also needed to treat this condition I am explaining theses points to you after extensive research on my part Every symptom in your body has a reason and cause behind it Treating the symptom will never fix the disease nor fix the health problem For instance, our modern medical science claims to treat symptoms, disease and illnesses and yet people keep suffering from miserable medical conditions all their lives and especially Allopathic medicine does not cure their disease We have another caller with us now Doctor: Dear friends, no matter what your bowel troubles, they will be solved, you may contact us on this number 9266522522 you shall benefit greatly from this We have treated thousands of patients with similar problems We have another caller, let us connect with them Doctor: Hello Patient: I am Vishnu. Do: Yes, Vishnu, tell us your concern Patient: After i have my meals, I feel bloated, like my stomach will burst open I have indigestion and pains in my body Doctor: All your symptoms point to digestive disease All diseases, from cough to cancer, are related to and originate from faulty digestion. Name any disease and i assure you that it has it’s beginnings in the digestive tract The caller we have with us, has excess of air element inside his body and that is the reason he has bloating, gas and pains in the body any pain, be it in knee, legs or migraine is actually because of imbalance of air element in the body i.e. too much of air element Everyone knows that, in summers, sandstorms usually occurs with the pressure of air In hot and humid areas, the air becomes hot and it rises up with a lot of force hot air rises up and cool air comes in its place the same process takes place in our body. Similarly, inside our body, when air pressure rises up in its place comes another cool air with force this creates a huge imbalance inside the body which leads to imbalances i.e. bloating, indigestion, burps, gas, flatulance and various other problems which are because of the excess air element. Body pains, burps, hiccups, smelly gas , bloating, pain in hands and feet, all take place because of an imbalace of air element So naturally, it is of huge importance that one should have balance between Vata, Pitta and Kapha. which will ensure a disease-free existence We have another caller with us.Let us have a word with him Doctor: Hello Doctor: Hello Doctor: It seems the call got disconnected So we were discussing upon the gall bladder please remove this misconception from your mind that gall bladder stone cannot be removed without surgery It is important for you to understand the process and how it is done first you need to understand Every person has gall sludge inside them gall sludge is formed and secreted in the body everyday Some people get their gall bladder removed thinking that there will be no formation of bile juice and sludge post gall operation. This is wrong thinking We have one more caller with us Doctor: Hello Patient: Hello, Namaskar. I am calling from Pune Doctor: Yes, go ahead. Patient: My husband has gallstones as well as kidneystones. Patient: please suggest a remedy for it Doctor: Madam, we have been discussing on that today. The only remedy for that is cleansing your system from within Purifying the liver and washing the flushing the gall bladder will help to removes the stones in the gallbladder and even kidney stones We can flush out the kidney stones as well with the help of these medicines and these medicines are herbal, natural These medicines naturally remove the toxins and dissolve the harmful waste material deposits inside our body If you are familiar with the cooking practices in northern India, you would know that ‘Khichdi’, a favourite food amongst many Notice that when ‘Khichdi’ deposits stick on the pan surface. It does not come off easily. what does one do? We submerge that pan in water and leave it in that state overnight In the morning, we find that the remnants of the ‘Khichdi’ have dissolved in water and a single scrape enables us to remove the ‘Khichdi’ from the pan effectively In a similiar manner, we can remove the backed up clogged or solidified sludge/stones inside the gall bladder through the medium of a medicine We dissolve the stones through this medicine For instance, the gall bladdder is like a balloon, and it has an opening. Through this opening, the gall sludge carries fine cholesterol particles within itself that enter gall bladder and gets collected at the bottom of the gallbladder and start to solidify and ultimately form a mass, in the shape of stones Now, if we have to remove the stone from the bladder we have to reverse this process as a big stone cannot come out of the small opening of the gall bladder So, with the help of these herbal medicines, we dissolve the solidified stone which gets flushed out of the gall bladder easily and in a pain free manner This process of melting and dissolving the gall stone takes place inside the gall bladder These gall stones vary in size. They can be of any size- 10 mm, 25 mm, 37 mm or even 40 mm The size of the stone is mostly deciphered from an ultrasound scan It is not just one big stone, Stone of such big size cannot enter inside the bladder, it is developed inside the gall bladder These stones are a solidified mass of fine sludge particles We shall break this stone apart into small pieces and flush it out through the common bile duct Thousands of people have had their gallstones flushed out We shall be starting this revolution from Delhi We wish to rid Delhiites of all health problems whether it is gall bladder or kidney related This gall stone endemic must come to n end We shall take this revolution to every city And God willing, we shall with the blessing of Lord almighty, Shiva surely commence our gallstone removal revolution starting from Delhi We have a caller with us. Let’s connect with them Doctor: Hello, Hello Doctor: Hello I think we have lost the connection Well, So people have many misconceptions regarding gallstones, understandably so, because of lack of awareness They are not to be blamed because as a layperson all your doubts, anxities are justified and i shall happily rid you of all doubts and apprehensions I am breaking the conventional norms of gall stone removal, so naturally i must educate patients upon the subject I am prepared for every possible question that may come my way But i cannot answer wrong unnecesary or illogical questions Many times, people question my methodology and ask how i can i say with utmost assurity that gall stones can be removed It is difficult to answer such questions It is our duty as a human being that having been born on this planet we must strive and work for the betterment of societal health We must work in our way to contribute for the same and aim for the betterment of human kind Lord Shiva, has blessed me with such thoughts and motivations that have enabled me to treat thousands of patients successfully The world is full of critics and the path of truth is difficult Whosoever walks the path of truth, must face thorns and burning embers beneath his feet That becomes his first lesson To rid the world of such myths and misconceptions in the field of medical science, we must face huge resistance We must answer all kinds of queries whether they stem from half knowledge or unawareness upon the subject It has happened many times that people come to me, and even after understanding the process, they resort to wrong logic Even if their gall stones get expelled they question the credibility and authenticity of theses stones that have been purged out of their body So, friends, in such cases i urge the patients to get their expelled stones tested from the labratories They can spend a little money on such tests and gain trust and peace of mind A test at the scientific lab will prove that the stones that have been purged and expelled are gallstones indeed That will be all for today, Friends Our discussion though incomplete, must end here We must meet again some other time I sincerely thank all our viewers for their interest and precious time I bow down to the Divinity inside you Thank you, Namaskar Stay healthy and happy and most importantly think twice about your decision to go for a surgery fro gall stone removal Presenter: So, friends, gall stones can be removed without surgery plz contact Dr Aggarwal at +919266522522 and please consult him so that you can live disease free life Thank you for joining us today

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  30. खाती रही और अभी यह 4.2 mm का पाया गया है। लेकिन बीच मे उससे बहुत जोर से दर्द दिया और मैं उसे अस्पताल ले आया डॉक्टर ऑपरेशन करवाने को कह रहे है कृप्या बाताये क्या करना चाहिए। …..धन्यवाद

  31. नमस्कार,गुरुजी मेरी माता का गोलबल्डर का स्टोन का पता नवम्बर 2017 मे 12 mm चला लेकिन वह ऑपरेशन नहीं करवाई और निरंतर पत्थरचट्टा का पत्ता खाती रही और अभी यह 4.2 mm का पाया गया है। लेकिन बीच मे उससे बहुत जोर से दर्द दिया और मैं उसे अस्पताल ले आया डॉकर ऑपरेशन करवाने को कह रहे है कृप्या बाताये क्या करना चाहिए। …..धन्यवाद

  32. Sir i am from Bangladesh, my wife suffering gall bladder stone problem since 3 years.Have your any branch in Bangladesh? Or kalkata? Please give me details address,i want to buy your medicine for my wife.

  33. Sir ji mara wife 32 years andomatacis hai 1 ber operation be huya but not clear to mai Kay Karu pls advise to me pls pls pls

  34. Hi, My father in Law has just been diagnosed with gallbladder stones. The report says "Multiple Calculi (4-6mm size) are seen in gall bladder with thickening of wall of gall bladder (wall thickening is 6mm) s/o acute calculus cholecystitis" ….
    Can you help on how to get rid of this.. He does get severe pain every now and then…
    Can you give me a Number so I could send you the reports and find out a solution please….

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