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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this section
we’re going to talk about home remedies to keep mosquitoes away. Now, mosquitoes are
such a pain in the summertime. So, mosquitoes come out mostly in the morning and the evening.
So, when you’re working out in the garden there’s a few tricks that you can use just
to protect yourself from them. And the most important thing that you can do to get rid
of the mosquitoes though is to remove any standing water from your home, or your garden,
or from your area because mosquitoes need that standing water to lay their eggs. So,
if you’ve got any standing water at all make sure and dump it out. And if you’ve got any
water features that are just stagnant add a pump to em’, and by moving that water around
the mosquitoes don’t seem to lay their eggs in it at all, and you won’t have the problems
with mosquitoes that you generally would have if you’ve got standing water. So, that’s the
most important thing that you can do. My attitude is that there’s going to be bugs around no
matter what, especially mosquitoes, so what you can do is actually protect yourself by
using some home remedies. Now, a lot of the different mosquito repellents are made from
citronella, and citronella just comes from lemon grass. They take the oil from the grass
and they make citronella candles, or they make different types of oils. So, you can
actually rub the oil right on your skin, and then the mosquitoes won’t bother you. Another
trick I found is any type of oil, so you can use olive oil, or you can use vegetable oil
and rub it on any exposed parts of your body when you’re outside, or any parts that the
mosquitoes are attacking. And that seems to work really well. It lasts for one to two
hours so it doesn’t last forever, but it’s good for your skin and it’s good to stop the
mosquitoes from bothering you. Now, there’s all types of herbs that mosquitoes don’t like
either, so thyme is another herb they don’t seem to mess with. So, just by rubbing some
of the thyme onto your skin the mosquitoes don’t seem to bother you. Or you can actually
take some thyme and put it in some water, or you can do it with lavender, and you can
do it with spearmint, mint, or rosemary; there’s lots of other herbs that work. Actually, put
it in some water, or put it in oil and soak it for a couple days. Then, strain it back
out, and then you can actually spray the water on the areas where the mosquitoes are hanging
out, and they seem to scare em’ away. Also, if you put it on your skin the they don’t
seem to bother you. Mint is also a great repellent for mosquitoes and it smells so good. So,
whether you’re rubbing it on yourself, or you’re putting it into an oil or onto lotion,
or just taking it and spraying it in a mist it seems to help. And even if you’ve got mosquitoes
around your food sometimes by putting different herbs around it slows them down. But in the
end the mosquitoes are probably going to be there no matter what, so you can always put
a net around the area that you’re, where you’re sitting or entertaining and you stop the mosquitoes
from coming in. Citronella candles can work too, but they only work in the area where
the smoke is going and it’s not always foolproof, but it can help. A lot of people claim garlic,
too; if you eat a lot of garlic then the mosquitoes don’t seem to bother you. They don’t like
the scent of garlic, and back in the medieval times they would put garlic right between
their toes at night and they swore that the mosquitoes never bit them. So try it, see
if it works, and let us know.

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