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If you have noticed that your ability to hear
dialogues and sounds has reduced perceptibly throughout the years, there’s a good chance
you are experiencing some kind hearing loss. Hearing loss is normally caused not only by
aging but also by exposure to certain types of noise. This condition is more common than you think:
it has been estimated that about 48% of Americans have significant hearing loss. But you don’t have to sit around waiting
to go deaf. The good news is that some natural ingredients
can help prevent and even reverse hearing loss. Onions, for example, are considered to be
a potent natural remedy for those who suffer from hearing loss. Their antioxidant properties have already
been verified in one study and have proven to be beneficial in cases where there was
hearing loss due to atrial trauma from explosions and changes in air pressure. Another ingredient is garlic, which is considered
by many people to be great for your ears. Some believe that garlic can help fight hearing
loss by increasing blood flow and restoring cochlear health. A healthy cochlea is needed in order to transmit
sound impulses to the brain for conversion. Here’s a recipe that takes these two ingredients
and is highly recommended for people who want to improve their hearing: Ingredients A few garlic cloves;
A tablespoon of olive oil; 15ml of onion juice;
Gauze or cotton balls; Instructions Pour the olive oil in a glass. Then squeeze the garlic cloves to extract
their juice. Mix the garlic juice with the onion juice
and olive oil in the glass. You can make the onion juice using a juicer
or food processor. It’s recommended that you pour 3 to 4 drops
of this solution into each ear using an eyedropper. After applying, cover each ear with gauze
or cotton ball It’s important to remember that this recipe
is not a surefire solution for all types of hearing loss. In more advanced cases it’s best to go see
a specialist.

13 thoughts on “Garlic and Onion Can Restore Hearing Loss, Here’s How…

  1. I hav 50% hearing loss due to tbm since 2004. M also HIV+. Can I retain my hearing senses by applying this video method. Plz help if possible u can also contact me on my email I'd is [email protected] Thanx for very useful video. Keep the good work and all the best wishes for your hard work.

  2. By putting drops in your ears, how is the mixture suppose to reach the cochlea? Does the eardrum absorb the garlic and onion mixture? Can someone explain

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