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The more I learn about science denialism,
the more I see a common thread running through all of them, like a common playbook. Regardless
of the evidence to the contrary, they seem to be able to hold whatever contrarian position
they like and justify it with a series of logical fallacies. But there are some scientific theories that
you just think, “Well, there’s just no way that could be denied. Who’d have a reason
to doubt THAT theory?”. I would always have included the theory of gravitation, atomic
theory, cell theory, and, of course, the Germ Theory of Disease. But, thanks to the Internet,
I’ve now found an active community of Germ Theory Denialists. That’s right, they either fully or partially
deny the germ theory of disease. In fact, many of you may know one or more of these
people. At this point I hope you’re asking how anyone
could possibly deny that germs cause disease? Wouldn’t any thinking person see that colds
are contagious, that diarrhea is something you can get from contaminated food, that skin
infections form around unsterilized cuts? What possible alternative explanation could
they have to explain these phenomenon. To answer that, I have to take you back to
two scientists, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp (Bae-sham) at or around 1870. The
problem concerns certain diseases of silkworms, an important agricultural asset for the French
silk industry. The harvests were failing, and it was a matter of national commerce that
an explanation could be found. Louis Pasteur, as many of you might remember,
performed many of the tests that formed the basis for the germ theory of disease we use
today. His argument, based on his experiments with sealed flasks and breweries, was that
an infectious agent was likely responsible. His course of action would be to quarantine
and contain the spread. “Bae-sham” was an insect biologist, and had
a competing theory, His theory, which I will call the pleomorphic theory of disease, was
that diseases are caused by environment. He said that bacteria actually form from the
diseased cells, and their appearance tells us the underlying disorder. There’s more to
it, including an abiotic origin of microbes, but the key point is that he takes Pasteur’s
theory in reverse. The microbe does not cause the disease, the disease causes the microbe.
His suggestion might have been not to quarantine the sick animals, but to feed them better,
or move all of them to a brighter area with cleaner air. This was not a stupid idea in 1870. It strikes
us as silly because we have the benefit of so much additional information. Antoine “Bae-sham”
WAS wrong, of course, as has been demonstrated by thousands of experiments since then. His
theory has been falsified and buried. Pasteur’s has been predictive and explanatory in a way
that we find useful, and Antoine “Bae-sham”‘s theory is not supported by the genomic data
being produced on bacterial DNA, nor by serotype testing, phylogenetics, or electron microscopy
of pure cultures. Now there was a useful insight to be gained
from his theory about the complexity of interaction between a disease agent and the host. It’s
true that environment, nutrition and immune status plays a big role in the development
of most diseases. I don’t know any modern biologists who dispute that. To qualify as
a germ theory denialist, you need to deny that infectious agents are responsible for
any disease we currently attribute to transmissable pathogens. What kind of Internet troll believes this
far out crazy idea? This is the part that may surprise you. How about Bill Maher? The
host of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and the writer, producer and star of Religulous.
Now he has made a statement that he is NOT a germ theory denialist, but the fact that
he had to deny it says a lot. He’s strongly anti-vaccine, anti-medicine, but in an interview,
he brought up a signature move of germ theory denialism. He pulled out the deathbed recanting of Pasteur.
The only place this text ever existed was the germ theory denialism website that created
it out of whole cloth. It has no basis in fact, and represents a marker for someone
who has spent time learning from anti-germ theory websites. This is a classic denialism move, attacking
the discoverer’s credibility, worthy of a creationist or AIDS denialist, and forever
tarnishes Maher in my eyes. It goes beyond a disagreement with him, he’s taken sides
against science, medicine and critical thinking. What he’s advocating is dangerous to the innocent
and naive. It’s a misuse of his celebrity to promote pseudoscience. Who else can we put on our list? How about
a large number of chiropractors? Many, but certainly not all, who practice as straights
are taught that all disease, from tooth decay to Ebola, are the result of improper alignment
of the spine and Atlas. You should also ask any naturopath or osteopathic
physician where they stand on the germ theory of disease. Depending on the country, they
may have been taught that germs don’t exist. We’ll also find that a lot of AIDS denialists
are in fact germ theory denialists, either wholly or only in part. Some will use the
pleomorphic theory, others won’t, or will use something equally as invalid. In fact anywhere you find quackery about nutrition
or detoxification treating viral or bacterial conditions, look for the references to either
Antoine “Bae-sham” or the deathbed recanting of Pasteur. You will have spotted the rare
germ theory denialist in his natural habitat. This particular strain of pseudoscience has
mutated, though. It’s realized that it can’t survive with open denialism and antiquated
beliefs. Instead, the approach now is to simply shift the focus from their failure to make
a scientific case for their beliefs, to the perceived flaws in Pasteur’s theory. Not modern
microbiology, mind you, but actually the experiments and theory of Louis Pasteur. They advocate
a softer form of germ theory denialism, still based on “Bae-sham”‘s teachings that sickness
causes pathogens, not pathogens causing sickness. You’ll see the thinking in these posts from
a denialist on the Huffington Post, “A healthy strong body well nourished and properly exercised
will easily be able to fight off just about any germ that invades its body without the
need for magic elixirs.” I hope the allusion to creationism repackaged
as ID, and the parallels of demonizing Pasteur and Darwin are not lost on you. This new germ theory denialism tend to refer
to themselves as “natural hygenists” in that they assert that health and hygeine are sufficient
to prevent disease. This is an offshoot of naturopathic medicine, strongly associated
with raw food movement and the raw milk movement especially. They contend that most of the
modern diseases we deal with are a result of meat consumption and processing of our
diet, including Pasteurizing our milk. They thrive on the Internet, and in a small
subculture of very vocal activists. I’ll deal with raw food-ism and raw milk in a separate
video. I just wanted to demonstrate how these very old ideas adapt to stay alive as quackery
on the Internet and among alt med fringe groups. How much of a threat do these people pose?
Not much, so far. Like any small fringe group, they lack much political power. But we must
always be watchful of pseudoscience advocacy, and address the fundamental fallacies of their
claims. The last thing we need in the modern age is another form of contentious fundamentalism,
especially one that devalues such an important principle of modern medicine. Good health to you, and may all your germs
be benevolent. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Germ Theory Denialism

  1. Have I read Wilhelm Reich's body of work? No. Am I aware of "orgone energy" and the many claims made about it? Yes.

    As I understand, no experimenter has ever replicated anything he claims to have produced, and only two publications of his made it to scientific publication, both in a journal he created for the purpose.

    If you have evidence, present it. The burden is not on me to disprove it.

  2. Are you also aware of his statements about Nuclear Radiation during the cold war? James Demeo apparently repeated and confirmed his findings and a few others repeated some of his other experiments. I think you can read about it on Demeo's site.

  3. MArtin Gardner whom was somewhat responsible for his incarceration, said that he knew his findings were wrong and he had no need to experimentally verify it, he just knew they would fail! He never did any experiments to either confirm or deny his theories, he merely stated from a position of authority that it was impossible.

  4. Most boomers have no been vaccinated as we have had at best maybe 50% herd immunity for the past 4-5 decades, since most of the vaccines expired within 2-10 years, so the boomers should have been dropping dead like flies from epidemics, but they didn't, now we have to go into debt to take care of them for the next 30 years.

  5. Let's track a simple vaccine, econogate.

    Oral polio vaccine. The global incidence of polio in 1988, when a global campaign by the WHO was launched, was 350,000 cases. In 2013, there were 223 cases, only in non-participant countries.

    Looking at just the US, the 2-year incidence in 1952/53, during a small outbreak, was 90,000 cases. In 1985, the PAHO launched an initiative to mass-vaccinate the Americas and there hasn't been a single case anywhere in the Americas since August 1991.

  6. I don't have any real problem with the vaccine per say, I just think you completely flush anything else out and that was why I asked you questions, but like I said the boomers shouldn't have survived so long without an epidemic, that should tell you something else about how hard these diseases are to actually spread once blocked or contained in geographies and even if herd immunity drops way down, far below 95% which everybody claims we have achieved anyways.

  7. The Baby Boomers DID have "epidemics", although not in the proper definition of increasing levels of disease. In the 1960's, three million cases of measles were "normal" or endemic. This resulted in 48,000 hospitalizations, 1,000 disabled and about 500 deaths annually, almost all in children.

    This year, we had a resurgence in measles due to lack of vaccination, the highest in 15 years, from a norm of 60 cases to 200. Yes, the Boomers had massive disease burdens prior to vaccine programs.

  8. As for rubella (German measles), there was an outbreak in 1964 that left 3,600 children permanently blinded across Europe… there hasn't been a case of rubella in the US in 20 years. In 1975, an outbreak centered on Ryukyu Islands of Japan flooded out the healthcare system there, resulting in "hundreds of deaths and thousands of cripplings". The same strain re-emerged in 1981 on the mainland.

    Rubella caused 15% of deafness and 2% of heart defects in the UK pre-vax, affecting 200 babies/yr.

  9. In the modern era, Romania is a useful test case. They hadn't had rubella vaccine on their schedule until 2004, following an epidemic in 2002-2003. 115,000 cases were reported, with 150 cases of permanent deaf or blindness resulting from congenital rubella.

    Current figures from the ECDC on Romania, while it still accounts for 99% of all cases in Europe, put it at 7 new cases/month now, instead of 10,000 like before, following mandatory vaccination.

    Euro Surveill. 2004 Apr;9(4):7-9.

  10. Beware – This video supplies false information. Go to the Vaccination Liberation web site to see the historical death rate graphs, to find out that vaccination has not prevented disease. Large scale epidemics only ever occurred in overpopulated and unhygienic cities where sanitation and poor nutrition was common. Don't be fooled by this glib presentation which is most likely sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

  11. Romania is a cold country which has poor hygiene, diet and sanitation. Scarlet fever has never been vaccinated against, yet it has completely disappeared. Note – The appearance of disease coincided with extremely cold weather patterns. Lack of sunlight can cause an immune system breakdown.

  12. Scarlet fever is the result of a Streptococcal bacterial infection. It's treated with antibiotics and the presentation is clinically quite obvious. There is no current vaccine in use.

    It's been well managed… not by letting kids be sick… but by treating them with effective antibiotics before they have a chance to pass it on.

  13. Streptococcal bacteria is the result of eating and drinking dairy products. (Lactic acid digestion problem.) All flu and cold viruses are mainly the result of dairy food consumption. The used to call it consumption in the old days, before the pharmaceutical companies decided that it was making the cause look to obvious so they changed the name of this condition to various other names like flu, pneumonia and whooping cough etc.

  14. There is a difference between a disease and a parasite. The Ebola is a parasite and is not a disease. Parasites usually breed in stagnate water which has dead animals floating in it. Don't drink or touch stagnate water and you won't get parasites.

  15. There comes a time when I have to just give up. Anyone who thinks Ebola breeds in stagnant water might as well be saying "magic pixies did it". For one, viruses don't breed in water. They aren't alive.

    You are welcome to try to reach adril552… I think they are beyond hope.

  16. Consensus doesn't equate with truth. Money talks, so the truth comes a poor second most of the time. Medicine is big money, so they will protect their precious dollars even if it means killing a few million people to prove a point.

  17. "If I could live my life over again, I'd devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat – disease tissue – rather than being the cause of disease tissue."
    Dr. Rudolph Virchow, renowned scientist, considered the 'Father of Pathology'

  18. "Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world." – Linus Pauling

  19. Howard Hencke, in his 1995 book The Germ Theory: A Deliberate Aberration, notes that it was critical for the new medical industry.
    "… to indoctrinate the public in the Western world with the belief that the salvation from all, especially physical ailments, lay outside the individual's system and responsibility, because it was caused by external factors…and that chemical remedies (drugs) will keep him free from disease, independent of his own vigilant responsibility."

  20. Some 17 years before Pasteur, the most famous nurse in history, Florence Nightengale, put it like this:
    "Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another. The specific disease is the grand refuge of the weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions."
    F.N. 1860

  21. When I was young I lived near an old cemetery (1790s >) and I recall being shocked (even as a child) at seeing all the graves of children. So and so , aged 1 year 4 months and 3 days sort of thing. And those who survived childhood seldom made it past 40 or so. Germ theory deniers are either deluded or crazy.

  22. I use to gets flu shots before the start of the flu season & I was still fighting off colds & other ailments that a simple shot should have staved off, but didn't. It wasn't until six years ago once I reversed my type 2 diabetes I felt healthier & noticed a boost in energy, I felt so great that I decided to forego a flu shot for that whole winter & I didn't get sick once; not a single cold.That was 6 years ago & haven't gotten vaccines since & I'm still in great health. This isnt quackery, folks

  23. I once picked up a penny on the street, and later that day, I managed to catch my iPad before it hit the ground. I also saw a black cat once and two years later, my grandmother died. This isn't superstition, folks!

  24. @sharptonsracecard

    Who the fuck cares if they profited. You are insane if you are against capitalism. if you are against capitalism you do not want freedom for anyone. it cannot be disproven. SO if they make money off their knowledge of mineral supplements that is a middle finger in your ignorances face. who cares? Read some books and do it yourself. you can, you ignorant fuck head 

  25. Does he still hold this terrible belief? I always figured he was just a talking head, getting all his information from somewhere else that was credible, but now I think he's a total twat. This wouldn't be the first time he's made dumb statements. Remember when he was a libertarian in the early 2000s? 

  26. Not a bad vid, but you left something out of your checklist, which it seems is nearly ubiquitous in various branches of science denialism:  The conspiratorial persecution fantasies.  "Our ideas are under attack because group X doesn't want YOU to know the Truth™."

  27. Science got fucked up by Descartes by separating mind and the body. Anyone who has done a big deal of philosophical thinking will come to the conclusion that everything that exists in the world as we interpret it, is a manifestation of the mind and no more. It's not that germs are not entering our bodies and doing things with us, the problem is people interpret them as a threat so naturally body listens to own belief system (enforced by the law and parents…) and therefore tries to kill the germs – but who are scientists to directly judge that the germs are attacking and not just communicating like nutrients in our blood communicate with our cells…? Once you understand completely that every stone in the universe is literally alive and a part of one magnificient very big being that is interconnected, only then GTD starts to make sense. Minimalism is not only used by simple and uneducated people, but also by highly informed, curious and rational people who have gone through many difficult paths only to find certain things never change so you can drop them out of equation and end up with much more freedom. You are what you believe you are. If you like the germs theory just because your parents and their history raped it into your brain, then feel free to live in fear of disease…..

  28. Your video does not say at all why Pasteur is correct and not Bechamp. Sure you did mention that Bechamp's theory has been 'demonstrated by thousands of experiments'? So proving Bechamp was wrong proves Pasteur was right? Where did you establish that it was either A or B? 

    Anyway, how about citing a specific 'experiment' (using ANYTHING OTHER THAN SOME BLOG or YouTube channel like yours) proving that Bechamp was wrong? What is your authoritative background to be posting on such a topic like this? Oh yes I can tell actually, you must be under Big Pharma's payroll, too!

  29. Tsk tsk, I'm already on page 4 of my Google search 'bechamp pleomorphism proven wrong' and still nothing – please help.

    As for Pasteur's theory being proven dead wrong – of course all modern medicine uses that – and we all fucking know nothing aint fucking working! Millions die and will continue to die – all thanks to Big Pharma!

  30. as far as i'm concerned anything anyone says on their death bed is irrelevent most of these people at this point aren't in heir right mind assuming the quote aren't completely fabricated to begin with

  31. One relatively common (not necessarily extremely common, but somewhat) pattern I have seen in pseudoscience is referring to people and/or experiments done a very long time ago (usually over a hundred years ago) to either support the pseudoscientific position or discredit the current prevailing theory. From this I have come up with the rule of thumb that if some pseudoscientific claim uses as evidence something that was done over 100 years ago, you can usually dismiss it right there.

    One of the fundamental aspects of this is that these people seem to think that someone came up with some wacky theory over 100 years ago, and science just accepted it and have not done any further study or experimentation to corroborate and fine-tune it.

    Creationists attacking Darwin is of course one of the most obvious examples. Apparently germ theory denialists attacking Pasteur is another. Another creationist example is pretending that Darwin came up with the age of different layers in the geological column, and that those made-up ages have never been corroborated or tested in the 150 or so years since.

    One of the more amusing examples come from flat earthers. They will often site an experiment made by some guy where he measured the curvature of the surface of a long river and got a zero result, ie. no curvature whatsoever. And when was this experiment done? In the 1800's.
    Yeah, because measurement instruments of the 1800's were so accurate… And it's not like you could repeat the experiment today.

  32. Royal Raymond Rife is nothing but a charlatan and a fraud, Rife microscope/ machine ( or device whatever) is a fraudulent " instrument " filled with pseudo-scientific nonsense. 

  33. For all germ theory denialist, why not get a legitimate science/medical degree from a reputable university/institution ( to learn and understand the scientific method/reasoning ), conduct rigorous experimentation and testing ( using the scientific method/reasoning) in order to refute germ theory, ( You might get a Nobel prize for science for doing that). Instead you choose to peddle pseudo-scientific nonsense and B.S.

  34. Experimentation is SCIENCE, so I decided to experiment!!  I eat a live raw diet of fruits and vegetables and get gravity colonics for last 5 years!  I had sex un knowingly with someone with Gonorrhea and HIV! I did not contract ANYTHING!!!! So how do you explain that? I will even be willing to prick myself with HIV, because I'm that sure of the theory.  Again you offer new REAL proof or experimentation.  I walk the walk, I juicing every morning, eat only organic fruits and veggies nuts and seeds.  Occasionally I'll eat cooked food here and there.  I regularly take colonics. I'm 36 yo most would never know it , I'm proud of my health as I never get sick and look fucking good and sexy! I'm 5'9 140 and strong as hell, how do you explain any of this? I would invite you to a personal challenge, come to NYC I'll show you what I'm talking about tough guy!  By the way if the Germ Theory was correct, WE WOULD ALL BE SICK!!! Everyone in the classroom would be sick if one individual had the flu!  But this is not the case!!! 

  35. This was awesome. I was going to say 'you restored my faith in humanity'…. But then I clicked on another "pH therapy, chlorophyll vitality, enzyme supplementing, homeopathicly diluted, chi focusing, raw foodie, 'new german medicine' yipyap-flimflam youtube vid…and I am again, despondent…
    Alas – if ignorance is so rampant in the age of information, where Google freely broadcasts the combined knowledge of mankind to one's bedroom — I have to wonder if its hopeless!

  36. 2/2 And pseudoscience aka "alternative medicine" (that term infuriates me) is not without its victims – here's one really unfortunate story.

    Pics first (WARNING:graphic, gruesome pics of untreated breast cancer, not for squimish):

    The story, as told by one of my favorite 'anti-woo' sites:

    Regds again 🙂

  37. I'm not certain, but I think that the flat earthers don't believe in gravity.  One source that I read a few years ago stated that their explanation of why things fall to the ground is that the flat earth is constantly rising through space, thus constantly closing the gap between it and anything that lies above it, or something like that.

  38. Oh dear. going back if I could choose to find out about Bill Mahr being a germ theory and vaccine denialist or not, I would prefer not to have found out about it. This takes away so much credibility from his otherwise most of the time very spot on satire

  39. lots of danger on the web  other day watched some vids about  "soverign people
       lots of people follow then get arrested think they can ignore laws

  40. To be fair a healthy body with good diet will be a bit more resilient than one that sits around eating junk food all day as the immune system will likely be stronger due to the better nutrition and more regular exposure to pathogens.

    That said how about we offer to prove their theories by injecting the nice strong healthy ones among them with some tasty Yersinia pestis bacteria and see what happens? Then when they don't get sick they can say they were right……

  41. Actually there are some Geocentrists like Golden Crocoduck nominnee  who do not believe in gravity you can find this loser on youtube

  42. Here's a first for me. I'm arguing with someone who asserts no " good" evidence for fusion at the core of the sun. The responses are very similar to Jure Gorucan down below.

  43. Has long as Mahr was peaking and sh*ting on others religion beliefs or blaming 1.6 billion Muslims, or about 23.4% of the world population, by the crimes of few that say they are doing in the name of religion, but of course was and is politics, everything was fine, because religious people are stupid, and the fact that one expressed the Theory of Big Bang and the other is consider the father of Quantum mechanics, to mention just 2, didn't change peoples minds, and guys like Mahr and Hitchens were always applauded. Now, that he's sh*ting crap out of is mouth with is pseudo-science, contributing for the premature risk of death of young children, everybody is alarmed (and they should be).

  44. Bill Maher is an arse tumour of a man. A pseudo-intellectual fuckwit that for reasons that are entirely beyond my ability to root out, still remains a public figure. Fuck this absolute clownshoe. 

  45. Germ theory denialists rally around their mutual hatred of pharmaceutical companies. While I understand their concern about a company making money off of sickness, it is a necessary evil. Without a group willing to invest the billions of dollars and hours needed to produce drugs which are effective with little to no side effects, we would not have modern medicine. If you can find a new model to produce drugs for less money, I'm sure pharmaceutical companies would be interested since I'm sure they don't like spending money unless they can produce something that they can make money on. Natural cures and natural food movements are just laziness and push us back into the dark ages. They are in fact more dangerous than creationism.

  46. Interesting video.  I will say though that diet and nutrition do play an extremely important role in the prevention (and even reversal) of many diseases – much more so than most prescription drugs / medications, and without the side affects.  This has been proven scientifically many times over.

  47. Why does every argument at odds with ones favorite idea have to be referred to as a psychological "denier". Were people that lived in the 16th century all a bunch of deniers? According to your thinking if one fails to believe in what you believe to be true they deny some sacred truth. I guess it would burst your bubble to hear that Pasteur(the thief) said he was right, but of course you can be a denier in that respect then as well, as for others so for yourself. What goes around comes around.

  48. What would it matter if Louis Pasteur renounced Germ Theory or it could be proved he was some sort of charlatan?  All that matters is there is supporting evidence for the theory and it is consistent with reality.  All claims must stand on their own merits so its irreverent if Pasteur 'claimed' Beauchamp theory was the correct one. Supportable science isn't predicated on one persons word and thus remains valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it. 

    Over a 100 years of experimentation yielding predictable results determines if Pasteur theory is valid and not on the basis of if he said Beauchamp was right, or if Pasteur was a fraud or a drooling simpleton.

  49. A great video, big thumbs up. I thought it was obvious. Evidently not. I was lost at the idea that the disease causes germs. and not the other way around. Which leaves me wondering how diseases occur in the first place. Then what happens to the germs, if they  are not needed to cause more infections?  I am no doctor.

  50. No wonder Pasteur said " I can not" when offered milk. He knew that milk was the cause of most modern diseases. Yes, its milk, grain and sugar which cause most modern disease. These are all unnatural to humans and come from grass which is a natural human allergen. Polio was caused by DDT which was sprayed into children's playgrounds in the 40's and 50's. Thus, we have the so called 'children's disease'. Plagues are caused by volcanic activity. Note – Aztecs and Roman empires fell at exactly the same time as a huge volcano erupted in Iceland. Ref – Vaccination Liberation for the real facts.

  51. Thanks for the Author Note at 5:20. I'm a pharmacist in the U.S., and the head of epidemiology at one of the hospitals I worked for is an Osteopathic Physician. She, literally, ran the infectious disease consult service for the hospital, as well as collected data on infections in the hospital and in the community at large. The Germ Theory of Disease is absolutely central to her practice.

  52. yes, germ theory is a farce…thanks for you video showing how scientism can make reasonable people become irrelevant and not worth listening to . Not everyone reacts to germs the same way so you know it is a farce in itself. Nature's role is to break down a sick human, plant or animal quickly to regenerate a new healthy life system as quickly as possible. If you read a book or two outside of your "scientismlike" books you would quickly see a trend of truth. The truth hurts the profits of your sponsor I understand, but remember the term "quack" was originally and accurately used to describe anyone involved in allopathic medicine.

  53. omg…you are a bit wacko…didn't know someone could be so programmed. All the best and keep learning…you will get there.

  54. I you look carefully at every epidemic in history you will find stressed individuals get sick. Stressed with a perceived external threat means their immune system is declined. They can't even fight off the germs that they already have a built up immunity since childhood. You will find in every epidemic there was either war, invasion, oppression, some sort of witch hunt, slavery etc.

    The germs are opportunistic. Dechamp's theory needs revision but Pasteur is wrong. '

    We are sold a story by big pharma to buy vaccines. The truth is that if our immune system is working properly then we can fight off and kill any and every microbe that can enter the body and which may be harmful.

  55. Wait…. Bill Maher, the athiest, pro-evolution, generally pro-science guy who has had Neil Degrasse Tyson on his show loads of times rejects GERM THEORY???? This blows my mind.

  56. You forgot to mention the fact that Antione coined the Chromosome [as irrelevant as you wish he was].
    Here is visual proof of you being absolutely incorrect as you pompously ridicule those that lean away from the lie.
    Here are some videos you can learn from..

  57. What it ultimately comes down to is who is less wrong between Bechamp and Pasteur. There are elements of the germ theory that are undeniable, but overall, terrain theory has more predictive and explanatory power. Pleomorphism on the whole is also less wrong then monomorphism.

  58. Geez, reading the comments is almost as informative as the video. GTD are just plain unreachable with reason. I knew GTD existed, I just didn't realize how utterly devoid of scientific thought they are. And they seem to get so angry about it.

  59. 'German New Medicine' (GNM) taught me all I need to know about disease and took away any fears I had about getting infected by bacteria or 'viruses'. Since then (2009) I no longer get colds, let alone the 'flu' and I laugh when people warn me not to approach too closely because they already caught the flu and don't wanna 'infect' me too 🙂 On the bodily level GNM explains disease and as a bonus it gives me all the profits of the 'placebo effect' (while at the same time prohibiting the nocebo effects doctors and the whole medical propaganda machine throw at me almost continuously). Of course it fits in nicely too with my believe in the 'law of expectation' (which is just the 'placebo/nocebo effect at work on a greater, universal level). There might be some shortcomings regarding my present worldview based on GNM/placebo- and nocebo effect/law of expectation (etc.), but it sure beats the mainstream theories regarding life/disease/etc. which get people killed by extremely poisonous 'treatments' like the barbarian chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Think about it: the 'immune system' attacks its own host (the body) as seen in hundreds of so called 'auto immune disorders', while ignoring tumors? The body producing new blood vessels to support tumors (angiogenesis)? And I could go on for a while… Are people really so ignorant as to believe (and not see) the nonsense of this?? I know it's the fear based propaganda of big pharma that keeps people running to doctors and 'specialists' (I was one of these people many years ago too), but surely this can't go on forever?! What a crazy (manipulative) world we live in /-:

  60. wow you sound like the great great grandson of the germ theory???? when trying to prove your point it is best done by using science that is on your side and not by talking trash and calling others crazy for having a different science based theory than yourself. I could not even watch the whole video because of all the insults you throw around. You seem to be very defensive as if you may be doubting your own theory and it scares you?

  61. Quoting from the article linked by Mr Grimv below:
    "The reason why Béchamp was mainly ignored and Pasteur elevated to hero status is to be found in the different personalities and the lure of commercial success. Bechamp was a dedicated scientist and researcher, but he had no skills at politics and ass-kissing. Pasteur, on the other hand, was an expert at both. He ingratiated himself with the rich and powerful, and even became a favorite of French royalty."

  62. Do you know the history of the Basley Institute, Gerson and others that were persecuted for you to have a chance to maligned natural medicine?

  63. Hmm autor of this video didnt know well bechamp works. He missinterpreted nearly everything and even didnt know the hustory.
    Pasteur was just a plagiator and has a good conections and good speak.
    When was Pasteur on dead bed he said "antonie was right, it is enviroment-…"

    So study more. But germ theory is also good but has just few mistakes or missing facts. So dont look at world as it is black and white;) We have to learn all the time;)

  64. Don't be an idiot. It IS a theory. One cannot deny it is a theory! However a theory can be found not to fit facts and so facts have to be denied, distorted or redefined as dogma and defended against science – which is what happens when investment in a theory disallows losing face, status or trillion dollar profits.
    The personally invalidating accusations come from those who are exactly doing what they want and need to 'see' in the 'enemy' to their investment of self and reality.Even to frame a subject in terms of 'denialism' operates the presumption that 'the science is settled' and effectively locked by narrative control.
    The anti science is not anti science – it is like the 'pathogens' you associate with external vectors of illness – rising to clean up the dead matter so that living function can be restored. But nothing personal – it is simply the terrain calling the response.
    Nothing so blind as a hate masking under self-righteousness – but is it your self or is it a pathological co-opting of consciousness by attempt to both externalize or project what you fear or hate in yourself OUT – and thus 'seek and find' it and fight it so as to persist the hate while redirecting the consequence?
    What are the effects of intensely conflictive psychic-emotional states on the body – or more specifically, its cellular function?
    Persistent fear generates dysfunction and breakdown of communication. 'They' become your shadow fears – and 'you' are as you now subject to wanting them out there and thus define 'you'. Don't let truth get in the way of a good story!

  65. Our modern allopathic model is based on Germ Theory. Germ theory keeps people dependent on medicine and vaccines. Cellular theory makes people independent because if they know how to keep their body in great condition e.g. Eating right, probiotics and vitamins and minerals low stress. They won't create the environment for the diseases that they come in contact with to multiply and thrive. That's not pseudoscience it's called Biochemistry. If people knew this information and were able to heal themselves or prevent illness, they would only need the medical industry for physical traumatic injuries. The Pharmaceutical Industry wants to keep people dependent because they make more money that way.

  66. Well, they can easily prove it, Inject them with rabies. They should be fine, on the other hand, if they're running around howling & foaming at the mouth, I think they're full of shit.

  67. much of what you call medical science is nothing more than a body of lies that serve the interests of a few. blaming bacteria for disease is much like blaming flies for garbage. they only proliferate when the body is in an immune compromised state to begin with. the cause of this condition is often easily correctable, but those who profit from illness will not have sick people getting well and cease the flow of money into their pockets.

  68. Germ theory makes a lot of money, and kills a lot of people for all the medical industries. Essential micro nutrient deficiency theory of disease due to lack of variation of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds in the diet does not make money nor kill people; it actually saves lives so misanthropes like you, and every specialist doctor in the world don't like it.

    Misconceptions about health are ingrained in our culture. The road to understanding the process of maintaining and restoring health has been a long and twisted one. From ancient and intuitive knowledge, science has taken over, made colossal errors, and clings to them for dear life. There was a rejection of wisdom or scientific discovery in favor of a more popular, convenient, or politically desirable system. Just as Socrates was poisoned for his ideas, and Galileo was forced by a fanatic clergy to withdraw his statements about astronomy, ignorance and power can be a dangerous combination.

    We do not catch diseases. We build them. We have to eat, drink, think, and feel them into existence. We work hard at developing our diseases. We must work just as hard at restoring health. The presence of germs does not constitute the presence of a disease. Bacteria are scavengers of nature…they reduce dead tissue to its smallest element. Germs or bacteria have no influence, whatsoever, on live cells. Germs or microbes flourish as scavengers at the site of disease. They are just living on the unprocessed metabolic waste and diseased, malnourished, nonresistant tissue in the first place. They are not the cause of the disease, any more than flies and maggots cause garbage. Flies, maggots, and rats do not cause garbage but rather feed on it. Mosquitoes do not cause a pond to become stagnant! You always see firemen at burning buildings, but that doesn't mean they caused the fire…

    With death of the cell and disintegration of the cell nucleus, ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease enzymes catalyze the depolymerization of RNA and DNA–providing the free strands of nucleoprotein which "mimic viruses" when viewed with the electron microscope.

     It has been suggested in the past that the electron-microscopic specks identified as viruses could, more than likely, be nothing more than particles of lifeless, degraded protein–disintegrated peptides from cellular death–catabolic residues of cytoplasm, or repair proteins produced by the cells in response to the imbalanced biological terrain. It has been reported by researchers searching for the hypothetical "elusive virus," that viruses can "mimic" human tissue! They are human tissue.

  70. tell me why people who live in the same house, eat the same food and breathe the same air don't get sick just the same as well? lying stupid ass. obviously the mere presence of bacteria and your germ theory isn't the explanation. you fail. again. so much for your medical fairy tales about sickness based on mainstream medical pseudoscientific quackery.

  71. mainstream pseudoscience will not tolerate the truth. heretics who know better than to believe bacteria are little monsters that attack people and make them sick must be silenced, right?

  72. Problem with this video is that the speaker spent more time bashing the "denialists" than he did proving his platform. I am in the process of researching all this. So far I have learned that the "Virus" has never been isolated. So does it really exist? Next I have to figure out how such massive quantities of vaccine are produced. How many animals have to die to get the necessary tissue? How many aborted fetuses do they use? How many eggs?

  73. Just when i thought the rabbit hole couldn't get deeper, and i thought Flat Earthers and hollow Earthers were crazy but hear i am.

  74. The transcript on screen at 8:28 shows Maher explaining the results of a study that showed taking a flu shot for 5 consecutive years increases your risk for Alzheimer's and the interviewer said, that's from Jenny McCarthy! LOL

  75. I just wish chiropractors were a little bit right..A teensy bit right.. One quick rub and I'd never have to see a dentist or buy a pair of spectacles again
    Dad, you are on your death bed!
    God you are a wet blanket son!

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