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Healthy Chicago. I’m Jane Monzures. Now when it comes to our health, it could be all too easy to
push those symptoms aside and just deal with them, but if you notice
something different, it’s important to
talk to your doctor. So let’s find out
how this man worked with his healthcare
team to get help for an enlarged prostate and get back to his
favorite activities. (soft guitar music) Greg Prosser enjoys
being active. – I try to exercise probably
about five days a week. I’ve been an avid bike
rider, a tennis player. I like to golf even
though I’m horrible. – [Jane] He says getting
in a good workout leaves him feeling great. – When I’m done with
a strenuous exercise, I feel that floating feeling and endorphins or
whatever you call it. Exercise is good for
your mental health, it’s good for your
physical health. – [Jane] But about 30 years ago, Greg began to struggle
with some health changes that slowly began impacting
his workout routine. – It happened so gradually,
you find yourself every time you wanna go
place, you use the bathroom. Every time you get
someplace, you use it and you just start to notice
that this is becoming, you know, something that’s
part of your routine, part of your day. It hampers one of some of
the things you wanna do. Like going on a
bike ride and saying well I have to use the bathroom
before the bike ride’s over. – [Jane] Greg eventually shared
his concerns with the doctor and learned that he had
an enlarged prostate. – Hey, how are you doing?
– How are you doing? How’s the recovery? – Around mid-20s, early 30s, a man’s prostate begins to grow. It’s a very small organ. In fact, the urine
passing from the bladder has to go right through
the middle of the prostate. So as the prostate
gets bigger and bigger, that expanded gland starts
to compress the urine channel and the bladder gets
affected because it begins to have to push more
frequently harder and results in things like getting up
in the middle of the night, a dribbling stream
than a forceful stream. The most bothersome
is the getting up in the middle of the night. It really starts to impact
sleep and kind of alertness during the day and you know,
other part is their health. – You know, it got to a point where I was going
multiple times at night. – If the symptoms are that
severe, yes we will intervene. – [Jane] The first step was
medicine followed by surgery. But the results didn’t give Greg the improvement
he was hoping for. (soft music) – I was a little bit better,
but not what I expected. – And so that led us to
look for interventions that would be effective, but
also have protective effects in other parts of his life. – [Jane] Greg and his
medical team decided to try a steam-based procedure to bring him relief
from his symptoms. – The patient is sedated.then
you pass a scope. The needle is injected
in a predetermined length into the prostate
and then delivers a small amount of water
which has been heated into steam vapor
which is injected in a limited area
of the prostate. As soon as that steam
hits prostate cells, in nine seconds, they’re dead. Those cells which have
been killed by steam are reabsorbed by the
body and the urinary tract begins to open up. Two weeks, the men
can also appreciate substantial improvement
in their life. – I kind of noticed an
improvement with you know, the stream and
the ability to go. Then it got gradually
better week by week by week and then I got to the
point where I said wow, this is like where
I was 30 years ago. (upbeat music) – He really did as well as
one could possibly hope for so I’m very happy
for the response that he, that he related to me. – Go on a bike ride, and
we go the whole bike ride. I went wow, I didn’t have to go. It feels really really good ’cause it made those things
more enjoyable, obviously. – [Jane] Greg hopes his
story inspires other men to speak up to their doctors
and get help if they need it. – Get it done. It’s easy. It’s gonna increase
your quality of life ’cause you can do things
you couldn’t normally do. – If you have
urination complaints and they’re impacting your
life, don’t ignore it. Bring it up with your doctor. There’s medications. If they’re not working,
there’s interventions. – It really was kind of like
I was put in a time machine. Just do it. Don’t put up with
all the aggravation.

4 thoughts on “Get Help With Prostate Steam Treatment

  1. If your considering the Rezum procedure, make sure your ask the
    doctor doing the procedure which instrument he uses.  Does he use the
    instrument that uses a needle to penetrate the urethra wall to
    deliver the steam, Or, does he use an instrument the blows holes in
    the urethra with the steam itself, to deliver the steam to the
    prostate.  If the doctor uses the steam to blow hole's in the urethra
    wall, I suggest that you find another doctor.  Unless your a gluten
    for punishment.  Just my opinion.

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