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Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
talk about scar tissue mobilization. Any time you have a surgery or maybe a big injury with
a open wound, it scars up. The scar tissue is great for healing, but then once it’s healed,
the scar tissue has nowhere to go. So you have to kind of break it up to get rid of it. So let’s get started.As you can see, I have an old scar from a surgery a long time ago. Mine’s nice and healed up and it’s no longer pink or purple and it’s really smooth.
Your’s won’t be like this if it’s fairly new. But make sure to ask your Doctor or Physical
Therapist if it’s ok to start doing the scar mobilization because you want it to be completely
healed before you start doing any of this. The best way to start is to take a massage
cream and just warm up the area and the tissue so you can just start very lightly with this.
You can be very generous with the cream to get everything nice and smooth. You don’t
have to use cream, but it’s a little nicer on your skin. So just kind of getting everything
nice and warm in there. You can go front to back across the scar. You can go up and down
beside it. After you do that for about a minute, you can start getting a little bit harder
with more pressure on the scar. So just kind of now start off with some circles, but you’re
putting more pressure, you’re pushing on it. Now if your scar is fairly new, this is going
to be very uncomfortable. You might feel some pops underneath, but that is the scar tissue
popping. So if it just hurts for a second and you feel that pop and it goes away, it’s
ok. That’s the scar tissue breaking up. Then once you get everything nice and warm and
moving around, you can start taking two fingers, your thumb and your finger, and actually start
twisting that skin a little bit. Try and make sure everything’s relaxed so you can really
move that skin around. So again you kind of do a twisting motion. You can go across the
scar, front to back. And then you can go along the scar up and down. You can do both on each
side. You can kind of alternate it. So it’s really just trying to move that top layer
of skin around from the bottom layer so you’re breaking up that scar tissue. You can do this
about 3-5 minutes once or twice a day. That was you scar tissue mobilization. If you have
any questions, leave them in the comments section, if you’d like to check out some other
videos, go to Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and
remember, Be Safe, Have Fun. And I hope you fee better soon.

94 thoughts on “Get Rid of Scar Tissue – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Some people think scars are cool, but if you're not one of them, then my newest video will show you how to get rid of scar tissue with simple mobilization techniques.

  2. I didn't even know this was a thing. So cool, Dr. Jo! Quick question: How can I tell if a scar has mobilized to the max, and I can move on to another area for some satisfying scar pop-age? Or is this a routine for life on each scar? xxAmy

  3. Thanks for the great video! Will it work with older scar tissue (2-3 year old)? Or will it only work with relatively new scar tissues?

  4. Thanks so much for the video. Twisted my ankle 4 months ago. Partial ligament tear. Ankle is still swollen. Can your scar tissue mobilization technique help get rid of the swelling?

  5. Help me I have scar tissue in my lip after being accidentally hit and I got stitches and its been about 2 months since I got the stitches out and I have some scar tissue anything you may recommend or will this help me?

  6. Dr. Jo…on sept 27 I had surgery for a broken humrous ..not only did i break it i also dislocated my shoulder, i have a surgical scar running from my just below my collar bone to my shoulder joint just above my armpit, i have a steal plate and two screws…i am now going to physio which has helped greatly, my therapist massages the scar tissue to help break it there a way i can do this at home?..since it's in an awkward spot and i cant use both hands like my therapist

  7. ive had bi lateral knee replacement in 2012 during op the surgeon broke my shin bone so i could not excersise one of my knees for 6wks and by then i couldnt get a bend past 60 deg ,3mths later i had broken cement so it had to be totaly opened up again .in 2014 i got revision of that knee because of severe pain and no bend since ive got a 90deg bend and straightening is about-8-9 ive done all your straightening videos and found them great but i think its the scar tissue that is holding me back its so stiff and painfull when i stand up im doing excersises all the time for both bend and straightening my question is can i improve the scar tissue and break it up or is it hopeless after so much surgery thanks LINDA

  8. i have skin scar tissue under the skin from wrong use of syringe injection. is it the same and would i use the same method to get rid of it?

  9. Would you recommend this massage for breast reduction scars?Some areas are very hard and I am afraid it is due to scar formation.Surgery was done on February 24th 2016.Can I start scar manipulation now?

  10. Hi doctor. I notice that my skin is easy to form scar tissue if I scratch my skin a little bit too hard. Is my skin normal? Or is there any conditions that might affect my skin?

  11. I had thoracic surgery almost eight weeks ago. I was worried about the scar tissue hardening so I've started working on it. The areas are still tender-ish, leaving me to wonder if I am starting to early to work on it. When is the best time to start?

  12. Hi Dr. Jo. I have had issues with my lower back for over 20 years. I have made decent progress with stretching and planking/core exercises but still have pretty tight back muscles, especially after sleeping. I'm pretty sure that there is internal scar tissue/adhesion issues. Do you have any videos or info on massage or other techniques that could help?

  13. I wish you were my PT! I learned so much more from your video than from my session with my PT who seems to not know so much about scars. I got a diagonal laceration 3 months ago from the middle of my eyebrow down to the edge of my eyelid. So much scar tissue underneath still that my eye looks a bit swollen. Can't wait for it to go away.

  14. Does this work if you have scar tissue awhile ago? I fell over ( I blame whiskey) and bit through my lip a few years ago and my lip to one side is fatter then the other and I find myself biting it without knowing. Does such a method work? Thanks 🙂

  15. Hey Doctor… i easily get scars on my face when someone pinches or touches with their nail…its a slight indent on my face and i am really worried about it…Can you telme how to treat this and if this will go away ?

  16. Doctor Jo, will this make the scar tissue and anything that resembles or looks like it disappear completely as if it was never there?

  17. Dr.Jo, what do you recommend for white scar in forehead from an injury. 13 stitches and 1 year old. I put sun block snd massage every day with cocoa butter, but never got color back is totally white. Is any product you recommend to get color of skin back in scar? Thank you

  18. Dr Jo, lol that's my aunts name, but anyway I had an injury on my lip. A basketball rim came down on my lip and a chunk of skin fell off. This was on a small portion of my lip. I was wondering if this would help out. Also the scar has completely healed but the scar tissue is still there. So to sum it up would this method work on a lip? Thanks in advance!

  19. several years ago I had most of my neck fused in a long surgery. I'm extremely limited in motion & try to stretch, hearing ripping & tearing sounds as I begin to gain a little movement. is this ok as far as u know from experience??
    I'm hoping it's scar tissue or adhesions and not further tearing up & destroying soft tissue etc that might ruin FUTURE healing or healthy areas. Thoughts, suggestions are appreciated.

  20. I have scar tissue on my eyelid that has been there for 20 years. What can I do to make it go away, without having my dermatologist remove it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  21. I've given up a little on my physical therapy, can I still start up again and get the tissue softer?

  22. Hi, I had knee surgery (ACL reconstruction) back in August of 2016, and because of how invasivey surgery was (I was a rather…. unique case… for lack of a better word. I didn't tear my ACL, like a normal person, I disconnected it from my tibia and a "window" was cut out of my patellar tendon to make the base for my ACL repair.) because of this, I have a massive amount of scar tissue inside my left knee, and I have this knot of scar tissue protruding out from under my knee cap. Basically I have scar tissue wrapped around the tendons and ligaments in my knee and if I sit down for too long it settles and stiffens which makes my knee lock up when I try to stand. This is really tough to live with because I'm a somewhat active person, both at work and at home, and this scar tissue makes it really difficult to perform certain parts of my job.

    Would this method help get rid of that, or is this just for skin level scars?

  23. Doctor Jo, I have a scar on my lip. Will this treatment damage it more since lips are more sensitive? Also, would you have any recommendation for what I may be able to try to heal my lip scar. It looks like a white bump and its very prominent, please advise me, any advice is appreciated!

  24. Hey doc! How soon after surgery (1/2" incision just under the lip 1.5 weeks ago) can you start mobilization techniques?

  25. I have scar tissue from my achillies tendon rupture surgery. Would this method be applicable to that area ?

  26. Off topic but do you have tips for eyebags? Sometimes, especially when I've been at the gym really early for while, I get eye bags which take ages to go. I've tried the cold spoon, tapping etc but nothing seems to work very well. Thanks Doc.

    Where is your accent from BTW? You don't sound like my American friends.

  27. I had my appendix removed by open surgery 11 Months ago…whenever I exercise my incision feels heavy and i feel little pain…can it be scar tissue? should I stop going to gym?

  28. I have a large laparotomy scar. When is it safe to use this technique?  I am 5 weeks post my op.  Thanks

  29. 8 month later and the bottom half of my inner left leg scar from my surgery is still tender and preventing me from going down stairs freely. Two therapists are currently working on breaking up the scar tissue but it's just painful and doesn't seem to be doing much.
    Any advice?

  30. I had a cut on my arm with knife now I regret. I want to remove it. it's been a year ago what should I do please recommend me something I'm helpless.

  31. I cut myself with a kitchen knife back in June, and it created a big bump of scar tissue around my index finger joint. I'm an artist and it's been painful for me to hold my brushes lately. 🙁 Do you think this massage method is best? It's still sore if I bump it against something or hold something too tightly.

  32. Mines actually inside my mouth beneath the cheek where i had s stitch. Is it ok to actually do the same method u used when the scar tissues inside the mouth area

  33. I have a scar/scar tissue on my forehead after a surgery 01/15 – that means I got a "little" bumb on my forehead, will this help and not make it any bigger/worse?

  34. Is it possible to break up scar tissue along the spine from multiple back surgeries that are over 20 years old? It's pretty bedded down and is about 10" long. Thank you.

  35. I scratched the surface of my leg bit deep with my long ish finger nails it did bleed but then stopped as put pressure on it, but I have red lines/marks on it been there since Christmas eve ive left it alone not touched it or anything i did have scabs it went by itself new skin was growing few times it fell off while washing it, ive put aloe Vera finger n nail lotion on it , coconut butter for stretch marks, soap and water now bio oil on it & ive also massaged the areas on my leg as well. The injury is a few weeks old its red & pink in 4 areas it was sore for first few days then stopped now its a little itchy.
    will the lines/marks go or will they always be there like to leave a scar? And should i give it more time in order for it to completely heal up if so how long will it take to heal fully? I'm hoping these lines/marks from the finger nails will go in time.

  36. Awesome video. Gonna try this thanks. did not even know this was possible!! gave me hope!!!!😙😙😙😍😍😍❤

  37. Can I do this 11 weeks after surgery and the scar is still pink and feels hot only pain I feel is right were the scar is what can I do trying to learn how to use the boot but still hurts

  38. Dr. Joe

    I have a scar from an EDL sever on the top of my foot and I’ve gained mobility in my toes pulling them up but I can’t bend them all the way because of scar tissue… do I need a more intense massage technique?

    They let me go from PT

  39. I have self harmed scars on my leg i made them about an year ago could you plz suggest me something to remove them plzz i am regretting doing that now😶

  40. Hi doctor jo I had a total knee replacement about five weeks ago and my knee feels tight and my therapist told me that it’s scar tissue so can I wrab that with some kind of lotion

  41. Hi I sprained my mcl two months ago now and I’d say it’s 95% but there’s still some scar tissues in there. I play basketball and if I were to play now I would have sharp pains in the back of my knee (hamstring). Can anybody help me out? 🙏🏽

  42. I got a new scar in my face 2 weeks ago now it's black and I really want to remove it will this method work on face?

  43. My incision is 5 months now on my foot (bunion surgery) and the scar tissue seems to be "stuck" on the inside of my foot. Are there other methods I can try to loosen or break up the tissue.

  44. I had ORIF surgery on my ankle 2 months ago- plate & 5 screws. Do the same techniques apply to this type of scar? (like the rubbing over it and the "twisting" you mentioned) . Or is it different when there is hardware underneath?? Thanks!!

  45. I got this one scar behind my left ear. Granted it is small, no more than maybe a half a millimeter wide. It was from a vicious mosquito bite when I was a kid. It's true that no one notices it or really knows about it except for me, but still, I am extremely self-conscious about it. I always wear caps when in public in fear someone behind me might notice. My girlfriend thinks I am nuts and says she sees nothing. But she is just a sweet, kind person that does not want to tell me I have a Quasimodo ear. I try to massage my ear to break up the scar tissue there, but it's hard to hit it right. Any professional ear masseuse you can recommend that would not be revolted by this terrible affliction? Thanks in advance.

  46. I had a stiches scar on forehead after a scar revision. It look straight long line how can I make it look shorter m so pissed. It is six month old

  47. I am doing it on my new scar, never thought of this. Does this heal old scars? Please upload a video on burnt skin scar.

  48. Abdomen, what is or are the best ways to get rid of scar tissue from several hernia surgeries? Other than massage would ultrasound work or have you heard of Serrapeptase?

  49. I have a bump scar tissue on my forehead since child ( apparantly I felt down the stairs as little ) now im 30. I tried a plastic doctor but be failed to say it at least, so now I have both a bump & scar edge thing. Im from Denmark & talked to a US Plastic in LA I think, who says he can fix it ( really? ) but anyway, what specialist would you recommend I should see to remove the 1 or 2 things?

  50. Will this help get rid of the pain in the scar tissue and replicate the elasticity of normal skin? I appreciate your help 🙂

  51. Hello Dr Jo, I had hip surgery March 14 of this year and I started the thumb massage on the long hard scar, how long will it take to make less hard and more soft? Part of incision/thigh is completely numb, no bad discomfort at incision site, but my muscles ugh hurt…still using a cane and the muscles get tight and exhausted!

    Thanks 🙂


  52. Hi Dr Joe. I have had scar tissue under my cheek, just below my eye society. from an assault 24 yrs ago. My cheek never fully went back down. Would something like a facial ice roller help break up that scar tissue beneath? I can feel it still under there, no pain, just an uneveness between both sides of my face. Any input would be appreciated, thank you so much!

  53. I had surgery on the bottom of my heel when I was a kid, but it still hurts to put any pressure on my heel decades later. I can't walk barefoot bc if I step on anything it really hurts, so I tend to walk with my weight shifted fwd. Do u think scar tissue is what's causing the pain? And would massage help?

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