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Dry ginger powder: powerful remedy
who is treating more than 200 diseases! !
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Dry ginger is a very drug known in traditional medicine. It is
good for the whole body. Oral intake of dried ginger improves body immunity
to fight infections and promotes longevity, life expectancy. It is aromatic, spicy,
sweet and powerful. It’s good for the heart, the head, the respiratory system and the system
digestive. As dry ginger is hot and balance the energies inside
of the body, so it is used in diseases such as joint pain, arthritis
and respiratory diseases. Ginger powder taken at a rate of
0.5 to 1.0 g, 2 to 3 times during a period ranging from 3 months to 2.5 years is totally
safe and does not present any risk for the health.
Ginger powder is astringent in stool and can cause constipation. In
besides, it increases bile. Therefore, take this medicinal plant in dosage
recommended for maximum benefits and fewer side effects.
Here’s how to use dry ginger for get relief from various conditions
clinics using simple remedies at home.
* Chronic rheumatic pains, colds, excess mucusTake ginger tea
powder before you go to bed and cover yourself blankets to promote perspiration.
* Loss of appetitePrepare a decoction boiling 2 tbsp. Ginger tea
powdered in a cup of water for 10 minutes. This should be taken three times
per day. * Irritation of the throat, sore throat, voice
hoarse Take 3 grams with honey. himself gargle with a decoction of ginger
powdered in water. * Pain in the waist, pain in the joints,
rheumatism, swelling of the joints and similar joint problemsTake
5 g of ginger powder with oil of castor oil. Or take 2-5 g of ginger powder
with water. * Indigestion, insipidity, abdominal gas
and pain Take 5 g of dry ginger before meals with salt
* Take 2 g of powder three times a day with warm water.
* AnemiaTake 1 to 3 grams of powder three times per day.
* Respiratory problemsTake 4 to 6 grams powder three times a day.
* HiccupTake a fine powder. * MigraineTake ginger powder
(500-600 mg) at the beginning of the migraine aura. Repeat every four hours for 3-4 days. it
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  1. Bonsoir je consomme la tisane de poudre de gingembre tous les soirs pour la perte de poids mais je ne savais pas que c'était bon pour tout ce que vous avez cité dans votre vidéo très belle découverte pour moi merci beaucoup

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