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Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here.
In this video I’m gonna be talking about glutathione and by the end of the video
you will know exactly what glutathione does for your body and how to supplement
your diet with this very important nutrient. Enjoy! Glutathione is the most
important protective antioxidant produced by your body. It’s produced in all cells and found in the highest concentration in your liver, kidneys, eyes, spleen and pancreas. It’s an important molecule because it neutralizes free-radicals and prevents oxidative damage in your cells. Imagine that your white
blood cells are your army and the bullets that are flying at them are the
free-radicals. So every time a cell gets hit by a bullet it’s going to rip a piece
off of it or poke a hole in it. Inevitably, the cell will become damaged
or may even die. Now imagine if glutathione is around – this doesn’t
happen because what glutathione will do is it will turn those free-radicals, [in other words]
it’ll turn the bullets into cotton balls, and cotton balls don’t do any damage.
Glutathione supports the immune system and has been found to be antiviral. It
also plays a key role in liver detoxification of heavy metals and other
substances. If you’re fighting an infection or battling with a chronic
medical condition you may use up your stores of glutathione and become
deficient. If that’s the case, supplementing your diet with an external
source of glutathione may be beneficial. Two great ways to supplement your diet
with glutathione is to either have your doctor administer the glutathione
via IV or injection or to take it orally. The benefit of injecting glutathione is
that your body can get a higher dose because you will absorb most of what is
injected compared to taking it orally where you only will absorb a fraction of
what you you’ve taken orally. Glutathione will rapidly
degrade in your stomach acid and that’s why it’s traditionally been more
efficient to get glutathione via injection but some companies have found
a workaround and have discovered that if they attach an acetyl group to the
glutathione molecule that it won’t degrade in your stomach acid. So the
product that you will be looking for online or in the stores would have it
listed as “S-Acetyl Glutathione”. And that’s it!
Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant and supplementing your diet
with it is a great way to maintain healthy levels especially if your body’s
under stress. If you liked this video, consider giving it a thumbs up. If you
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