Taking Charge of Your Health

I’ve been in Vancouver this morning and
I’ve been walking around and I did the Lions Gate Bridge this morning and
Stanley Park and walked all through Stanley Park and now I’m in Vancouver
from North Vancouver and it’s raining out and so what is a
reflexologist who has been walking all morning around Vancouver to do when it’s
raining but go for some reflexology one of the reasons why I often will visit
Asian style reflexology um centers when I’m in big cities like Vancouver or
Toronto is because I really love Asian style reflexology it is different than
the way that I was taught North American reflexology and Asian reflexology share
a lot in common but they also are unique in their own ways and the way that I
teach and practice reflexology is actually inspired a lot by the Asian
reflexology that I have received so they do a sliding technique they use oil for
the whole session not just at the end my reflexology is a fusion of North
American and Asian style reflexology best of both worlds in my opinion yeah
so I like receiving both I found this place with a clever name
called toe to soul relax lounge the reviews online are pretty good so I’m
gonna go check it out that was a great reflexology session and I’m
really glad that I went if I lived here in Vancouver I would definitely go to
Toe to Soul again it was really clean in there everybody was really friendly
the environment was super quiet with really nice relaxing music when I
arrived for my at my appointment time they seated me right away
and brought a nice hot foot soak in a beautiful wooden bowl there were flowers
in the water and she scooped some epsom salts in and while my feet were soaking
she massaged my shoulders and arms and hands that was a nice little add-on um
and then into the reflexology it was really good oh they brought me a lovely
cup of jasmine tea two little squares of dark chocolate so that’s a way to win me
over for sure I was offered a blanket and I didn’t need it at first but by the
time she was working on my second foot I did ask for the blanket that she
offered because the reflexology was really starting to take effect and I was
starting to cool down which is how you know you’re having a good reflexology
session you’ll actually start to feel cold
it’s a parasympathetic response your body start to detox a little bit so you
perspire slightly before she was done a second foot I had to go pee despite
having just gone before my session another really great sign that it
was a good reflexology session so lots of good pressure I could feel her
working some crunchy bits in my feet um yeah I’m really pleased I would go again
for sure I’d give it five stars and I will I’ll go write a review as well so
if you’re in the Vancouver area and you’re looking for a relaxing
reflexology session for your health and wellness I definitely recommend toe to
soul wellness apparently I was at their newest location on Robson Street and
they two other locations in Vancouver for you
to check out unfortunately I’m not from here so it may be my one and only visit
but I’m really glad that I went and I highly recommend

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