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Welcome to Lucky Recipes They say that indian housewives possess 11% of the world wide gold stock. They’ve got so much of gold that they even use it for cooking. Today I’m going to show you one of these recipes that is helpful for many discomforts. The golden milk 300ml Milk Cinnamon Black pepper some cardamon Coconut Oil Jaggery Fresh Ginger Either fresh Turmeric or Turmeric Powder Golden milk is very helpful when you’re having a cold a headache… or any other types of immflamuation in the body. For this recipe you won’t need real gold… as the main ingredient is turmeric. Turmeric plays a very important role in indian cuisine. It is highly recommended for daily use. And as you can see we have a lot of turmeric here. In this big jar we have our turmeric powder. We use it everyday for cooking. Then we have some fresh turmeric Let me show you how it looks inside. See how intense the color is. And here we have dried turmeric roots. Through the traditional indian diet, people in India automatically consume a good amount of turmeric on a daily basis. This is between 1 to 2 teaspoons of turmeric per day, The golden milk on the other hand is consumed when people get ill and do not have much of appetite. But for you it’s a quick ans easy way to consume turmeric more often. Let me show you the other ingredients. Like this one. I’m sure everyone of you have this spice at home without realizing how special it is. I’m talking about black pepper. Yogis in India say that black pepper is the most perfect spice as it combines all elements in a perfect balance. Peppercorns are full of power because they have absorbed the energy of the sun. If you add a pinch of black pepper to your golden milk it will become even more powerful. Black pepper will increase the power of the turmeric. By the way: black pepper not only helps the turmeric to become more powerfull… It helps food in general. So that the nutrients can be absorbed by your body more easily. Next comes ginger which is very comforting and warming and helps to make milk easier to digest. Then some cinnamon, which is also warming and antiseptic and will improve the taste of the golden milk. And for some sweetness we are using jaggery. This one is made from sugar cane juice. Jaggery is also good if you have an aching throat but you can also use honey. We will show you two ways to prepare golden milk. One is with the fresh turmeric root, which is very nice if you can find it in a store. But if you cannot find fresh roots thats not a problem because turmeric powder is also a good choice. With turmeric powder we will prepare a paste at first. Take some peppercorns and crush them with a mortar. Here I’m adding 2 Tablespoons of turmeric powder with around 100 ml of cold water. to create a thin paste. Let the heat increase very slowly and add the pepper. Let it simmer until the paste gets a little bit thicker. Now add the oil. It will help to release the curcurmin more easily. Here I’m using coconut oil because it’s healthy and good for cooking. But if you are having a cold sesame oil would be a better option. According to ayurveda coconut oil has cooling properties, wich we don’t want if you’re already having a cold. Look how the paste is simmering and the blubbers, as if I was cooking a curry. This is literally awaking the turmeric. Now it’s ready and you can pour the hot paste into clean jars. As I only used pepper in this paste you could also add a tiny amount of this paste to your other foods like soups whithout changing the original taste of your food. Now you saw how easy it was to prepare the paste. The turmeric is activated now. Store it in your fridge and use this whit in two weeks and always use a clean spoon. Now let’s prepare golden milk with fresh turmeric. Take the fresh turmeric root and peel it. Be careful it will stain your fingers very easily. Then also peel a little bit of ginger and slowly heat the milk. Grate the turmeric and the ginger Add a pinch of pepper the cardamon and some cinnamon Also add the jaggery now. If you want to use honey do not cook it but add it as last to your cup. Let the milk simmer for a while until the amount has reduced. And the sieve it. As a variation I’m adding sweet almond oil which is has warming properties and is good for the brain. As you can see every oil has it’s very unique and positive qualities. Now you guys know how to prepare one of the most common Ayurvedic home remedies. Golden milk. Haldi doodh in hindi. If you enjoyed this video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Until next time bye bye :-).

18 thoughts on “Goldene Milch Rezept – Frischer Kurkuma & Kurkuma Paste | Ayurvedische Rezepte

  1. Eure Videos sind Klasse, vielen Dank! Kann man für die goldene Milch statt Milch auch Mandelmilch nehmen?

  2. Ich trinke diese Milch so oft vor allem im Winter. Als Frau friere ich schnell aber nach dieser Milch nicht mehr. Im Sommer trinke ich sie gekühlt…einfach genial diese Milch. Die Gewürze die sich unten ablagern, esse ich mit dem Löffel einfach so…oder rühre sie in Joghurt unter. Mir schmeckt es 🙂 Neben alle dem, ist mir aufgefallen, sie sättigt und läßt Heißhunger auf süßes verschwinden.

  3. Ich bin schon seit Jahrzehnten wirklicher Fan yon indischer Küche und liebe neue Rezepte. Mein erster Yogalehrer war auch Kochlehrer. Mittlerweile bin ich seit Jahrzehnten selbst Yogalehrer in der Tradition von Sri T. Krishnamacharya und dessen Sohn TKV Desikachar. Und indische Küche gehört bei mir zum "Standart". Hier habe ich schon einige Anregungen bekommen. Vielen Dank.

  4. Hallo vielen Dank für Ihr Vidio. Das ist toll, aber bei mir klappt es nicht mit dem frischen Kurkuma goldene Milch zu bekommen. Die Milch geht ausenander und ich bekomme so wie eine Quark Masse. Was mache ich falsch? Dankeschön. VG Nelli

  5. Also ich mache keine Paste…. man sagte mir, das der pulver beim erhitzen Zuviel an Wirkung verliert wenn man Paste macht…. aber ich denk mal das du es besser wissen musst^^

  6. Danke für das Video ,ich habe heute beide Varianten nachgemacht ,es schmeckt mir sehr gut ! daraufhin habe ich Euch Abonniert in der Hoffnung das noch mehr Videos über Kurkuma und Ingwer von Euch kommt !
    GLG aus Rheinland Pfalz sendet Euch Hildegard

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