Taking Charge of Your Health

My name is Stefanie Frease I was
working in Bosnia doing humanitarian relief work we were given camping stoves
to cook on. I went to change the canister and it exploded in my hands. So it took
all of the skin off of my left arm then it burned my right arm and then it
burned the left side of my face. I was lucky enough to be medevacked out of the
city I was discharged while I still had open sores on my arms. I had been
released for a couple of weeks but I really wasn’t healing and I spoke with a
friend of mine who’s very resourceful and she found a couple of naturopathic
doctors at Bastyr. The naturopathic doctors gave my mom a recipe for
vegetable juice that she was supposed to make for me every day and then they gave
me a couple of homeopathic remedies and within three days all of my wounds were
healed. I believe very strongly in the approach that Bastyr takes and I would
love to see it broadened because I think that many more people would benefit I
mean I feel so lucky to have such a selection of outstanding naturopathic
doctors I think that we’d be healthier as a society honestly if we had more
integrated health care and the type of health care that Bastyr provides it’s a
very human common-sense approach to caring for the human body I’m very
grateful to the founders for having the courage and foresight I guess to take
this approach and to believe in it because it
just offers so much I can’t imagine where I’d be in my health care without
Bastyr, honestly

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