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About Grounding. What is grounding? Why is grounding a significant method for
starting each day, spiritual awakening, and integrating dreams and meditations and advanced
experiences and information? The essence of shifting out of being stuck
are tools that help us to stay present, noticing our awareness within, using inner knowing
and subtle awareness. Grounding is a tool for the release of shaming,
blaming, feeling guilt, future tripping or dwelling on the past, and returns us to our
present moment, as well as lessening and releasing distractions created by our mind, or ego that
keep us from moving deeper. Grounding is a first step in our full presence,
not the need of our ego to be special, sabotage or seduce us, but a willingness to show up
and be present on Earth. Grounding is a significant method of getting
connected to the Earth. Grounding is often described as touching,
seeing, smelling, hearing, and even feeling nature as a stabilizing and anchoring force
which all have valuable benefits. However, there is a simple daily grounding
practice that engages us deeper in a commitment for each day, giving a meaningful honoring
of ourselves and our life in the present moment of being a human on Earth. And grounding is also so much more. Grounding is an intention and visualization
method starting with the physical body extending to Earth that engages and effects our, thoughts,
emotions, etheric energy, spirit, and physical body. It is a preliminary intention exercise that
creates a foundation for proceeding to all other development so we can make sense of
our experiences. Like learning the ABC’s before reading,
grounding practices are for energy medicine, personal development, spiritual awakening,
and beginning, intermediate to advanced healing practices. And, there are multifaceted higher-level uses
of grounding as well. The grounding practice is ancient in its origins
and encompasses valuable preliminary skills that create and instill a peaceful interior,
connection in balance, and a centered countenance from which to interact within and without,
no matter what assails you. Some people have expressed to me their concern
about being grounded because they don’t want to lose their connection with their guidance
or meditations, their dreaming or other intuitive experiences. Grounding actually helps integrate these experiences
and allows our entire being to process, make sense of them, integrate and synergistically
interface with those experiences. People who I have worked with who have experienced
traumas, losses and anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress often do not want to
be connected with their body and Earth. Grounding is a gentle method of affirmation
that begins to shift awareness back into trusting that is built over using the practice day
by day. Here are the benefits of grounding
• Grounding develops connection to being present
• And in practicing grounding awareness; it strengthens the energy
• Grounding anchors the energy body within the physical, mental and emotional realms
which is critical for people who are expanding their awareness, and in healing work, all
healing work, and people healing from depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, trauma
and moving from mind chatter • The grounding practices contributes to
discernment and intuition development and is
• A tool for managing negative energy; that’s a very important one
• Grounding strengthens the connection to inner awareness and is
• A conduit for further intermediate and advanced practices
• And grounding is physical, mental and emotional stabilization practice
• It develops Self-empowerment and has • An opportunity to visualize or become
aware of energy as you practice heightening your intuition with the grounding practices. • And grounding is significantly a commitment
to being present upon the earth as a daily practice. This is especially valuable for people who
are often not wanting to connect to their body for different reasons or are interested
in integrating higher awareness. Grounding is also a powerful tool for specific
moments that require advanced actions in a variety of personal scenarios we will face
in our lifetime. And it’s also extremely useful for anyone
who is in the role of a healer and any profession of a healer as well as people in a clinic
and support healers in different ways. You can get the ancient grounding practice
at meditations. Thanks for listening from and Dr. Susan Sophia
James at Transformational Wisdom Institute at

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