Taking Charge of Your Health

Periodontal disease we’ve been discussing that all day it’s extremely devastating not only are their dental ramifications, tooth loss, gum recession, bad breath, bleeding gums these are the signs and symptoms and by the way if you’re a smoker you’re not going to have a lot of the symptoms in particular the bleeding because you’re going to your capillaries are constricted and thus smoking is masking the signs and symptoms of the disease process but not only are you going to lose your teeth your subject and at risk for myriad potential systemic manifestations this infection hides under the gum and often it’s not painful and they get these urky signs and symptoms it is an extremely insidious process so once they get to the point of being moderate to advance, we can utilize some very sophisticated therapies to treat them in one single visit we used to have to do surgery with a scalpel and one or two or three or four visits and really our patients didn’t return and it was really the outcomes were very unpredictable but with a laser the good news is we can treat in one visit we can continue to deliver the energy or the interaction of the laser over and over, over one’s lifetime you cannot continue to do surgery over 5, 10, 15, 20 years there won’t be any gums left there won’t be any bone left so the laser is a regenerative philosophy it works on at a cellular level to stimulate the human body and then we augment with the nutritional component we look closely at the diet because much of the toxicity that is associated with disease in the human body is a result of dietary choices we lead people to a healthier way of life buying organics, eliminating sugar it’s doing a lot of simple things that proved the outcome and create a longer healthier life for them.

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