Taking Charge of Your Health

– Are your digestive issues a burden, detracting from your quality of life? Are you frustrated trying
to find healthy foods that don’t cause you gut irritation? If your gut is unwell,
it impacts every aspect of your overall health, compromising your immunity, complexion, energy, and even mental health. Your struggle ends here. I’m Dr. Laura Brass, and
I have helped patients reach a new state of
gastrointestinal health they never thought possible. Whether you have IBS, acid
reflux, Crohn’s, colitis, or other digestive concerns, I have a solution to help
elevate your GI health to a level you have never experienced, and it’s stronger than any medicine. It’s food. The food you put into your body is the best medicine
you can give yourself. And there is mounting
evidence that healthy eating is the key to treating and even reversing chronic GI disease. Many people feel discouraged
to change their diet and feel overwhelmed by
the staggering amount of conflicting information
on health and wellness that’s available today. That’s why I’ve designed this program. I take the obstacles
out of healthy eating, making it simple, easy,
and of course, tasty. I have carefully crafted each meal plan to help transform your gut health. They include an abundance of gut healing anti-inflammatory foods while removing specific
digestive irritants. With your monthly meal plan subscription, I have laid out everything you need. Easy and delicious recipes
with full color photos, a weekly meal plan
including meals and snacks, a weekly shopping list
organized by store section, and nutritional information. Your custom medicinal meal plan uses the most current
nutritional scientific research. You don’t need to spend big
money on a nutritionist, waste time meal planning, or feel bewildered at the grocery store. All you have to do is
follow the weekly recipes, which are delicious by the way, and in no time, you will
feel like your best self and be astounded by your
gut health transformation. Click the button below
to get started today.

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