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[Music] baldness is a condition which can cause some distress and anxiety especially when it occurs at a young age it begins with a loss of hair which gradually results in bald spots on the scalp for many in the case of women there is an overall thinning of hair lack of vitamin b6 or folic acid in the body can lead to loss of hair and baldness stress or even general weakness brought on by chronic or long-standing ailments such as typhoid chronic cold influenza and anemia can cause baldness if you do not clean your hair and scalp regularly dust particles can block the hair follicles causing reduction of hair growth in some cases baldness is a hereditary condition do not worry there are a few simple home remedies to prevent baldness and also rejuvenate your hair growth [Music] take four tablespoons of milk add two tablespoons of liquorice powder also known as miletti add a pinch of saffron also known as Kleiser mix it well apply this paste on the ball patches and leave it as it is overnight take seeds from about seven to eight lemons add about eight to ten black peppercorns grind them together to make a fine paste apply this paste on the ball patches twice a day for a few weeks you might feel a little irritation this helps increase blood circulation and stimulates hair growth take one tablespoon of cinnamon powder also known as dal genie add two tablespoons of honey add about three tablespoons of olive oil [Music] mix it well apply this paste on the ball patches leave it as it is for about 20 minutes before taking a head bath eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit

100 thoughts on “Hair Care – Baldness – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

  1. sir i am 18years old i am suffering from a severe hairfall from past 1year by using some medicines i could stop that .now i want some kind of medicines in order to have a hairgrowth in affeced areas plzz help!!!! me

  2. Dear, HoMe Veda– Can We Apply Onion Juice For Baldness ..???
    Storing A large amount of Onion Juice In Refrigirator Can It Cause..??? Plz REply ME.. im Waiting.. !!!

  3. Hello Homeveda

    I am having hair thinning problem since long and having bald patches on top and hair loss too.Some says it is hereditary problem as even my father has it… Will  your remedy of applying licorice paste on hairs overnite will help in promoting new hairs and will stop my hair fall which is too severe…. Pls reply..

  4. 1. Take seeds of 7 lemons
    2. Add 8-10 black pepper corns
    3. Crush them together
    4. Apply on bald patches 2 times a day
    5. Do this for a few weeks even though you'll feel a little irritation
    6. One may feel irritation of skin after applying the paste. This remedy increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth

    how much time after i will wash it???

  5. HELLO mam 1st f all thanks fr suggesting these home remedies.I am going 2 give a try.M 19 yrs old and m suffering severe hairfall n my forehead and hairline is receding slightly day by day.So can I follow yur remedies 2 to get back my lost hair n my forehead ?

  6. im 14 year old and ive had 2 bald spots for over 6 months, ive tried prescribed creams but they havnt worked. would these guarantee a cure? and which of them would be the fastest process, thanks 

  7. Hi ma'm, I'm 24 year old. About a year ago, I noticed my hair are falling off everytime I shower. It would be more than 10 string of hair fall off. Its above my forehead and little to the hairline.. As of now, my hairs are getting lighter and slow to grow. A year ago, it would be very thick and grow even. Now, the center's longer than the side. Which step for best result to stop balbness from spreading and regrow hair? If I take the vitamin B6 & Folic acid daily, would that help?

  8. dear beautiful indian girl  , thanks for sharing this with us but can i ask u and u guys as well ..

    have anyone tried that and can conform that it does regrow the hair ?? or make it thicker .. because i love my big curly hair and i dont want to lose it ( i have started losing it 2 years ago )

  9. how often can we use remedy 1 for faster cure ?
    do we need to apply daily ?
    after leaving it for overnight, should we wash our hair or not ?

  10. Did any one got result I want to know is this true ly works or no………because many of the operations are ther of high cost instead of that all…this process with u said with onion if it really un believe able

  11. hey mera hairfall hoo raha hai pr regrowth nhi ho raha hai usi wajha se mera baldness hho raha hai ye home remedy try karne se mera problm solve hoga plzzzz rply meee

  12. i m from UAE here so many people suffering with hair fall problem because of hard water.  I m also worry about it which remedies is suitable in UAE

  13. Baldness terrorized people who are in their middle age. There's nothing wrong doing these easy to follow home remedies 🙂

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  16. I tried to prepare the second remedy, but it is too hard to grind that low quantity of lemon seeds. Can i get this ready made anywhere? For the last remedy of dalchini, how often and how long should this be done?

  17. Hello madam,

    from last 2 month my  forhead area hair falling to much , it look empty, can u pls tell me how to regrowth  for forhead hairs.

    please i m eagrily waiting for ur answer, i want to regrowth naturally my hairs.
     in my family every body has good hairs.

    your are very help ful to us for curing disesas

    thank q very much in advance.

  18. Hiyaaaa! Have you seen that web page – Basup Soft Hair Growth Tips (just google it)? There are some incredible free hair loss tips and my m8 got excellent results from it.

  19. Well it is nice to give good ideas on these remedies but let us face. If you are a guy and you are bald…bottom line you are bald. There is nothing you can do about it but just shave your head. I do it with no problems.

  20. I'm into this condition for many years now, rapid hair loss has made my scalp visible from different angles n there is no hair growth. I'm only 30 now. Will these remedies work BC I HV tried many remedies like using black castor oil, derma rollers n different hair growth oils. Pls help me. Thanks

  21. I hate when people like this woman give recipes and they say ridiculous instructions like "apply the peppercorn mask twice a day"… are they aware that this is counterproductive as washing hair too much is very bad for hair and scalp. Please give realistic recipes with realistic methods that can actually be possibly used! I doubt that these have even been tried on anyone. 

  22. I  like your story. Fortunately there is a new and easy way to regrow hair that is called  Argan rain products…  Visit website..   I did not believe it untill I tried it out and seen the results on me.

  23. You gotta abrade all the old skin, waxes and oil off you scalp, and out of your pores first. Then keep your scalp moisturized with jojoba oil.

  24. My hairline is very receded due to tying my hair very tightly.I'm only 17.Will these remedies work as I have short hair now.please really appreciate your help.thanks .

  25. I tried lots of different products so far  and Argan rain  shampoo works on me. I am using it with organic argan oil. I do not loose hair and regrowth is occured.I am really satisfied with argan oil and Argan rain  shampoo.

  26. Oh hey! Have you considered Vunatia stop Hair Loss handbook (google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my sister got cool results with it.

  27. I also had bad hair loss and I am only 27 years old female. Desperated as I was, Ive been searching for a treatment that works and the only thing that worked was vunatias stop hair loss handbook. Try it out

  28. I also had bad hair loss and I am only 25 years old female. Desperated as I was, Ive been looking for a natural treatment (hate pills) and the only thing that worked was Vunatias Stop Hairloss Handbook. I highly recommend it!

  29. I  am using  Argan  Rain …. I am so  happy with this product. It really works.Now, my hair is thicker and fuller. I am getting great hair growth…I  would recommend to others who are searching regrowth treatment…

  30. I have been loosing hair since past 6-7 months, i have a lot of dandruff. Can you guys tell me anything that will help both in reducing my dandruff and help increase in growth of my hair back to normal as it was previously please.
    Guys it is serious so please place those methods that really work please.

  31. Amongst the herbal remedies my favorite anti hair loss and regrowth shampoo is called Argan Rain .. You can get more information by searching on Google as Argan Rain .. I owe my hair beauty to Argan Rain  hair care product.

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  33. hey ,if anyone else trying to find out reasons for losing hair try Craffanty Hair Saver Center (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.

  34. I have experience that sulfate tend to be harsh on the scalp and cause hair loss. So that means using an organic shampoo will help hair loss. My favorite one argan life Anti Hair Loss shampoo " it is sulphate and alcohol free. I also use argan life argan oil my shedding has completely stopped.

  35. Will the last remedy work within 1 week for a person's who's hair has not grow for 28 year plzz reply thk u ??

  36. so six months for results, but how many time a week do you do the Honey, Cinnamon olive oil remedy?

  37. plz tell me for how long i should apply 1st and 2nd methods…n for how many days in a week n then how many months…plz tell fir both 1st n 2nd remedies separately

  38. Learn how one medical researcher and former hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to

  39. I don't have baldness patches but my frhead is increasing I noticed can I also use 3rd remedy 2wice a week ?
    and I have to use only front of my head or complete head kindly inform

  40. @homeveda thanks a lot for the lucid video .. i am planning to try that LEMON SEEDS+ BLACK PEPPER mixture.. hopefully atleast 5 days a week .. what is a rough timeline on which i can expect a regrowth .. ??

  41. I have used this Argan Rain shampoo one time. Made my hair feel really good. I hope it helps. I would buy again if it works.

  42. I have few bald patches on my hair, can i apply the honey, cinnamon and oil mix in my whole hair or just the affected part? Thank you?

  43. im 27yrs old, i lost my all hair after maleria nd then severe taiphoed, plzz help me , my growth of heir is very very slow,

  44. I tried lots of different products so far and argan life shampoo works on me. I am using it with organic argan oil. I do not loose hair and regrowth is occured.I am really satisfied with argan oil and argan life shampoo.

  45. Dear Homeveda team ,first of all thanks a lot for wonderfull tips. For cinnamon+honey+olive oil remedy – Can someone try it ' daily' for faster results & how many months approximately it would take, for one to see a noticeable regrowth of hairs on bald spots. Also is it okay to use mild shampoo daily post this remedy

  46. can ladies.also try this method? hw many tines a week should we try this? good results can be noticed within how many months?

  47. use black seed oil take one table spoon twice a day and rub on scalp in the morning and at night. the oil must be organic 100% pure virgin oil. cold pressed and in a dark brown glass bottle.

  48. ARGAN Rain is a very good product, I really like it. Covers nicely and does the job. Looks very natural and doesn't flake up or run when I work out and sweat like other products do. It gives very good scalp coverage and it blends in well. Recommend this product to anyone with thinning or receding hair. This is the best product I've tried. Very pleased with seller as well.

  49. I was suffering from male pattern baldness and my grand mother started rubbing my scalp with vitamin d and my hair and hair line grew back even better in three mths

  50. Are you in trouble with hair fall problem ? Argan Life is perfect for you. For more information contact with us

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