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not having hair does not have a direct impact on our health but loss of hair can be a cause of mental stress for many the symptoms of hair loss include constant hair fall creation of bald patches a receding hairline and thinning of hair specially in women the most significant cause is lack of proper nutrition vitamin b6 and folic acid are essential for hair growth and strength lack of either can cause hair loss stress weakness and anemia can reduce the strength of the hair and cause hair fall an unclean scalp can also block and weaken the hair force on the scalp for some hair loss could be a hereditary condition here are a few simple home remedies that can arrest your hair fall take a bowl of Indian gooseberries juice also known as Amla add three tablespoons of lemon juice mix it well apply this on your scalp leave it as it is for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with normal water take about 15 to 20 curry leaves add one lemon peel add 3 tablespoons of shikaka powder add 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds also known as methi dhana add 2 tablespoons of green gram also known as musa booth grind this finely store this mixture in a clean glass bottle and use this mixture as a substitute for your soap or shampoo boy’ll a handful of crushed neem leaves in four cups of water allow it to cool and filter the liquid use this decoction to rinse your hair eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit

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  1. Anything with argan oil in it is great. Remember, it will take about  6 months for it to get through your system and to take off growing. Be patient. Read the ingredients, look for argan rain  argan oil or simply visit this website ( my choice , it works fast) 

  2. I have a good amount of experience using hair loss products/doing research. I  would suggest you google this  argan life products … Good delivery, excellent  product. After using it for one month, I actually see the new hair growth. Take my advice and you will see the difference soon.

  3. Oh hello! Have you seen that web page – Basup Soft Hair Growth Tips (search on google)? There are some decent free hair loss tips and my buddy got great help from it.

  4. This is not a remedy, but it's a wicked product for hair loss! Ive been using it for about 3 months now, its called 'Gofybr"

  5. @Homeveda – Home Remedies for You!  Thaks Mam
    I tried Neem leaves idea and getrid off dandruff and hairloss.
    Thank u very much……….
    Is there any solution to regrow hair on bald patches ?

  6. Unfortunately   there still not many options out there. Hair loss is tough and the best way to find what works for you is seeing your doctor. There is a great product to prevent hair lose and grow it faster; named  Argan Rain  

  7. Dear admin, my daughter is 11 yrs old, she have long n thick hair untill her waist. But nowadays she is having hair loss n i am using panteene shampoo n conditioner. Can you pls advise me what kind of shampoo n conditioner can be used to prevent hair loss for my daughter. Tks

  8. Natural oils like argan oil applied to the scalp are also known to help repair hair loss damage and promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp, which keeps follicles healthy too. I hope this helps out Argan Rain     it helps me….

  9. I found AL-SHAAFI miracle hair oil is a miracle. My hair was very damaged from applying henna/swimming in the ocean, that I was considering cutting it all off. The oil smells god t me, but I can see where some might find it not. I am used to using amla/Indian type oils as a hair dressing, so I was ok. I applied 3-5 drops along my hair line and scalp.I did a small circle loop around my scalp. I will be re ordering this again and again. Shipping was super fast as well. Thank you!!!
    It can be find on Ebay or Amazon under search  AL-SHAAF Iherbal hair oil
    with money back offer

  10. Argan Rain  is cheaper and effective way of re-growing  your lost hair compared to those unnatural ways .Others may involve harsh chemicals that  have lots of side effects.You can get more information by searching on Google as an Argan rain …

  11. how will i rinse my whole hair with this amount of water? and one more thing..when should i rinse my hair ..i mean after shampooing or after conditioning?

  12. As a female hair loss is so desperating… I can feel you. You should try Vunatia stop Hair Loss handbook for 2 months. I had satisfing results with this.

  13. Hey there! Have you ever tried Vunatias Stop Hairloss Handbook (do a google search)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my GF got excellent results with it.

  14. The best treatment is called Argan Rain  Anti Hair Loss Products .. This shampoo that stimulating hair growth. This is so wonderful treatment that my hair falling out has completely stopped. 

  15. Hi mam !your home remidies tips always superb like u …but stiil now I didn't try any one …but I vl starts soon some of ur tips….thanku for service keep rocking

  16. Thank u for doing this video! It has given me hope and hopefully please god that my hair will grow back healthy and thick again.x

  17. my hairfall is increasing day by day due to  changing of water ……my hairs becoming short and i have splitends too …..natural colour is to converting plz give suggestion 

  18.   When I was suffering from dry hair from over processing, my argan rain shampoo was an amazing help! It brought my hair back to rain and ı highly recommend argan rain shampoo !!!

  19. There is a oil bottle that has 50+ hair cure oils in one place, if you want too try natural remedy then this is the bottle it contains all kind of hair cure oils that  people use for healthy hair all over the World it comes with 60 days money back GUARANTEE as well, you will love it , can be found on AMAZON  under name AL-SHAAFI herbal hair oil
    here is a link
    Good Luck

  20. > I love Supper Hair Food Shampoo ! I have been using for few months.I noticed new hair growing in very soon after I started using. My hair has been thinning for approximately 20 years.This is the first product that has made a difference …

  21. hai hair is oily silky hair …i had used medicine also but it doesn't works …my hair tends very thin…finally what i want to ask u that my hair is fully damaged (ends  are very dry with splits) please suggest shampoo  and other care to be taken…pleaseeeeeeeeee sis…thank you for reading…

  22. okay this video is very nice but I have advice for people who want their hair be healthy.

    1. Improve you diet…that is the thing that can make your hair thick and pretty for sure. Applying products on it well not help a lot. But if you take in food that is good for your hair. Then that will make a big difference. New hair will start to grow . Less hair fall
    I see people apply onions and all these stuff to their hairs. Why dont they eat that..And it will reach their hairs directly.
    2. Protect your hair. Not straighten them too much…don't apply too much heat.

  23. I used the curry leaf remedy before I was diagnosed with alopecia, and was prescribed a Ketaconazole shampoo, and it worked wonders to promoting hair growth, without all the harsh chemicals that actually damaged my hair! You have a wonderful channel, and so many of your remedies work so well!

  24. In my best Indian accent: "Take three wild goose berries, a leprechauns shoe, 2 lemon, stand on left leg and yell GROW HAIR pleeaaseee"

  25. its my first time having hairfall…i have before splitends but it only one day…my hair is so healthy i thnk…then this month …idk why my hair fallling…..combing it….so many hair but before i dnt see hair in my comb…and when im pulling my hair….thr is hair…i tthought i hav cancer XD cuz its my first time…

  26. Learn how one medical researcher and former hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to

  27. There is such a nice oil bottle available that has all the best oils to promote healthy hair including solution to any hair loss issues etc, it comes with 60 money back guarantee, I have used a lot other natural product but this one i found best, it can seen on amazon

  28. Learn how one medical researcher and former hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to

  29. I have been using Maxelder shampoo & Argan oil for hair loss ( ı get it from w….nyarganoil..c ) for just over a week now. While it is a bit premature to say that my hair loss has stopped I can say that my hair isn't falling out as much I have noticed a decreased amount of hair in the drain at the end of my shower, which is very promising. I look forward to continue use of this shampoo and hope to see more results!

  30. Hello anybody!!
    My hair used to be so full and t h i c k but as they years have passed it has gotten kinda thin due to coloring my hair im sure and so im trying out dermo biotin shampoo It lathers up nice and thick with just a little bit. I have noticed it does feel a bit thicker and haven't seen as much breakage which is awesome! I hope to k e e p seeing these results expand as i miss my full hair

  31. After a week of using ARGAN Rain Hair Care product I noticed my husbands ate looking much healthier and thicker. He said he feels is working and he no longer sheds. Non irritating to his skin and has a soft scent to it not real strong which he loves.

  32. Anyone tested out the Xohairbon Secrets (do a search on google)? I've heard numerous amazing things about this popular hair loss home treatment.

  33. I did have strong & bouncy hair but after I was infected bt typhoid I don't know what happened they became too weak and kept breaking in bunches. I tried many tonics and the likes but all in vain. Then I tried finding a cure on the net and banged into Planet Ayurveda that gave me Hair Care Pack and some diet tips that I followed honestly. It regrew my hair and now I have a strong & nutritious hairline.

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