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Tips to prevent hair fall – Tamil Health Tips Hello friends, you are watching Tamil Beauty Tv. Both men and women are worried about hair fall. If our hair is not thick and strong our beauty is not complete. We use shampoos and oil available in the market to stop hair fall. But most of us don’t get the desired result. We are going to prepare an oil to stop hair fall and it also helps for hair regrowth. In this video let us prepare the oil. Take a pan/kadai and add 250 ml coconut oil in it. As coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E it is good for hair growth. It also provides hydration to your scalp. Now I am going to add amla /gooseberry and I have taken 3 Amlas, washed it and cut it into small pieces. Remove the seeds. We have cut it into pieces and add it to the coconut oil. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and it is the best ingredient if you wish to have black hair. Add 5- 6 pepper corns with it. Pepper controls the dandruff problem. Add 1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds. Body heat can also be a reason for hair fall. We have added fenugreek seeds it controls the body heat and stops hair fall. It also cures itchiness in your scalp. Take 1/2 lemon and cut it into small pieces and add and it tightens your hair follicles and stops hair fall. Take 5-7 small onions, peel off the skin and add it. If you don’t have small onions, cut 2 big onions into small pieces and add it. As onion is rich in anti-bacterial property it controls scalp infections which causes hair fall. Some people doesn’t like onion smell and they can add 4 – 5 drops of lavender essential oil. You can buy lavender essential oil through the link provided in the description box. If you have hibiscus flower you can add but it is optional. Hibiscus flowers helps for hair growth. Finally add a handful of curry leaves. I am adding fresh curry leaves and if you don’t have fresh leaves you can add dried leaves too. Natural ingredient in curry leaves helps to get long and strong hair. Let it boil in medium flame for 10 minutes. Cool it down and transfer it in a glass bottle and store. You can use this oil for 6 months. Both men and women can use it and as we have boiled onion in the oil people with sinus problem can also use it. Use this oil twice in a week and you will see that your hair fall stops and hair starts to grow.

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  1. Daily coconut oil use pandra mahdiri use pannanuma…. Illena weekly twice use pannanuma … Then use pannitu hair wash pannidanuma.,.

  2. Sis enuku inga amla kaai kadaigale… So Amla powder use panalama… Use panemudiyuma ethane tbspoon podanum inthe remedies ku solluge sister… Wan try

  3. Can we apply oil at the night and wash it in the morning without using shampoo…. Will it work efficiently if we repeat this daily…

  4. Very nice video😍 intha oil daily yum normal coconut oil apply pandra mari apply panlama? Ila apply panitu hair wash pananuma?

  5. Superb video
    Thanks alot for uploading this useful video sissy.
    Ur channel is really amazing.
    I request u ppl to do one video about the dress materials and their varieties for all types of girls Like slimmy, chubby, obese. Bcoz actually i dont know the current fashions and trends in women dress materials. So i request u ppl to do a video about it. I am a obese girl i want to know fitting and apt outfit for my appearence. I don't know which are all the nice and comfortable dresses for obese girls other than a normal chudis and sarees.
    So i request u ppl to do one video regarding this and help me in this issue. Please try to consider my request.

  6. Very useful video. Can we use for people who is having cold issues? Can we use this for 8year girl? Rest of the days what oil we can use mam?

  7. Mam am ur New subscriber….enaku medium length la hair irundhadhu….but hair loss over aanadhala haircut paniten… romba feel.ah iruku hair illanu …intha oil use panina hair quick ah growth aaguma

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