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This is really gross. Oh, God. That smells really gross. – They smell the same.
– I ate it. In front of you, you’ll find a treat, whose tasty flavor can’t be beat. But with your choice
do not make haste, for one of these is vile in taste. So lift the lid for your surprise, to pick your poison
or your prize. Oh, yes, I love these kind of games! OK. So they both look great. I mean, I guess I’ll pick
the one in front of me. Oh wait, both of these
look like real cookies. So I’m scared. OK, I’m going to go with this one just because that one looks like
oatmeal, and I don’t like oatmeal. A little hard. – That’s a cookie.
– It’s a cookie? – So that means…
– That’s poison. [laughing] Oh, it’s good, I got it, God bless. OK, so should I eat
the other one too? Alright. The things I do for you. It kind of looks like
an oatmeal cookie. Hello? – Does it taste good?
– No. Oh. – What does it taste like?
– I don’t know. What? There’s too many flavors. Oh! Oh, my gosh, I keep smelling
so many different random things, like all the drinks mix at the fountain
when you go to a fast food restaurant and then this one
chicken seasoning my mom uses. It’s just like a… Can I spit, or no? OK. Oh… God bless. It is way too salty. OK, I don’t want
to try that, actually. I don’t think I want to try that. It’s so salty, it almost tastes like
there’s garlic in that? It’s garlic salt?
Oh, my gosh. – Is it like salt water?
– Garlic salt. Garlic salt, oh, that is terrible. This one looks like the apple,
and this one doesn’t, but this one looks like the one
they fed Snow White, and she died. You wanna take bets?
This is the apple. Is this a trick question
because I feel like it’s obvious? Oh my God, I think this is the apple. Should I just take a bite? Rock- paper- scissors
on who takes this one. What?
Why would you do that? You gotta do it. How do we take a bite out of this? I’m just about to bite
into it like an onion. Wow, good! Alright. I’m not too sure, maybe an orange,
should I try it? Why not? I can tell by the smell
and I did not get a bite. I took a big old bite out of that thing. I just scraped it and it’s already enough onion
for me for the rest of the day. You have to take a bite
as big as mine. – There’s no way I’m doing that.
– You have to. Ew, ugh, God! Terrible! I do love me onions though. Just wasn’t expecting that. I literally can’t– She like, raked it. I still didn’t get
a bite out of the onion, but all the chocolate’s now off. Delicious, highly recommend
for your next Halloween snack. So we got two cupcakes. Now, I already noticed
one difference, OK? Everything looks similar
except the plates and the frosting. OK, I feel like there’s something
spicy in the frosting, but I don’t know which one,
that’s the bad thing but I know there’s something wrong. We got cupcakes, I’m gonna go for
this one since it’s in front of me. I don’t understand what this one is, because it looks like
a normal cupcake. This is scary. Oh man, I feel like I’m gonna like- – We’re good!
I think we’re good, I need to keep eating though,
it could be something in the middle. Oh, we’re good, this one’s good. Hold on, let me try mine,
I’m trying mine first, I think I got the good one. I think I got a good one. Is it cheese? Alright,
I was brave enough to do this, but like,
I’ll try the icing and we’ll see. I don’t know,
should I do a bigger bite, then? To understand this? It’s spicy, I feel something
burning in my mouth. Hot sauce? I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m doing the food challenge
but I’m eating both of them. I don’t like hot sauce. – I don’t like spicy.
– Cheers! No, It’s spicy. Why? I don’t want to do this. What kind of hot sauce was it? Sriracha, ugh, even worse! I hate–
orange juice!?! This one is definitely
the worst one so far. OK, these look very similar. So we got two chocolates here,
two different plates, I just gotta go for one,
this is just luck. Oh, my God. This one, the caramel looks better,
so I’m gonna go with this one, just purely based off that. I’m channeling,
I’m gonna go for this one. Please be good, please be good. What? Is that ice? What is this? Is this like– Is that another onion? Oh, my goodness,
this is really gross. Oh, my goodness,
that’s an onion? That is nasty though,
I picked the wrong one. That is completely disgusting,
to be honest with you. OK. What? What is this? – Alright, so one of these is a fig bar.
– OK. What is this supposed to be? – What could you put in there?
– Probably something really gross. Can I look at it?
So this one looks bigger. And then one looks darker. – I want that one.
– No. – Why do you not want this one?
– I don’t know why I want that one. No, Ronnie, I want that one!
Cheater! I’m not a cheater,
I said to pick one. I don’t want my mouth to burn again. Let’s take a sniff. I’ll take this one. Wait a second, wait a second,
wait, give it back to me! You chose that one,
I chose this one. – Can I smell it?
– You can smell it, But you told me to eat this one. Smell mine. It smells the same. I’m just gonna eat
the one in front of me. Oh please. – This doesn’t smell like anything.
– This smells like a fig bar. Alright, I’m just gonna go for it,
here we go, the last one I ate both,
which was dumb. Alright. [laughing] Let’s just take a bite
together at the same time. – Cheers.
– Cheers. No. Oh, mine’s clearly good. – What happened?
– Ugh! This is not a fig bar. [laughing] I don’t know yet, I’ll keep going. This is good. Tastes like it has cumin or ginger
or something in it, I don’t know. So I’m guessing that’s the bad one,
I think I picked the good one. What is it? I knew it! Vegemite? You chose that one. Yeah, I think this is a good one
because I’m not crying right now. So we’re good. What’s Vegemite? Ugh, they smell the same. I ate it. Would you like some orange juice? Can I break this apart
and see what’s inside? What is that? That smells really gross. It just keeps coming. – You have to try it.
No! – Why would I do that?
– Try it. Oh, oh no. It’s disgusting. I actually ate it. I want to know what it is. It’s like a kind of
a mysterious brown– Is the biscuit like
a dog food treat or something? That’s what it tastes like. Oh, that’s salty. – That explains everything.
– Real salty. Not to offend any Australians
that eat Vegemite. Glad I didn’t try that one, because I don’t know what Vegemite
tastes like, so I’ll never know. No, we’re good. Thank you guys so much for watching,
that was the trick or treat challenge. Let us know down below if you would have been OK
eating any of that stuff because… – It was gross.
– Clearly it was not the most delicious. But let us know if you think
you’re brave enough, make sure to subscribe
and we’ll see you guys next time, bye! Thank you for watching.

35 thoughts on “Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ Taste Test w/ Brooklyn & Bailey + The Merrell Twins 🎃 Vidcon 2019 | Nick

  1. “Watch as Brooklyn + Bailey and The Merrill Twins try out the “Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Taste Test” during VidCon 2019.”

  2. You can't put 'Brooklyn and Bailey and the 'Merrell twins in this, and expect me not to like it. This was great 👏

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