Taking Charge of Your Health

I remember that I met Vova two years earlier. I had only one lesson in form of consultation, So, I see the changes taking place in Vova. Later several times I met Vova, And more often than Vova, I met Julia, his
mother, at a seminar. Julia is a teacher of the Feldenkrais method
for her son, for Vova. And how good she is as a teacher, I see it
in her patience and care Watching Vova change, Vova learn, in how much
Vova takes care of, that I taught his mother. I know that I said once: can you come the
next day half an hour earlier? So that Julia could work with you for half
an hour? So that you learn to touch Vova. And I remember the laughter of Vova filled
with joy, relief and happiness, that his mom would have half an hour of direct
contact with him. How important are the emotions of these children
and how many emotions they have! The same laugh that I heard when I asked,
would he agree to participate in our online e-learning, When a child writes a lesson for another child. This is the lesson of rotation that Vova writes
for other children. I record my voice here, but this is exactly
his FI, the one that Vova writes to others. And in this sound recording there is a lesson
for other mothers to take a child’s hand and say: Andrei, Katya, feel it. Look, here comes the hand. See what happens to the ribs, look .. When I asked Vova, would he agree to write
a lesson for other children, Vova laughed again and again, The night I slept, I was tired, this laughter
sounded in my head. It was just something amazing: I, Vova, I’ll
turn around! As for
the changes. Thanks to the lessons that Julia is doing
with her son There is a moment when Vova tries to press
the keyboard of the laptop with his fingers. These are the lessons of contact for Vova,
which Julia did with him – Feel Vova, what will happen when you move
your thumb in relation to your index finger, Feel Vova, what happens when you move your
shoulder, – this has transformed into the ability to
move fingers on the laptop keyboard. In a century when we all live in the Internet,
perhaps not everyone, but the younger generation does, for Vova it is an eureka experience,
this is a change in the quality of life. I’m not saying that he can sit, that he can
spin, First of all, he hopes for further changes,
because he sees that they are available to him, Each lesson is a new quality of life,
This is the hope that gives such strength and readiness for the next lesson. I am happy because we will meet in a few days. Once again, Vovka, yes, but Vovka, try now
more belly, bum, very good. Only ribs, yes, once again beautiful. Oh, how wonderful! And rest a little.

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