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Do you know what a dental abscess is? If you’ve ever had a cavity that wasn’t
treated correctly, or a poorly-performed dental procedure, you may be familiar with this term. It’s used to describe a type of pus-filled
sac caused by a bacterial infection that may appear on any area of the tooth. It may also appear on the gum near the tooth’s
root, and then it’s called a periodontal abscess. Abscesses occur when bacteria invade your
tooth’s pulp through a cavity or a crack, and spread to the root. The most common symptoms are intense and persistent
pain and sensitivity to cold, heat, and localized pressure. The good news for people suffering from this
issue is that there’s a natural ingredient that can treat dental abscesses quickly and
efficiently. Oregano, specifically oregano oil, has been
widely used by many people as a natural alternative to other abscess treatments. Due to its medical properties, this herb is
able to relieve pain, help drain pus, and fight infection. It’s important to make sure you’re buying
good quality oil from the plant “origanum vulgare” because there are several varieties
that may not have the same therapeutic effect. Moisten the tip of a cotton swab with oregano
oil and then rub it on your gums around the affected area. Then apply some oil directly to the abscess. The infection can actually affect the rest
of your tooth as well, so it’s better just to go ahead and put some oil all over your
tooth. It’s recommended that you repeat this procedure
every day, once every 2 to 3 hours, until you notice that your symptoms are improving. If you don’t think your symptoms are improving
then you should probably go see a dentist so he can tell you what treatment to try next.

20 thoughts on “Heal Your Tooth Abscess / Dental Infection Naturally

  1. I would suggest Diluting the Oregano Oil in Coconut Oil.. the Oregano Oil is Kind Of Hot and Can Burn Lips and Skin… Dont Dilute with Water because the oil and water will separate and you will still be getting the pure Oregano Oil 🙂 Bless You For These Wonderful Videos ! 🙂

  2. As oregano oil can easily burn, here's an alternative option:

    Get some fresh ginger and a taro/eddo/albi (asian potatoes) and grate both (5% ginger + 95% taro). Then put this grated pulp on and around the whole area. Hold there for 10 minutes or longer.

    Repeat several times a day. Can be used on children as well, as not toxic or dangerous if swallowed. – The abcess will usually burst within a day or 3.

    Works also on abscesses and tumours anywhere on the body:

    For a leg ulcer, for example, grate enough of the ingredients to cover generously the whole area up to 1 or 2 inches think, then bandage in place for 8-12 hours. Repeat. Even the very worst leg ulcer usually shows signs of healing within 3 weeks =)


  3. I take 3 drops in a shot glass. Fill it with water. Then use half as mouth wash. Then the other half I dilute with water again then drink it. It worked for the worst toothache ever but if it is a cavity you still have to go get if filled by a dentist or it will keep happening. This will get rid of the abscess but will not fill in the tooth.

  4. Could you use this method in combination with colloidal silver? I suggested someone to use the silver it goes away but started coming back I guess.

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