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Hello. It’s Xena here again. As promised in my previous videos, I will be sharing some footage of my skin during my healing process of having severe eczema. If you have not seen these videos, I will post a link down in the description bar of these videos. And in these videos, I’ve stated (5) tips which have helped me heal my skin. And I will also put what these (5) tips are in the description bar. And I will say them again to you right now. So the (5) tips that have helped me heal my skin include: 1) Eating clean, whole foods. 2) Exercising daily or having some form of stress management. 3) Having adequate amounts of sleep. 4) Reaching out to your social supports. 5) Being patient and kind to yourself during your healing process. I unfortunately do not have my lifelong documentation of my eczema since a young child up until today as a young adult. I however have some clips since I started documenting in 2013. Before I show you these clips, I would like to say that there will be a lot of skin being revealed. And I apologize if that’s disturbing or just revealing to you. Secondly that I apologize for the quality of the video and how it’s positioned. I didn’t have the intention of sharing it with anyone before. It was personally just for me to view. And thirdly, I apologize for my brothers in the background being young boys- being loud, screaming. So sorry for that distraction. So the first clip being June 2015. The second one being December 2016. And the third one being January 2016. People often ask me how long it took me to “cure” my eczema. This is a really good question. And just to have an answer to this question, I will say that it took about 3 years to heal my eczema. And please take note on my emphasis of “curing” my eczema. I don’t believe that my eczema is “cured” but rather I’ve learned to manage how to heal my skin. So I’d rather say “heal” than “cure.” It’s also hard for me to answer this question of how long it took me to heal my skin because I’ve had eczema since a young child. So I just say that I’ve healed my skin in about 3 years. And for the sake of this video because I’m showing you footage within a years span. I say that I’ve healed my skin within a year. As you see in the title. Without further ado, I will show you those video clips now. It is Sunday December 13, 2015. You can’t really see but you can tell that they’re very wrinkly. And my thumb the worse. You can tell the difference. You can’t really see. This left thumb is in fact more damaged, the skin, compared to this finger here. As well as. If you look closely at my middle fingers that I am wiggling here that you can see some flare ups. My legs are quite itchy. Everywhere really is quite itchy. Another thing to keep in mind too is: I notice around this time of year my skin gets worse but maybe that is because it is a factor of it’s Holiday Season. Why not treat yourself and… All I can say is moderation is key. It is January 31st. Sometimes you aren’t aware of the changes that occur to you until looking back at them. Perhaps you want to document in a journal? Writing it out your healing process. Or maybe you want to take photos or record your healing experience? Or even just sharing with your social supports. It’s a really good feeling looking back at how far you’ve come. Imagine yourself having clear, pain free skin. It’s a good feeling. As per some people’s request, I will be making some videos in regards to what I personally eat. And I will try my hardest to remember what my healing regiment was when I first started changing my lifestyle and wanting to heal my skin. There are a number of resources out there to help you transition into clean eating, eliminating certain foods out of your diet, and just how to heal eczema. In the time being, I will put down some informational links in the description bar which have been useful tools for me. It was very helpful during my healing process. So I highly encourage you to read those links that I will put down in the description bar. So I’d like to say: be patient with yourself, continue your search of healing, and remember those (5) tips that I’ve stated in which have helped me heal my skin. They may help you. Take care and thank you.

100 thoughts on “Healing Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) Within a Year | My Journey to Clear, Pain Free Skin

  1. I keep seeing these videos where you guys don't have it on your face or very little. Am I the only one to have eczema ALL over my face? 🙁 I litterally have it everywhere on my face , nose, cheeks, forehead except I don't have it on my eyelid but the rest is covered

  2. A raw food diet high in alkalizing, hydrating fruits is perfect for healing all skin problems. Acidosis and lymph stagnation cause so many problems in the body. If you want to find out more search "Dr Robert Morse Eczema" here on YT. He helps people to heal themselves through detoxification and raw foods. You can heal EVERYTHING!

  3. How can you cure your skin. Honestly I have dermatitis about 10 years now real talk I’m joking

  4. I have very severe eczema, and it also looks really red so it's quite noticable. I've been having problems with getting rid of it and accepting myself because of it, especially because my family always tells me how I should go to the doctor all the time, like anything helped before… My mum wants to help, but it just makes me feel worse when she tells me that everyone's looking and that they look horrible.

  5. Hello guys! I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my comment, and I hope it helps someone out there. I did not have the worst of eczema cases as I only I had it around my neck as well as other places on my body and some parts of the face. I will try and make this short. I was seeking for ways to lessen my eczema, by trying all kinds of ointments, some of which contained steroids, and dietary changes as well, but finally found a way, at least for me, to lessen my eczema to the point where it appears as if my skin is completely normal, without requiring anything but basking in natural sunlight for about 30 minutes everyday. I completely stopped the use of all ointments (except for the lotion that I still use today, which is cetaphil eczema calming body moisturizer (steroid-free), even though my eczema is basically healed, it feels good). What I did was I exposed the eczema to at least 30 min. of direct sunlight every day, and I completely stopped getting any of my eczema wet (I had to shower and bathe in weird positions, for the normal skin). I know some of you might think "Wait, eczema is dry, wont the sun make it worse?" That's what I thought, but I still stuck with it regardless, and the moisturizer I was using helped definitely. At first it was tough, and I did not see any physical improvements, but I noticed that the sun soothed my eczema by making it feel good even though it still looked bad. I continued this process of sunbathing the eczema portions, and making sure I did not get it wet, and within the first 7 days, I felt like a new man. If your still using ointments, I would recommend completely stopping their use. Nowadays, I weened off the sun bathe, and only sunbathe every once in a while. The sun helps stimulate vitamin D growth by our skin cells, which is the vitamin that is needed for healthy skin. I encourage you guys to try this method, it worked for me and I hope it does for you! Have a Great Life!

  6. I'm glad you've managed to improve it that much. You're a very strong and beautiful woman and you looked absolutely amazing, even in the June 2015 footage. You're really awesome. Xena is a really pretty name, btw

  7. I had ur kind of eczema but on MY FACE it took me like a month to get rid of it luckily I didn’t get any eczema scars I still get a little red on my cheeks but it kinda blends in with my skin colour

  8. I have atpoc dermatitis i only found out about 5 years ago? I'm in 10th grade everyone in my school has great skin except for me. Right now the worst parts are the back of my thighs it looks gray-ish and always itchy and painful and keeps getting irritated due to sitting in school i get sweaty. I have ones in my arms and hands and sometimes on my neck and face i'm losing hope i dont know what to do im getting depressed each day i hope i can fix myself

  9. This is so amazing and l really appreciate you for being able to show your body and skin sharing what you went through ❤️🙌🏾

  10. hello i also have eczema and is just like what you having. can u help mi whatapp or wechat me. i really need help.

  11. Hey there, did you develop eczema at a certain age or have you always had it? I recently started getting dry, rough, reddish bumps on my legs, and I have never dealt with it before but it looks like most of the images I have seen of eczema.

  12. sorry, if i didnt capture the information or was it not mentioned…… what was the cause of it ? did you just investigate using hypothesis and targeted everything that could have been wrong?

  13. From middle school to the end of my 12th year I wore a hoodie everyday to school and covered myself with makeup… it didn't matter how hot the day would be. This video is great

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  16. I have atopic skin too and now i cant go to school bc of this shit and i have been atopic skin since i were born and i'm 11 now.. Last winter i couldnt go to school on 5 weeks this is worst version of atopic skin what i have and i understand you ❤️😢

  17. I have mild eczema and I never realized how lucky I am that mine isn’t bad at all, I can’t even how much that must’ve hurt and how strong you are to be able to get through it

  18. Hi Xena, Im currently 3 weeks in TSW and my body eczema started to have little pus bumps. I was wondering if you had the same type of eczema and what did you do if you did have it to help treat it? Thanks in advance.

  19. I have eczema all over my arm and im so scared to show my arms in public so i always wear long sleeve shirts even when it's super hot outside, sometimes i feel like im in a shell when i wear long sleeve shirts I've been going through this for years now i just want to wear short sleeve shirts without people looking at me like im a monster or something i just wish it could go away 🙁

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this video! I've been suffering from eczema since I was born.
    Many people were reluctant to talking to me because of my eczema. I've once tried to kill myself. It was too hard to be alive ;)And all of my friends have good and smooth skin and don't know how hard suffering from the disease is.
    I'm super jealous of them even now…haha
    But now, my skin is getting better, and I can be confident to talk with someone.
    I'll keep positive and I really want to help people who are suffering from eczema like me!
    Anyway, good job!


  21. You're awesome Xena. I'm just starting to figure out what's happening with my body because Doctors for the must part were pretty clueless. I've pretty much narrowed it down to gluten. Thanks for sharing

  22. I have anti dermatitis 3 months now and I'm 33 years old can you get it from animals ? What can you do to make it stop flaring up

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  25. Me either have eczhema, the worst part are on my hand, Everytime I had to cover my hand because it's really sucks that when someone look at you in disgusting way , and I still have it now for almost 20 years

  26. Did all the diets not help for anyone else? I’ve been experimenting with my diet for 2 years now (vegan the whole time) and now I’m doing a vegan fodmap diet so it’s really restrictive. Nothing has worked and I’m just desperate now. Pleeease help 😢 the only thing that worked was water fasting but I can only do that for 2 days

  27. has a great product for eczema. O'Shalas Formula is a growing small black business and their products are handcrafted with natural ingredients. Awesome reviews, if you have time check it out!

  28. Darling, I feel your pain, my skin totally looked like yours in the beginning for most of my childhood and in my teenage years. 💕

  29. Darling you are beautiful.I also have atopic dermatitis. Always love yourself. Even though we have atopic dermatitis we are beautiful

  30. La Roche Posay lipikar Baume AP+ is curing my eczema, atopic dermatitis😊😊 I was losing hope before I try this cream

  31. i m having it for 8 months shit. huhuhuhuuuuuuuuuu😢😢😢did check up for more thsn three clinic… irs just all waste of money..nothing is curing😢😢.my confident is too down now.and down there, knees, and legs and my back butt is super itchy

  32. eczema cure story with authentic traditional oils

    My friend has suffered from eczema since childhood(around 1 year old). At first, it was small blisters but later developed into red patches, itchiness, scaly skin all over her body. In high school, once the condition was so bad that she had to be admitted to hospital for over six months treatment.

    Few months ago(2018), my friend's father went back Sri Lanka to seek treatment for his spine compression from a doctor in a remote village. On hearing his daughter's eczema, the doctor recommended a herbal oil. In merely four months time, my friend's skin is almost cured after over 20 years of suffering.

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  33. Thank you so much for sharing your progression of healing your eczema! It is very brave of you to put out your personal documentation of your skin for the whole world to see. It really encouraged me to be patient in my healing process.

  34. Xena, have you seen this video? Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God –

  35. Xena thank you for making this Video I really want to show this video to my gf. Really try to help her. So thank so much

  36. Wow girl, you're my hero! I'm dealing with eczema since my childhood, but it's never been as bad as yours, I can't imagine what you've gone through and how painful it must've been! And I'm complaining about getting rashes on my arms, like it's the worst thing ever, jeez now I feel stupid.. Thank you for having courage to show us your progress, I hope one day I'm going to enjoy my clear skin as well :). Wish you the best, thank you for being so inspiring 🙂

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  38. I have eczema all over my arms and legs and hands. My eczema is so bad that some treatments don’t work. I am afraid of my future. And no don’t ever be afraid to show your skin because my eczema is so terrible. Your beautiful and don’t ever forget ❤️

  39. Not sure why you are apologizing, I mean that's very kind of you but in the other side what a brave woman you are, showing what this type of disease has done to your body must be painful, and you are absolutely right you have manage it, unfortunately it could come back any time but at list you are prepared to manage it. You are very beautiful, may God bless you and thank you for sharing your experience.

  40. It’s so hard dealing with eczema. Sometimes I really don’t know what to do because it just gets so bad. I always think about like, “I wonder what it feels like to have normal skin?” I just always feel so insecure when my face for example gets red. When my skin looks actually somewhat good, I feel so happy and as if I’m on top of the world. Then eczema hits and it just brings down my wholeeee day. I never know what’ll look like. One day it looks great, then tomorrow comes and it’s red and all cut up. Well for whoever actually read this, thanks! If you have eczema as well… let’s cry together 😔

  41. I've eczema too and let me tell you something you're such a brave girl for sharing this, I hope I can heal mine one day THANK YOU

  42. I have severe eczema during the summer. I’m traveling to Turkey in the summer and I know it is HOT there. So I’m trying to prevent it from coming during hot weather.

  43. I have it also I was diagnosed with it also. I hate when the rashes appear it feels like it over takes my skin. Sometimes I feel so insecure about it because in public I sometimes get the rashes and people get away from me :(.But mine isn't that severe I mostly get bumps and rashes and cuts. But it burns like crazy.

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  45. You’re beautiful, this journey must’ve affected you. I have the same skin problem like you and to be honest, it wasn’t a fun experience. But just like you…I didn’t give up on myself. ❤️ i’m happy for you!

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  48. I have had eczema ever since i was a baby (as in a newborn baby) and it ended up spreading to my hair. I had to shave of all my hair and it had to grow again. Soon my mother wasn't able to afford the creams and once i stopped using them the eczema went away.

  49. Hihi is honey, omega 3 and proboiotic part of your healing process??? Greetings from singapore =) thank you ! =)

  50. Thank you for sharing, I to suffer from this skin disease as well, I'm trying oatmeal baths. its working for my itching. This steroid cream 5% called halobetasol propionate cream, retinol 2%.

  51. your video was so motivational… I have been diagnosed with eczema since I was two years old and now I am fifteen… through those years is have tried a lot of different medications but nothing seems to help really… I am in a place right now where I really want to heal it and your video gives me hope…thanks

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  55. OMG! I'm so happy i found your video. I just recently have eczema and i have those rashes under my arms, on my sides, on my tummy and on both cheeks of my butt too. They're the worst. it's extremely itchy especially at night. I couldn't sleep for countless nights. It made me depressed and even thought of commiting suicide. Four months before this, i was just healing feom pityriasis rosea. Just imagine what I have to go through again. This is no laughing matter. It's fucking serious!

  56. Thank you so much! Eczema is such a struggle and can make you fell so alone, unconfident and vulnerable. It means the world for me that you share this! Gives me hope that some day I can be free of my biggest insecurity too! Heaps of love from Sweden!

  57. Xena…someone i love has this im here at your video. You are stunning and gorgeous…not trying to be creepy but. Honestly, born with stunning genes. God bless, dear. Take are right about having Support and good circle of friends!

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  65. i also have Atopic dermatitis and it sucks so much. I FINALLY dont feel so alone about this anymore :)) I have it on my face and on my chest rn.

  66. This skin disease is no joke. I'm sorry for what you went through. It messes with you mentally, physically and emotionally. Your so beautiful.

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