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hello I’m dr. Surrey Stewart I’m a naturopathic doctor did you know that there is a ten-thousand-year-old answer to promote healing and balancing for your metabolism health and weight as a matter of fact each of the primary organs in your body have peak performance hours let’s discover together what your health hours are good morning today I’d like to welcome you we have a very special guest dr. Sarai stewart who has her doctorate in naturopathy sir I can you tell us a little bit about what that is many of us don’t know absolutely marry naturopathic doctor is one who utilizes all forms of holistic healthy approaches for healing therapies and remedy so that it’s a combination of different forms absolutely it can encompass everything from a chiropractor to an acupuncturist to a massage therapist but a naturopathic doctor actually takes it a step further we work with people on a more nutritional aspect as well as focusing on specific health issues that are occurring for them and working with them using particular remedies and therapies to help them heal wow that is it’s wonderful to have science like that that covers so many different areas there’s so much that we’d like to talk about today’s Sarai and I would like to start with the concept of solar nutrition I know you discuss solar nutrition but what is it actually what is your birthday and time I’m born on May tenth at 117 am great during the month of May we were actually in daylight savings time so when we’re dealing with solar nutrition we keep the clock on the biological time you know it a standard time right right so your birth time is actually a little after midnight okay that places you between 11pm and 1 a.m. in the morning that’s the goal bladder hour so it also encompasses many particular health issues now that’s the primary health organ that you want to be concerned with taken care of there are three others that can join it that would be the opposite would be the heart our 11am to 1pm and the two other organs between five and seven a.m. and p.m. would be the large intestine and your kidneys now solar nutrition actually engages the 24-hour biological clock that also includes the three growth cycles of our body we are plant like plants and animals and as plants and animals we have this 24-hour biological cycle that we need to follow and when we adhere to this we can actually improve our metabolism health and weight so really depending upon our birthday and how that fits into our lives we could actually prevent things from happening by spending special attention and time and care in the areas that we have a predisposition yeah a problem and the soul nutrition not only encompasses that but because each of the organs have a specific time frame that they work say is we said the large intestine five to seven a.m. there are specific things that you can do during times of the days you’ve as far as resting eating playing and so forth and also specific foods that would certainly be more advantageous for you to consume at that time that is really a tremendous way to look at the world and to look at your health and I know that you talk about health secrets and how they’re revealed in someone’s face could you explain a little bit about that absolutely this is so mystifying I came upon this are totally on my own decades ago and started exploring it and what I came up with is that you can actually determine health issues on the face and on the scalp now let me start with the scalp area on the scalp we have a number of different segments that correlate to different body organs if you would a point to a specific area or say you know somebody who’s going bald or losing hair from the particular illness per se then I can tell you what organ is associated to ok so if someone’s losing their hair here what would that what would that be on the sides just above their temples that’s their kidneys in their bladder and they need to be paying better attention as to what they’re putting in their bodies for as liquids fluids and fats are what if someone tends to lose hair in the center area that’s their lung and you want to certainly be able to breathe better make sure you’re getting plenty of blood and oxygen to your brain as well but that’s the longer and the same is true for other segments of the scalp all my goodness this is really intriguing so if you change your diet perhaps there would be a way to then maybe not prevent baldness but certainly to prevent as much of it as possible until your body you can still stimulate much of the hair follicle growth as well as doing sort of a specific massage on the scalp most of us gals especially as baby boomers are very worried about the lines that are on our face and we go to great lengths to try to figure out how to get rid of them could you tell me a little bit about how the lines what the lines here might be or the lines around here what organs are they attached to yes in fact i’ll be happy to share that with you because what happens on the face we actually also have segments that are associated to body organs it’s broken up that way not only that but the lines on our face whether the horizontal or vertical there are blotches on our face spots on our face and discoloration or play a part in revealing what the underlining health problems are so you can actually improve your health so to answer your question right between your eyebrows that’s the liver area and you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of your liver now is it that you’re not feeding your liver properly are you doing too many of the poisonous foods such as alcohol and things like that or maybe just being terribly dehydrated or is it that you have a problem with your life are you upset about things are you anxious a lot the area of the lines that you pointed to around the eye area the whole area around the guy actually is kidneys and the wrinkles around the eyes actually can be diminished you can control the amount of depth in the lines around your eyes in fact your whole face just by the choice of the nutrition that you make this is fascinating so I could change my diet in a healthful way and have it actually change the appearance of my face absent and this is pretty rapid it happens pretty quickly you can actually see the lines on your face change day after day the deeper the lines are the less your caring for that organ could you describe for me what the big essentials are yes well we already discussed one of them with solar nutrition okay and there are three other ones that I like to focus on we deal with the protein lectins in the food and how they affect our health in our blood and that’s a big aspect however there’s two other ones that I really want to focus on a little bit more and that would be the acid and alkaline foods and the acid and alkaline forming foods now most people think of foods simply being answered or alkaline rightness and that is actually the condition of the food prior to ingest the way it is outside the body okay and those foods we don’t really need to be concerned with how it affects us what we have to conserve you is what happens to that food when we mix it with saliva and chew it and the food then becomes acid forming or alkaline forming some foods stay in the same state they were before they entered the body and many foods actually will change for example a letter lemons okay a lemon is an acid food outside the body everybody thinks all citruses as it however when it’s mixed with the saliva it actually converts to an alkaline forming food now acid foods acid forming foods have a tendency to age the body so if you have a diet rich in acid forming foods such as sugar it’s going to age your body and it’s going to show up on skin whereas you eat more alkaline forming foods such as vegetables your body and your face are going to be more youthful and is this perhaps why sometimes I’ve heard people talk about drinking lemon in hot water or and that that would be a healthful start of your day one of the best things you can do is drink the juice of one whole lemon in about 14 to 16 ounces of water and that will actually help to break up the excess mucus in your body lemon is considered the perfect food I’m very excited about this I want to sign up I want to learn more and i’m also very interested in about there’s something you talked about with five food choices and how those five food choices can change your life can you give me an example of that yes one of the things i highly recommend and it works is if you will be committed to abstain from all grains all brains at your breads and your cereals and your rice and your pasta and your potatoes in your corn all grains and all dairy milk cheese butter yogurt for two weeks you’re going to see a tremendous transition in your help in fact you’re actually going to see a change most likely in less than a week and this is temporary then you can decide how you want to arrange this whether you want to stay off of them or eat them maybe once a day only a few times a week now many of us have children and we all try to get our children to eat in health full ways and dinner time is hectic for a lot of families when the mothers and dads are working I know that you have some very special secrets you can share with us on how to get our children to eat healthfully this was such an exciting venture for me I was so tickled my sister has six children and it was so important for me to have them eating healthy so I started suggesting some ideas to her and then of course to my patients and my students and I was amazed that I came up with five wonderful ideas and one that I’d like to share with you is really kind of interesting that most people are unaware my your hands sure or have that just one white great okay now make a fist perfect look at that fist Mary that’s the size of your stomach okay that’s bigger than want a more food then that don’t wait definitely no the plates are yet yay dig now cup your hands together great this is the amount of food that you should eat during one meal this is cake is a piece of cake okay that’s indefinitely so if you are aware of this then you can actually know not to eat more than that but you can eat more meals now think about this a vision a child’s fist it’s really small really though real little so a person up and the parent who actually puts a plate before their child that’s a circumference of eight or twelve inches is scaring the child literally frightening them away from the food because they pile too much food on the child’s play if you can give them a smaller plate and you feed them the food maybe a teaspoon of each of the vegetables or a tablespoon of each of the vegetables and the meat whatever you’re giving them it’s going to be easier and you’ll have a better chance of getting them to eat a few yes then that big mound sitting in front of them sir I everything that you’ve shared with us today is so fascinating and so helpful I know that our audience would love to know more about your books and products could you share with us sure the book that I have out is nutrition for your body mind and spirit and I was coaxed by my students to actually create this book and instead of putting it just in a written format I decided to put it in an audio and written format combination so I could actually gear in the people that have a fast-paced lifestyle which is all of us i knows everyone and this way you can listen to the program in your car you can listen to when you exercise when you’re moving about whatever it is that you’re doing the nice thing about this program which is 10 hours of audio and encompasses the four big nutritional secrets that we have discussed also has a written book with 115 pages and in that book it answers all of the questions that I discuss in the book itself in other words if I mention a formula or if I talk about particular food less it also gives a brief instant insight into some of the subject matters like we talked about the different times of the day a the large intestine sub with everything is listed in there so you don’t have to write a single note when you’re listening to the program it’s all there the book follows the audio program oh that’s terrific because a lot of us I know I listen to this these types of things when I’m driving and you know we have enough to do when we’re driving so this is a terrific format I can’t wait to get a coffee and now that is available through your website isn’t it yes and tell us about your website naturally balanced health com is our website and it started off predominantly as an educational site so you will have a lot of fun on their learning enormous amount of information so you become more empowered oh that’s wonderful and also we can contact you through the website isn’t that correct you can contact us through the website our email is throughout the website so you won’t have any problem reaching us and lastly sir i I’ve heard that colon health can improve your stamina your endurance your mental clarity but what I really want to know is how can colon health improve your sex life Mary that’s a dirty subject you

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