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Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables – Tamil Health Tips The best medicine from beauty to health for young women lies in the peel of vegetables and fruits. You may not believe but it is the truth and in this video we are going to see regarding this. Normally fruits and vegetable are nutritious and their peel also contains many nutrients. Due to the poor hygiene and addition of chemicals we discard the peels. Let us discuss what are the different types of nutrition in various fruits. The nutrition is present in the bar of Watermelon bar and in orange it is present in its Peel. Let us see which are the fruits and vegetables we should not avoid and what are the nutrients in their peel. We all know that Apple is a fibre rich food but how many of us know that its peel contains 75% of the fibre. Potassium present in the Apple peel is 4 times more than which is present in its flesh. It is good for the growth of our bones. Pectin in apple peel cures breathing problems,improves the functioning of lungs and prevents damage of brain cells. The chemical found the apple peel is efficient to kill cancer cells. Ursolic acid in apples helps to reduce weight and triggers the growth. Mango is a fruit liked by people in all age groups. Mango peel prevents the secretion of bad cholesterol. If you peel of the skin and eat the fruit we will not get this nutrition. Carotenoid, polyphenols, omega-3, omega-6 is rich in mango peel. If we take with the skin we can prevent the chances of Diabetes, cancer, Heart Disease. It is said that Pectin present in apple is also present in Mango. Antioxidants, Fibre, Potassium Vitamin K are rich in Cucumber peel than which is present in its fleshy part. As cucumber is nutritious if you take it everyday, you will stay young forever. The peel of potato contains Iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-6, vitamin-c than its fleshy part. If we peel off the skin and use potato we lose 90 % of iron and 50 % of fibre content present in potato. So take it without peeling off the skin. Watermelon is the fruit which we take during summer season. Citrulline an amino acid present in watermelon has antioxidant property. Our body transformed it into Arginine amino acid. Arginine help for the better functioning of heart and Immunity system. This nutrition is present in the bar of watermelon. As it is difficult to eat watermelon bar we can make pickle with it and take. Orange peel is rich in Vitamin-C,Vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, magnesium. It fights against cancer, tumours and swelling. Orange peel will be bitter. So we can powder it make salad or rasam and take. An antioxidant named Nasunin is present in Brinjal peel. It fights against the cancer which affects brain and nerves. Brinjal also has anti ageing property. So it is better to take brinjal with is skin. We saw that the peel of the vegetables and fruits are nutritious but how to clean these. We can clean vegetables and fruits by washing them with water. If you soak vegetables and fruits for half an hour in water added with rock salt the chemicals and dirt will be removed.

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  1. nice tips.
    but she said water melon outer layer to make as a pickle​. but pickle is bad for health it has more fat.
    her voice his good grabbing like a magnet

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