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  1. Hi Marisa 😚 I bought your full weight management program on Nov/Dec 17 and since, have had some issues related to the process. I've emailed you twice asking for advice but just received and automated replies with ticket numbers. I understand you must be very busy and wasn't expecting an immediate response anyways but it's been 2 months without any answer; where could I email you? Thank you very much!

  2. This is essentially my food philosphy. Even before I got healthy and plant based, this philosophy kept me thin, in regards to perspective on sugar and keeping my binge foods out of the house. I definitely lean towards good fats. Works like a charm. Don't punish your body, fall in love with exercise and real food! Thank you for your work. I had a huge breakthrough with realizing… I am enough. It's now my mantra! Blessings.

  3. Thank you for sharing these, Marisa. These mini courses are well thought out presentations of your lessons/theory. I can’t recommend them enough for pretty much everyone. Your simple yet detailed insights have been invaluable. You are awesome, Marisa!

  4. Thank you Marisa, I love your sharing ! That's exactly what happened to my friends who failed to lose weight when they restrict themselves to eat some food or force themselves to do sport !!

  5. I paid for this shit no wonder it is free now because it does not work not unless I guess you have inner child issues and that is all she specializes in after the age of 8 what then?
    her shit just does not work not any of it

  6. Hi Marisa, please tell me if the book referred to in this video is the book on self-confidence? I am interested in buying it if it is.
    Thank you for all that you do 💕

  7. You are a guru..I just bought all your books…and am binge watching EVERYTHING with your name on it…I cried during one of your hypnosis sessions..I am a holistic practioner..after years of alcoholism…I have studied under the best..BUT YOU made a huge difference in my self esteem and the fact that I am 66 and although in great shape that "number" was making me even question my love of high heels..LOL!! Thank you..for being you..I wish I knew about you years ago..I actually think my life would have been even more abundant…xoxoxo

  8. You are a breath of fresh air. Your calming and true presence paired with simple talk is helping me reflect, acknowledge and move forward.

  9. I'm a vegan by choice and I work out by choice. I have extra fat though that i can't get rid of easily and i wonder why. I accept the shape of my body but thigh fat makes me uncomfortable wearing shorts and skirts above the knee…not because someone says something is because i don't like it. What can i do about it?

  10. Avocado is actually sugar and fat, it has both. There are a few fruits like this – durian, jackfruit, avocado – that are sugar and fat. Nature wants us to access fruit sugar, not artificial sugar. Fruit sugar feeds and fuels us and is healing for our bodies while artificial sugar just causes harm.

    A good resource for information on what's really in our foods and what they really do in the body is "Life-Changing Foods" by Anthony William

    Your other information is really good, I love the whole "I am Enough" concept. You have a very hypnotic and soothing voice. You are doing amazing things in the world.

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  12. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge, the world is a better place because of you. I even love the sound of your voice. My life will forever be changed because of your contribution, blessings to you.

  13. Hello. I agree with not keeping sugar at home to stop the problem before it starts. Very weird I did stop sugar as well as alcohol completely and my housemates all drink and there is a huge bar in living room and beer in the fridge 24/7 but I have no urge. Im very happy about that. But I love chocolate with coffee and tea and I do eat it as you mentioned. Once a week or once every 10 days and sometimes I eat and feel bad and spit it out and not eat it

  14. When ever we win and I am talking about honestly win, when ever we rise above we become more formidable as individuals, we enter a whole new phase and perhaps we could change. This change regardless of what it might be and for reasons yet unknown, is really what enables you to be more powerful as a person. Get to grips with the modification and then let’s collectively render 2018 the most excellent year of our lives!

  15. This really works, you have changed my mindset and in turn you have changed my life. I am very grateful to have found you, I come back and watch this once a month or whenever I need. Thank you Marisa! x

  16. One of the most intelligent things I ever heard. And she is completely right, this is exactly the way I finally lost weight. Just do what she says.

  17. I want to put on my weight desperately… at least 10kgs. I am not succeeding because of chronic illness and depression. In therapeutic language it may b because of high insecurity… how to overcome it? Plz advise.
    Thank you! GOD BLESS!

  18. this video had me in tears. very relevant. just thought I'd share:

  19. I've been on a low sugar, no white processed flour, limited dairy, and no meat (including fish) for 3 years and lost weight from it. I don't see me changing my diet anytime soon. It wasn't too hard for me and actually made my life easier by eating the same foods everyday. My cheat days are on Superbowl Sunday and when I travel abroad.

  20. Hi Marissa, maybe you can also develop a program for movement. I have chronic pain and movement is uncomfortable to say the least. But movement is medicine. Correct movement that is. It takes effort and time to learn.

  21. Ok, I should not think negative thoughts like depriving myself instead I could think that it's my choice not to do so, but she said
    "..remember sugar is the enemy.. "
    I am not happy with that sentence though. But there is inspiration in the other things she mentions.

  22. Add I'm listening to this I realised the power of..I choose to.. So I'm saying..I choose to… and I choose to enjoy it. About so many things I want to programme into my consciousness. I feel amazing already. Thanking you so much.

  23. I agree so much about many things you say especially Zumba…it is was made me learn exercise and now I still LOVE IT (but depends a lot on the instructor) and love other exercises too <3

  24. Podrían traducir al Español por favor, adoro esta mujer y me gustaría saber la información que está regalando al mundo. Muchas gracias

  25. Hey marissa, thanks so much for this video. Just one thing i was wondering about. I'm currently 6 months in my 3th attempt of quitting smoking and so far i feel great about it and optimistic this will stick. However i usually keep cigarettes around for like the first view weeks, so i dont feel the fear of maybe getting cranky and reassuring that i can always go back if my life starts to suffer over me quitting. I also feel like it helps me be in control, because this way when i dont smoke its my choice instead of me forcing myself not to. What do you make of that approach

  26. God bless u Marisa Peer !💜❤️u r truly a gift to the world , to me and any one lucky enough to hear anything u r teaching

  27. I’ve struggled with weight for so long… it’s necessary for me as a dancer to maintain fitness, and I love health . I love your work so much… it’s life changing. I’m still not where I need to be but this is very helpful, thank you!

  28. Marisa your amazing. Thank you. I have followed you watching almost every video. Ive been saying i'm enough for a week now. Ive learnt, seen and changed so much already. Im getting myself back. I was always there but i couldnt see that i was focussed on negative stuff and not aknowledging sooooo much more about me and my life that is PHENOMINAL 🙂
    And oh ye have i been speaking to my mind clearing up old dialogue.
    Im committed to myself and will not weaver from the work im doing on myself.

  29. You are amazing, I am health/ life coach and I always tell my clients and friends fitness start with self_love not a diet and workout ( our relationship to food really matters). For more subscribe to my channel.

  30. I have done a few of these and they are amazing, they seem to have aligned me towards some more healthy habits but overeating seems to be so ingrained in my mind that I just don’t stop. I’ve been trying to brain wash myself with listening to healthy books or hypnosis and I feel very motivated to make healthy choices and then I just eat whatever. I will say it’s worse when I’m very bored and recently that feels like a lot of the time. What further steps can I take? Also this might sound like a strange question but what makes us enough? I can’t seem to understand that concept. I started telling myself that I was enough and that made me feel great for a few weeks and then I started wondering how I could actually be enough. Probably due to limiting beliefs but I start to wonder, yes I’m enough as I am ie. overweight, not where I want to be in life, poor etc but really how can that be? I do feel like it’s harder for people to like you and harder for you to be useful in certain instances. I don’t think people are attracted to me like they used to be when I was thinner so I’m not really enough for them then? If Marisa Peer or anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated

  31. Thank you so much!I am overweight and I will send you a before and after picture !I am starting my journey to love myself today!

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