Taking Charge of Your Health

Welcome, everybody. Well, we’re gonna start with two prayers. One is, in our tradition, we like to give thanks after the meal as well as before, as it creates a cycle with the angels. This is a more seen approach. And it basically says… I’m going to say it in English. Just thank you for creating the need, that I need to eat and thank you for sustaining us on a daily basis, and sustaining all creation. Amen, that’s it. But it really makes the point very clear. That is that’s there’s a need created for us to eat, you probably notice that need. And that’s the whole thing that gives us our daily bread, we were designed that way so we can keep focusing on the divine each day knowing that, there’s from our sustain really comes from. So we try to keep that in mind and also give thanks because it energizes the whole system. Now, our next prayer is also finishing, it’s about merging the heavens and the earth. Which is what spiritual nutrition is about. And it goes like this. [Hindi]. Which means, again, thank you for allowing us to be the merging of the heavens and the earth, and as we begin to understand this, which is what’s this talk is about, and what the meditation will be about, you’re gonna get some, a much deeper appreciation of what we’re doing. Because we, as human beings, represent the living merging of the heavens and the earth. The… I want to talk about this now a little bit, as you finish, the heavens, known as…, is also the same number in a sense, meaning a soul. And it’s said that the soul breathes into us activating the earth element, also known as the dust. And when we come alive, the dust is activated by the soul, the breath of god and when it’s time to leave the physical body, dust to dust, soul to soul. And the heavens and earth become separated. So we are here because we’re meant to do something. And the talk is, the first part, the first few minutes of the talk is about kinda having a larger view of what we’re doing here in the planet. What is the purpose of this whole thing? Is it to eat wonderful food? Is that to get married? Or maybe there’s other purposes? Abraham spoke and he was told by god: [Hebrew]. Some people have heard that before. Raise your hands. Ok, a few people. It means “go to the self, which is the divine spark within us”. And to do that, we need to leave, it says to leave your families, now understand what it means to leave your families, he didn’t run off of this family. He left all the traditions of this family, all the traditions of the country, all his beliefs systems and went deep into the unknown. Also known as the promised land. Metaphorically. And what it the purpose of doing that? It’s the purpose of why we’re all here, which is to know god. However we do that, is to know that. And this is another way of understanding what nutrition is about because is one, we’ll get to talk about it, of the six foundations. It’s to eat in a way to become a superconductor for the divine. Think about that again. To eat in a way to become a superconductor for the divine. That’s why life food is so important, that’s why vegan is so important. And we’ll get to everything in detail as we’re developing this overview. Because the overview gives meaning to the basics. Gives meaning to really what we’re doing. So with that in mind, let’s look at this overview. And what is this about? Ok? So, the first step of it is how does one get started on this path? How do we get beyond being in a sense of the animal existence of eat, drink and be married and forget about what meaning the life is about, which is, what most of the world is doing? Why, perhaps, you’re here? It’s to take that next step. I mean, people, raise your hand if you’re ready to take this next step, to look at this. Ok. To look what life is about. Ok? And… So, the first step in that is a peculiar thing. We call it the divine kiss. Sounds good. The divine kiss. And what that is, is we start to get a taste of how good it feels to start to wake up. How good it feels to start to wake up. The divine kiss. And we’re going to read a little poem about that. This is in the book “spirit and nutrition”. We didn’t bring a lot of books here, but some of the books are there. Whoever did this, thank you. And this is called the subtle kiss. And it’s a poem that was written by Gabriel here. The subtle kiss of liberation has no lips. But you taste it in every cell. And ecstatic wild pulsing in every DNA oscillation. Dancing freely in every chakra. Coursing through the shusumna, ida, pangali – all 72.000 nadis. In all four worlds, once kissed, you become alive. And there’s nothing else worth living for. Except to be the ecstatic, naked, wild dance of Yah. Yah’s kiss is the cosmic death and the cosmic rebirth into immortality. Once kissed, you become the breath of Yah as the play of the world. Be careful who you yearn to kiss, because there may be no return. There are some terms in that. You can think about that for a second. Be careful who you yearn to kiss. You never know what’s gonna happen. There’s some terms. Yah is the name, one of the many names of god, we heard of the term “hallelu-yah”. That’s what we’re talking about. “Hallelu-yah”. So, most of you have probably have said many times in your lives. Probably not knowing that. It represents the direct knowing of the divine. It also represents the breath of god. The chakra system, you’re gonna see some pictures in a little bit as part of the overview, those energy centers we all have in our bodies. How many people have heard of the chakra system, so we’ll give a sense… ok. We already… How many people know the word nadis? Nadis are the subtle energetic nervous system, through which the kundalini moves and part of the reason we eat the way we do, we’ll talk about the best optimal diet for the spiritual life, is to open up the nadis. And flow energy to the nadis. That’s very specific. And that’s why the ancient rishi, who are the ancient yogics, ate life foods. People don’t tell you that, but that’s what they did. And why the yogics were always vegans, or I’m gonna say, I have to say this in a slightly different way, the ancient were vegan and often, they would have a little bit of milk, but at that time, it had a totally different meaning that it does today. None of those people would be having dairy today. Ok, and many of the people now in India who wouldn’t have that, because it’s, we use the word rasa, which used to be really good, really good, the word rasa had some power. Now is Amo, which is toxin. We’ll look into that in a little detail because it’s important that people learn in here, what’s really happening here. And why we’re making choices, why we’re recommending certain choices to you. So, we’re gonna go a little further out, this is actually part of the meditation discussion but somehow, this will come up, so we’re gonna go right into that. Recent work by Gregg Braden, how many people know Gregg Braden? Ok. It’s really remarkable. Gregg Braden showed what he’s seen in his past lives. Put out a book called “the god code”. In 2003. Now what he discovered was what the book, what the good book, knew about 400 years ago, which was written by Abraham, at least oral tradition, is that there is a code of creation. And that code of creation is that the DNA of every single living being, grass, animals, plants, you know, plants, humans. In our DNA is a need of god. Amazing. And one of the names of god that were given, the name that was given, notice that I talked about as in the third person. That’s to remind you of the second principle we’re gonna be talking about. That is that we’re not a personality. A personality is a case of mistaken identity. You get what that means? It means ultimately, we’re not our physical bodies. We’re not a man, we’re not a woman, you know, we’re not caught in time and space. That’s the one personal reality that most of people think is a 100% reality. And the 99% reality is something entirely different, which is much more related to the truth. When you hear Gabriel talking as in the third person it’s a statement, as a wakeup call to you to start thinking that way. Wow. I’m not this body. Now, some people don’t really like that. I’m not this body, I don’t care how it looks but, please, it also means you have to take care of the body. Not being it doesn’t mean you don’t take care of it and maintain it at an optimal condition so it can best serve you as you walk around of the world. Because you need a vehicle to walk around the world. It has to operate correctly. You need energy to do what one needs to do which is to make the changes in our lives so we can go to the next level of our evolution. So we want to take very good care of our body, very thoughtful care of our body and the physical motions also in a spiritual level. It’s not who we are. It’s sort of like, if you have a really nice car, you want to take care of it, but you never will think you’re your car. Unless you’re… right. I mean, if you’re in the age, you’ll think you’re your motorcycle. Ok. That may be the case. Some people are very identified with their cars, that’s ok, but that’s not the most conscious way of going about your life. And in the same way, your body is a little bit closer vehicle to us. It’s not who we are. It just isn’t. And that’s part of the wakeup call. When you hear Gabriel talking like that, it’s a reminder for you. So what the god call is in our DNA, literally, without going to the whole physics of it, is that in the beginning we had the vibration, from the nothing comes to something. That something were the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. And the key letters are Yod, Hey, Vav and Tsade. And that’s the name of god that mostly received in the bush, which was received earlier too, but was not made public. And that code literally is in our DNA. It’s Yod, Hey, which is the name of… it comes from the name Yah, we used the word Yah here, but there’s from where it comes out and that’s the name ultimately in the messianic time, which is, as we’re approaching, that would be remaining. The Yah – Hey is the other aspect of it. Now, in humans, and the animal world too, the DNA becomes a [Hindi], so is not exactly the same. So it comes as “The eternal name of god within us”. That’s pretty dramatic, because, now, all of creation is linked to the name of god that’s planted in us. And it was put in a separate to rot for a thousand years ago. So, someone knew what was going on then. And now, we discovered it. And there’s a little bit of physics, and that would seek another half an hour to explain to you, so we’re getting the main idea here. So is the name of Yod, “breath, that is breathed into everyone”, and this another point, when we get to the vegan discussion, it is taught in the Kabbalah, which is the ancient, kind of mystical part of Jewish tradition. It’s taught that the breath of God, or Yah was given to the animals, and the fruit flies, and everything first. Then it came into the humans, because humans were last made, right? I dunno if you’re biblically taught, ok. And so, the human contains all the energies, and now, you understand a little bit why the vegan, direct of, in Genesis 1:29. How many people know what that is? It’s, “I’m giving you every seed bearing herb by the planet and every fruit of a seed bearing tree for that it should be food”. It didn’t say eating animals, didn’t say drinking dairy, none have said, didn’t said that. So that directive is very specific, and that’s a beauty, because we’re all related, we’re all related. We all have been activated by the breath of God. The DNA in everyone is vibrating with the name of god. That’s mind-blowing! And the eager ones always create separations. And I’m better or worse than you are, my religion is better or worse than yours, my culture is… it’s always about difference, it’s always about separation. Interesting. And so we’re looking to the energy and we begin to understand what we’re really talking about, we’ll begin to understand, at this point in our evolution, where like the adolescence plan was, there’s a lot of technology here. Is like, you’ve given your 16 year old a jaguar to be flying around in. You know, but instead it’s a tarmac energy in this vanilla thing. There’s a tendency to misuse it. And so, the most important thing it can happen on the planet right now, is that, the scientists, actually the whole planetary consciousness, has to wake up, or we’re not gonna make it. It’s pretty straightforward. We have developed technologies than can destroy the planet many times over, what are going to do about it? Are we going to use it wisely? Or are we going to create the destruction of the planet? Those are the issues that the planet is facing right now, every nation is facing, whether they want to believe or not. And there’s no time for people look to be, in the consciousness of separation, so when you understand we’re all the same vibration of god’s name, it helps change our perception. When you understand, that indeed, we’re all kind of one, and we won’t be, you know, we won’t be killing animals to feed us, when we clearly don’t need to do that. Energetically for basically… we don’t need to kill any animals to do this, we don’t need to drink any dairy to do this. So start, we start to understand the circle of that. And in this scenario, it’s certainly not a new idea, I mean Torah came 300 years ago, that’s not exactly new! Ok? In the book “conscious eating” came to describe how nearly Jesus, with all his disciples, basically practiced a vegetarian way of life. And that’s historical evidence, and not as it was changed in the council of Nicaea in 325, that’s whole historical evidence, and the early Christians in the first 200 hundred years, we’ll all be sharing. So we need to kinda, look back in history and say: “Well, there’s nothing new here”, except it’s time we have to move that direction, because there’s a reason they were that way. Because they understood the connection, they understood the connection. It’s like, It’s not that complicated. So, that’s where we going a little bit and we get the idea that the DNA is vibrating with the name of Yah, you kinda change your perception of your neighbor. Take a look at your neighbor and think about it. Just turn and face your neighbor. And think about it, this person is vibrating with the name of god! Does that change your perception, a little bit? Okay, so, now we are getting, a little bit, deeper into it. So, in terms of spiritual path, it’s first the divine kiss, and then beginning… [Hindi]. And then the third thing is what we call “Belding prana” or life force, because as you bring prana or life force in, it expends consciousness. And we begin to purify that. And that really bring us to, the six foundations. And six foundations are a way of life, because one of things that truly helpful to know is you can’t eat your way to god, and you can’t take your way to god, that not the way. But you create a way of life that supports, quieting your mind. Because when the mind’s quiet, we can transcend the mind, and touch in to the truth. For that, let’s say, a deeper reason for why, is doable to be nursed in a way, a bidding that supports waking up, touching into the truth, the deeper truth. So once we get that we were just talking about a way of life without, let’s see, a goal. Why without a goal? Because in the name of God that we just heard about, also means… [Hindi]. Which means: “I will become what I already am”. I will become what I already am, think about that one. We already are the truth, we just have to wake up to the truth. So, see Ego is about striving. And what we are talking about is living in a way that there will be no striving, we are just simply living in a way that quiets the mind, so we can go beyond the mind, into the truth. So that takes us again… That’s really what we are talking about tonight, is how to eat and living a way that quiets the mind, so we can transcend the mind. So with that in perspective we’re gonna, show you a little bit about the tree of life and… The tree of life rejuvenates certain noises for awakening, this is the mounts behind us, we get a little bit of lightning, which is a symbol of awakening. And after the awakening comes the rainbow, now if you look closely, you see the rainbow’s coming in. This is the mountain behind us, this is the face, and this is the divine mother, and the breast. And so comes to the heart, at the heart, and through the eye, an interesting symbolism. The mount has eight feet of amethyst in it, so it’s really, really strong. This is a garden, one of our gardens; we’re doing a lot of different technologies to circle the garden in a way of, 36 pomegranates trees in it, and a lot of goji berries now, and a bunch of other things. This is the outdoor café. And you’ll be doing this on Tuesday. Not, not really. Love is a very important part of the relationship and we, we play. And that’s obviously Shanti and I playing. She’s having a good time. This is our little temple, like a pyramid, with the mount’s behind. We do a lot of different traditions, this is the native America, Gabriel was a four year sun dancer, and here we are leading the Kolonipi. This is a, a labyrinth, that we built, is the biggest labyrinth, church’s labyrinth in the world, of a hundred and twelve feet. And those aren’t really stones, those are crystals that we gather from the surrounding area. This is a micfah, which is a sacred bath in the shape of a womb. That’s another shot from the micfah. We do a lot of work, this is Gabriel and Ishtu Russland, in a home that the Sufi sheik is been living since 16th, his family has been living the since the 1600. Is quite amazing, to be working with some of the work with do in this realm. This is our live food, juice fast with 76 people, near the Dead Sea. So… This is some talk and stuff. Now, where we’re going here is like an overview, energetic overview. So we have the cosmic energy coming down, it becomes tachyon energy, and then from tachyon energy goes into Electrons and Neuons and Paeons. And then we have subtle organizing energy fields, which in this place serious. And we’ll be talking about that, because souls are a deeper way of understanding what life food are about, because life foods bring energy that build the souls. Now this subtle organizing energy fields are kinda like we call, like morphogenic fields but a little different. Those are patterns, when the patterns are organized, we have health. When the patterns are disorganized, we have illness. In essence we can say that disease is chaos in the field. And as we, like foods, we bring energy into the system that, in essence, creates order. So our DNA replicates appropriately the self-replicate the selves, the organs, everything works right. And probably most you had this experience, you have all laid, not getting enough sleep, your souls began to get disorganized. How many people know what that feeling is like, ok? Right. What we’re really talking about, is how to keep the selves organized and energized, so we feel good and our health is good. And then move to the physical with the chakras and the living Caulwhite field, a lot what we are going to talk about will be more souls. And what we call the biophoton field which is really about this way too. So those are all pieces just for overview. Now this is more specific, this is the cover of the book. And what we see here is a way to get to things in focus, is this actually a manual to Kundalini? And it may look like the caduceus, right? Well, it is, but this is where the idea came from. Because the physical level health is one piece of it, but these represent Ida, excuse me, Ida and Pingali, and they coerce toward where the chakras are, and they come here into the third eye. And then above that there’s the right and left side of the brain and then ultimately the crown chakra. This nadis, there are 72 thousand of them, but these are the main ones, Ida, Pingali, they should go to the Kundalini moose, the Kundalini… How many people are familiar with that term? Okay, great, okay, super. The Kundalini is the energetic, spiritual energy of the divine, once when it’s wakened, help us wake up to our [Hindi]. Meaning our oneness, wholeness, of the living awareness when I am now, which means, I am one with all things. In fact, I’m that, and all things. Which in essence, is what Gregg Braden is talking about in the [Hindi], which is based on all the vibration of god. And so, when we eat and live in a way that clear these nadis, and keep these in mind, this is a picture we are going to refer back to in just a minute, then what happens is the energy moves through in a way that all these energy systems open up, and ultimately we experience the oneness, an ultimate permanent basis. But it’s good to get the divine kiss, so even in short, in one little hit, you get motivated. So, we’re right now, creating a foundation of a language and understanding. And these are the chakra systems, the seven chakras. We’re not going in depth with them, just to understand them. And, what… What we wanna see in the chakra system is that’s in each, there’s fifty petals, and each petal has a virtue, or a thought form. And when we do yoga, when we’re in a proper way, those thought forms become quiet, that’s the point. Remind of Maharshi, who’s, uh, great saint of last century, put it this way. When asked “What was the most important spiritual practice?” Celibacy said once, this other thing, they say. When the food you eat is pure, it creates a pure mind, a pure mind creates quiet mind, and a quiet mind help to untie the knots of the hearts. That’s the essence of spiritual nutrition, in six foundations, right there. So, here are the six foundations, and we’re gonna come back, most of our talk is gonna be about life food and spiritual fasting. But the next is building prana, we have different things. We have yoga asanas, pranayama, breathing exercises, ophanim, which is the energetic exercises, Tai-chi, reiki, lots of things. Sacred dance. And then we have services and charity. It’s third. Because when you are in service and you’re opening a heart, you start to connect to the world. It’s the way it is. And that brings us out, we start to understand our oneness. That’s the meaning for service and charity. The fourth is spiritual guidance. And that’s an inspiration, often with a teacher, and in groups, like here we are, in a group right here. The zero point course with our teachers, it’s a western kind of yoga. It helps us understand that’s the personality is indeed a case of mistaken identity and it helps us wake up from our dream that we’re separated from god. That’s a four day course, they’re teaching it. It’s really powerful because it’s a very advance form of self psychotherapy at the same time. So it helps people to get very independent. And then we talk about holiness and spiritual wisdom literature, of all our traditions, sacred music and being in nature. Where all things activate. The fifth is silence, and that’s with meditation, that’s with prayer, it’s with chanting, those all the things that really help with mantra repetition. And the sixth, which we all had a chance to experience tonight is the shaktipat kundulini awakening which is the essence of the divine kiss. So those are all six of the foundations, which are really a way of life. Now that we’ve gone to the overview, we’re gonna go back to the first foundation which is what the whole rest of the talk is gonna be about tonight. Now, that’s is an essence of who we are in another level, we are a living crystal. What does that mean? This is in the book spirit and nutrition and basically, we need to understand constantly that we’re a crafted and created in vibration. And the vibration is held in the bones, is sent out to different organs systems, it’s communicated to the heart and to the brain, and we can see it also comes from the plant, world. In the next picture, we are the vibration that planet lets come into us. So, we are a complete vibration system which is how the different parts of our bodies communicate with each other. And so, if you put junk food in, what are you creating? The vibrational junk. So junk food crates junk food kids. Or junk food adults. They’re telling who you are. It’s very straightforward. And so, here we have magnesium and chlorophyll which is basically the same as hemoglobin, except that magnesium transmutes to iron and the vibration from the plant life world comes in, goes to the blood, goes to the bone, because our bones do have circulation and then it communicates what’s needed to the rest of the body. And these little antenna are… this drawing is done in 1996, but it’s a basic teaching that’s kinda becoming popular today. Which is the cell wall, it’s the brain of the cell. Not the DNA. And the cell wall is affected by the environment. And this is all what we’re talking about lifestyle, it’s a much deeper understanding of what lifestyle is about. Because what you eat, we are what we eat, how you live, gives a certain communication to our cell walls that they can communicate to the DNA and actually affect the expression of the DNA, which we’ll be talking about in a little bit. Just a little bit in here. So this is how this whole system kinda really works on a vibratorial level. So that’s why it’s so important that we live in a way that gives us the highest vibrations range, we eat in a way that does it, we associate with people who do and we avoid overdosing the vibrations of fear, misery, hate and so forth, and what seems to be endemic in the world. But so much weakens us and creates a downgrade of our vibratorial range. So, when we hear different people speaking about lifestyle, this is what it looks like from the cells’ point of view. Ok? Are we getting what we’re saying? Here’s the cells over here. The cell wall is getting the communication from the vibration range, remember what we see in those slides before, of all the vibrations from outside are affecting and communicating with us, and literally turning on and turning off the expression of DNA. Of course, inside, we have the DNA happening. And the DNA’s happening with the name of god, but we can kinda smudge it if we don’t pay attention to it. It doesn’t have its fullest vibration. Ok. Now, next slide. Now. What is this? What is it? Anybody wanna guess? Ok? Well? This is a study. [Someone from the audience talks]. No, it’s close. But this is a study that a Native American did in Mexico by the University of Arizona, and they studied one culture. And in that culture, they all eat the same, the all live the same, there’s only one difference. The difference was: these kids lived at the top of the foothills and the other kids lived in the valley. And what difference does that make? [Someone from the audience talks]. The difference is that in the valley, the pesticides and herbicides were higher. Now, let’s go a step further, let’s make it really clear. These kids lived in the valley and had a much higher amount of pesticide and herbicide in their system. Please, be aware that the pesticides and herbicides are neurotoxins. These kids lived in the foothills and had less pesticides and herbicides in their systems. These kids couldn’t draw a picture. Same age, same culture, same everything; except one difference. That’s why this was such a cool study. And what we see and what we’re talking about is that pesticides and herbicides are neurotoxins, they affect the nervous system of the children. These kids have better memories, better social interactions, better fine muscle coordination, better gross muscle coordination. They were just better in all levels. And the only difference was that these had more pesticides in their system. Some people say a picture’s worth a thousand words. What can you conclude from this picture? That one of the most important things we can do is go organic. Particularly for our kids, because they’re more affected by it. Some people say “oh, organic costs more”. Not really. This costs more. Trying to fix this mess. Ok? The illnesses the kids get because of that. The research suggests that kids who eat organics are can take out between 1/4 or 1/6 of the pesticides and herbicides out of their systems. That means if you feed your kids organic food, you’re giving them a tremendous head start in the world. The risk of cancer, particularly brain cancer, is much higher in children than even before. The risk of hyperactivity, etc, etc, etc. All those things that are quite… some sort of a mysterious thing is happening right now, right? What’s the mystery? No mystery. Cut out sugar, go organic and we’re looking for a least a 15% reversal within a year. And that’s pretty well documented, so think about that. So when we talk about food before, and about being vegan in life, let’s go to the basics, how about organic? Of course, organic food has more nutrients in it, still not enough nutrients, but more nutrients, because our soil is depleted in organic farming. When we support, when we buy, right? Organic food is building the soil. In perspective, when people first came into this country, we’d have about 20 feet of organic food, of good soil, we’re down to 12 inches. This is not a good scene because no culture has ever survived once it’s lost their soil. So, when you go and buy organic, not only you’re protecting yourself, your children but your also protecting the living planet. So, you’re making a real statement. A real statement. That’s very, very important to keep in mind, for the whole living planet. So, food needs to be made with love, because it reverberates with the food. Second, equal to anything is organic. Just keep that in mind next time you say “wow, the prices are higher here”. What we are doing at the tree, we’re really close now. We have greenhouses. We’re actually creating a school, which is a garden centered peace school, where the kids will be actually learning in a dome, a garden dome, and also in the field as well as in the school room. To kinda live and understand that kind of way of life. Also, we’re saying “wow, we really don’t want our classroom to be a box”, we want a living learning experience. And they’ll be eating alive organic vegan food. They’ll be actually preparing it. They won’t prepare it as well as the chef, but it’ll be good. So, it’s fun. And actually we’re just raising… what we wanna do is to teach whole families to come out and get them in the field there and show them how to do, how to get food for four seasons. For your whole family. So we’ll have like a long week seminar to do that. We’re just setting up. We’re actually looking for a little bit of donations that we need to raise to 10.000. I want it to be this kinda way to set up the whole teaching system, you know? Because it’s important. We can’t unfortunately trust the food in the stores anymore. They don’t label that it has been irradiated. They don’t label it if it’s been, you know, genetically engineered. There’s some big problems with the food. Does anybody understand the problems with genetically engineered food? How many people in here have been concerned with that? Raise your hands. Ok, we have. One study will just make the point. Doctor Pusztai Árpád, from Scotland, found that when you feed rats, genetically engineered potatoes, ok? Ten days, their brains, hearts, thyroid and adrenals were in terminally affected. In ten days. Figure out. You know? It doesn’t take… and the US government basically made it really impossible to trace this. So we can’t really tell, so ultimately we need to learn how to grow our own, what we’re really trying to do is to be a step ahead, because you know, they keep trying to delude the organics, they aren’t listening to anything and so we’re using a lot of our skills to put together a farming program. We actually have farmer apprentices program as well, they… which it’s from 3 to 6 months, as well as the 3 month “life food vegan preparation” programs, as well. Before we get to life food, which will be the [Hindi], part of the talk, we’re gonna talk a little bit about veganism and low sugar, [Hindi] and [Hindi]. Vegan has the essence of the cutoff point. So, we’re gonna get to this in a bit, so, maybe we’ll put this up so you don’t have to think about it. So, maybe we can turn the light on, just a little bit, please. [Someone from the audience talks]. That’s good, that’s great. [Someone from the audience talks]. Well, not exactly. A hybrid is still a natural selection, may not be the best, but it’s natural. The GMO, they actually altered the DNA. And they’re putting thing into it. It’s not really a good thing. It’s very, it’s specifically detrimental, while the hybrid is more sweet, it’s a different level. It’s a different magnitude to the problem. Ok, so let’s talk about veganism for a moment. And I’d like to know that I’m not embarrassing anybody, how many people are already vegan? Great. Great, that’s wonderful. We’ll see after this talk how people get to be vegan, ok? So why is it that the vegan was the message in the Torah? Genesis 1:29. Well, there’s at least six or seven different what we call “myths as a good deed”. First. That’s smoking. Oh, really? Ok? Thanks. Ok. We’ll then just leave it. Good. Thank you for your observation. You’ll disconnect me? Ok. We’ll just have to leave that smoking. Ok, so, first is cruelty to animals. Now, statistics tend to vary but there is close to about 20 million animals killed a day. And I’m not positive how accurate that is because each book says a slightly different thing but that’s a lot. And that takes into billions of years. Whether it’s 30 billions, it doesn’t matter. There’s an intense cruelty that’s involved with that because if the animals, remember, they have a soul, that’s a teaching in the Torah, that’s a teaching in what a lot of people call the old testament. It’s basically the whole point of the DNA, the name of god in all the DNA, the breath in, Yah being the breath, which were the first two letters, Yod and Hey. But that’s once piece. They’re filled in pain and misery and guess what? It gets translated, transferred to those who eat the food. Of course, because food holds vibration. So, if the cow is miserable and you know, it just had its babies taken away, there’s a lot of toxins going in there and that affects out health in a very significant way. It doesn’t affect it in a little way, it affects it in a significant way. So we get it out of illness that comes from taking it and that also affects our own vibration. Remember, vibration ranges are affecting the cell walls, which are the brain of the cells, which are affecting the DNA expression. So, it kinda affects the whole line. What’s going on? So we have cruelty and misery. Which is no small thing. When you eat anything that has a smile on its face, that’s the cutoff line. All the great traditions have, pretty much all of the great traditions have a teaching of no blood, no spilling of blood. Now, the Muslim is a little unclear. Some people feel that Muhammad was a vegan, I don’t think so. He was harming animals significantly, we’ll just leave it that way. There’s very few people in Muslim moral who are meat eaters, but there were some, so, Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, in Philadelphia. Anybody ever heard of him? No? Well, it doesn’t matter. We’ll just go on. The point is most of great traditions support that. Second, the feeding of the poor. There are, according to united nations, 29.500 children who starve to death each day. Not in a year, it’s a day. In a rough 40 millions, some people say 60, some people say 40, but it’s a lot of people, no matter how we look at it, die of starvation each year. So more people have died from starvation the last 10 years than all the people who have died in all the wars and not in the cleansings, etc, etc, etc, in 50 years. That’s about 175 million people, that have died in all the wars and the cleansings and holocausts and so forth and so on. So understand, we don’t even notice the fact that that many people have died. It’s like wow. Now, understand that if the whole world were vegan, we’d have enough food to feed the whole world 7 times over. That’s what we’re talking about. How does that make sense? Well, you realize that 80% of the grain that is made in the US goes to feed livestock and the livestock, in this country, eats 5 times as much grain as the people. And twice as much as the world population. Livestock in the world. Kitam Hamn said in a pretty intense way, coming at the specific thing, he says “therefore, when we understand that, when we are eating the meat, eating the flesh of these children who starved to death”. That’s Kitam Hamn. That’s a pretty strong statement. But that’s what we’re talking about. The grain that would be good to feed the population is being fed to the cows of the wealthy people, people who can afford meat can eat it, but it’s a wasting of 99% of the protein and 95% to 100% of the carbohydrates. And of the fat, so it’s a huge wasting of resources in that level. And we could feed everybody. Now, this doesn’t mean we would feed everybody. You got that? Because that means sharing. And we, as the human race, we’re not on the mature side yet, to be able to share and feed everybody. We’re getting there, we’re gonna get to understand that if you want a peaceful world, not for terrorism, probably, you should feed everybody. It’s kinda common sense, but probably it’ll be good, because, well, we’re going into that, we’ll just start making that point. That it’d be good to feed everybody. The next is the wasting of resources. We have, we’re really concerned about petroleum and it takes 77 times more petroleum to make a pound of beef protein as it does for a vegetarian protein. 77 times more of petroleum. And it takes about 72 times more energy to do a pound of beef versus a… so this is a great waste in that. Water. A vegan saves 1.5 million gallons of water a year. That’s a whole Olympic swimming pool. We are running into a water short, if you haven’t noticed, I might not have noticed before them, but we’re running out of water. Clean water. That’s a very important issue. Land, 85% of the land loss is because of livestock. Oh, and they’re taking out oxygen. We’re destroying the lungs of the planet. The rainforests are being cut down. One McBurguer takes 55 square feet of a rainforest. Wow. I mean, that’s a lot. I mean, it adds up. Ok? So you start looking at it and you say “ok, land, water…”, a vegan saves one acre of trees per year. One acre of trees. Just by what you put in your mouth and what you don’t put in your mouth. So water, land, energy, you know, food, cruelty. All those thing started to happen. And of course, a vegan diet has been proven again and again, it’s far better for your health. Particularly in the prevention of chronic diseases. So, we have the preservation of the ecology in this whole process. And as well as our personal health and then finally this all brings us more in harmony with god. Because we’re living in a way that in essence is the dietary blueprint for the coming thousand years of peace, which is our responsibility. This generation is it, folks. You know? The decisions that we make… this is the first time in history that we are making decisions that are gonna affect the actual survival of the planet. Does everybody understands that? Raise your hands if you agree with that. Ok. So what Gabriel was talking about was like “oh, it’s nice. You should like life food”. This is really, you know, like wow. What we’re doing is making a huge difference because if we can’t change the consciousness of the planet at this point, there won’t be much left. So we have a real responsibility, it’s given to us, that’s why we’re all been born at this time, to change our consciousness which is important, we start by changing out diets. It’s one of the six foundations that will change the consciousness of the planet. And that could be understand that we wouldn’t have world peace until everyone became a vegan. I can’t really say vegan or vegetarian, but it’s the same principle at this point. So that’s what’s at stake, so everyone in this room is really important. Why are you important? Why are we important? Because you’re already in the cutting edge, you’re here at this workshop, being willing to even here the possibility. That’s why you’re so important. And then what you get, hopefully, you go and share with everybody else. And slowly but surely, but hopefully sooner than later, we’ll start to change the consciousness of the planet, the planetary brain, so we all start to wake up. That’s why this is all important. And that’s why everyone, every single person here is important. So, it’s not like you should start taking yourself seriously but take what’s been said and be like “wow. Every person votes with their mouth”. So this is a key, really understanding of the vegan world. Now, there’s one or two more pieces because vegan means no dairy. Everybody understand? The vegetarian included dairy. So, what’s the problem with dairy? What’s the problem with eggs? Well, let’s be symbolic for a moment and understand that cows, what are cows? They’re the feminine aspect. What are hens? The feminine aspect. What goes on with the cows and the hens that would make you think maybe we’re connected in a feminine aspect? It’s being, let’s say, not treated so well. There is a connection, ok? The connection is: take the cow. the normal dirty cow, they use it to produce like 2000 gallons per year and now they’re producing 15000 gallons. But the usual life expectancy is from 18 to 35 years but now is 3 years. They’re being milked to death; they’re pregnant and lactating at the same time. Has anyone ever tried that? Not the best way to live, ok? And understand they’re being artificially inseminated, so they’re being exploited energetically, they’re being mechanically raped. I mean, this is what we’re doing to the feminine aspect, same thing with hens, and we’re taking away their babies. This is not the way we treat the feminine aspect. We’re talking about peace in the world, hens it’s the same principle, just a not very simple way, ok? That the hens are artificially inseminated, so they’re being mechanically raped, you’re taking away their babies, they’re treated very very poorly. We don’t have to go into the gory details of, you know, all the stuff, they’re caged, I mean, you’ve probably seen that. There’s a movie called Earthlinks, Earthlings, have you people seen that movie? We’re seeing it, I don’t know if they have it here but it’s worth seeing, it’s a wakeup call. So that’s one aspect. Now we’re gonna go back a little bit to dairy, just to give you an idea a little bit more. The research suggests, back to my friends in the Earth, there’s probably 120.000 people in US who have Jacob Creutzfeldt’s disease. Do you people know what that is? Also known as Mad Cow disease. There were 3 autopsy studies and from being 3% to 13% of those brains studied were Jacob Creutzfeldt’s. This is in the United States, so don’t tell me it’s not here, ’cause it is here, ok? That’s one piece. Cows, and particularly raw milk, carry a virus called Human… Bovine Leukemia virus, ok? And that’s about 2/3 of all raw milk. And you think: ok, that’s true, you would expect those who drink milk to have high rates of leukemia and indeed that seems to be the case around the world, the case around the world; but also in this country, the states that drink the highest amount of milk have the highest amount of leukemia rates. There’s a study in England, I think it was Sweden, where they studied over 11.5 year study in thousands of people. If you drink more than 2 glasses of milk a day, the rate of lymphoma, not quite the same as leukemia but it’s a kind of cancer, was 3.5 times higher. Those are important statements. Diabetes. The country basically shove who drink dairy have 11 times higher rates of juvenile diabetes than the children that are raised vegan. Well while that happens, there’s about 100 different antigens in the dairy. Good, that’s a good thing, thank you. And those antigens, one of them reacts against the beta cells of the pancreas, which is what makes insulin, and they destroy it. Kids that have juvenile diabetes have 8 times higher amount of this antigen, which goes after the beta cells of the pancreas, than kids that don’t have the diabetes. And again, theoretically it would be that countries that drink the most milk will have the highest rates of diabetes. And indeed Finland, which I guess drinks the most milk than anyone in the world, has the highest rates of insulin dependent diabetes. So there we go. The story goes on and on, you have different bacteria, plague, the MA documented an epidemic plague related to milk. Milk also contains about 15 to 30 times higher amount of depleted uranium. Does anyone know what depleted uranium is? Raise your hand if you do. Ok, so we’ll talk about that only for a moment, but we need to understand the ramifications. We’re gonna back track a second, when Chernobyl happened, 1986 I think, the rate of perinatal mortality, that means children dying, you know, in uterus or right after birth, increased 900%. Boston, how that happened? Well, the cows, the radioactive viring goes across the air currents, lands on the grass, and who gets to eat it? The cows! Doesn’t matter if you’re an organic cow or not, probably organic cows have more of it because they’re eating grass and that’s the ground. And then the radioactive viring goes into the children and they die, ok? Well, we have now a problem with depleted uranium. Depleted uranium is what is used in the weapon systems and tanks, and shells, and rockets and so forth. In 1991, gets nuclear energy, right? In 1991, 5 years with the first Gulf war, the rate of cancer increased 10 times, a 1000% the rate of congenital defects, major congenital dit effects increased 6 times. That means literally we’re talking about babies born without eyes, used to be 1 in 15 millions, now it’s once a week type of thing. Now I ain’t talking about this round, we’re talking about 1991, when they dumped something like 300 tons of depleted uranium. Now it was estimated a course and it estimates more like 2200 tons. And don’t think that our soldiers over there aren’t having problems too. There was a study done in Mississippi, where they studied 251 veterans to return from the Gulf area and there’s 67% higher rates of congenital defects in their offspring on returning, ok? So, guess what else? It comes across in the dust storms, in the hurricanes, it comes right here. And where we’re getting more is actually in the fore area, in New York, up to New York to Florida, Texas, and really the whole world is being influenced by in the rate of the perinatal mortality in the whole world is actually increasing. It’s directly related to radiation from the depleted uranium. It’s coming all over the world, gets dumped and racked, but it’s all over. There’s 17 different countries that are using these weapons, it was used in Bosnia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, are basically radiologically uninhabitable at this point, but it comes out to milk, that was the point we’re getting to, right? It’s at least 15 times higher in the milk, so when you’re drinking the milk, you’re taking a much higher rate of depleted uranium. Does it affect our plant food also? Yeah it’s 50 times higher than the plant food. So it’s important to make the connection. Now, Gabriel did some studies, more informal studies, but now they’re being done in hospitals, they’re being more natural studies, but Gabriel got started with some began testing people for depleted uranium. Tested 40 people, 39 out of 40 had depleted uranium in their system, in their breast, brain and liver. We have a program at the Tree which is a kind of combination, green juice fast for a week and neutro-solid defense, which specifically will take out the depleted uranium. That’s what we were doing, our federal study at this point, and we really found after one week, 86% of the people were clear, and after two, 100%. So there are ways to deal with this, but that’s, you know, that’s the people who are in this room who that can afford, can take a fast and do, you know, a special kind of detox, super detox program. But it is a problem and you make it worst if you’re gonna drink milk or anything with dirt, you make it 50 times worse at the least. So, do we need this? So when you start adding these things up, dairy really isn’t a good idea. We have misery, we have cruelty, you know, you’re taking in; you have all these toxins, you have all these viruses, it’s like hmm. 20 to 40% of white people are allergic, you know, have lactose-intolerance and up to 80 – 90% of black people have that lactose-intolerance. Surely not a good deal and we don’t need it. So those are just some thoughts about dairy, in case you have some questions about it from the presion of the sacred feminine to the taking it to the depleted uranium. So this is why a vegan way of life at this point is very healing for the planet on kinda every single level. So when you’re taking in food that’s pure, without suffering, misery and so forth, you then are having a quieter mind. And this gives us a lot of concern that in the US, there’s a tendency for people teaching yoga, so “yeah it doesn’t matter what you eat, you’re gonna be strong”, whatever that is, and they’re ignoring the basic yoga teachings. Let’s go so forth. We saw the nadis, right? Remember that picture? Well, when you take meat, dairy, you’re taking a tremendous amount of cruelty in it, ok? and toxins. When you’re doing yoga, you actually open up the nadis, which is what yoga is supposed to do. What does that mean? Open up the nadis, with more cruelty and misery comes into your system? Think about that for a second. And that is what some of the yoga masters are aware of. So we really do not recommend, I mean if you’re gonna do yoga, strongly consider being the vegan, cause when you do the yoga sun, you actually open up your nadi system, to take more death and misery into your system and that kinda blocks the spiritual evolution. We do understand you can’t eat your way to God, but eating in an appropriate way certainly hopes, certainly hopes. Ok so this is why we promote the veganism in a major way. Now, we also promote a low glycemic diet. This is spiritual nutrition while this gives you an idea. Sugar is not really a great thing, and that puts food sugar. Ok so we’re gonna run through some of this ’cause this is like a lection itself. High sugars are related to anxiety, candida, fungal infections, chromium deficiency, decreases growth hormone, depletion and misbalancing of neurotransmitters, which is very important, this happens in children who’re doing lots and lots of sugars, not really a great scene. Depression, diabetes, heart disease, hyperactivity, anxiety, these all things that significantly affect us. And it keeps going on. Increases advance glycation in products. What that means is that the sugar links with the protein across, it’s what we call cross linkages, which is one of the main side effects of diabetes in insulin. But in general, high sugar will cause a problem that speed up the aging in all your tissues. It also causes an inflammation in what we call the glycine of the brain, particularly glucose, so these are all considerations. Increases inflammatory prostaglandins, insulin resistance, high sugar will pull calcium out of the teeth and of the bone at the same time. We keep going here. Acidic stomach, ages the skin, gets it moving into alcohol, 90% of alcoholics are also hypoglycemic ’cause alcohol supplies the sugar, appendicitis, arthritis, asthma, arthrosclerosis, cancer of the breasts. We tell you and we’re in complete agreement, those who have cancer, no sugar, why? Because cancer self-love, they need 20 to 50 times more sugar to make the metabolism work. No sugar, green diet, no fruit, and it’s very important principle, very, in the treating of that. Particularly with the breasts, ovaries, intestines, prostate and rectum, cataracts, gastric or duodenal ulcers and, as we mentioned, changes the structure of protein. Chron’s disease, copper deficiency, disorganizes minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium, and chromium. Eczema, emphysema, food allergies, gallstones, hemorrhoids, and disrupts the structure of DNA. We go further; it increases the fasting levels of glucose, increases free radicals in the system, kidney damage, lowers enzyme function, malabsorption and migraine headaches. So when people say “well, yeah, you want to be a fruitarian”, you want to think about that a little bit. Multiple sclerosis, obesity, osteoporosis, everybody knows that’s a decalcification of the bones. A raised adrenalin, saliva, tooth decay, weakens eyesight. So, it’s a pretty serious problem, we really recommend that if you don’t have any problems, you know, health problems, then we recommend phase 1.5 which is basically berries, cherries, localized citric fruit. So it’s not totally against fruit. These are very high nutrient fruits, super antioxidants, many good things. Blueberries, bilberries, all kinds of things like that. So, it’s not no one fruit, now if you have any of these problems, you should consider three months with just a green diet, and that helps tremendously to turn around the imbalances. Now, this is just a fun thing, in our life foods, we have things called phytonutrients. And phytonutrients are beautiful because in the original rainbow diet we had each food has some energy, but each phytonutrient comes from fruits that they also have energy, so we have a rainbow of phytonutrient system, it’s kind of fun. And, I’m going to spread it out a little bit. So, with the reds we have resveratrol, which actually activates the antiaging genes and ellagic acid, which is an anticancer, which you find in pomegranates, lycopeme, quercitin. Not going to need all of these, you can just kind of look as we go through. But each color represents a food color, which then has phytonutrients that are very healing for us. This is all in the rainbow green life food cuisine. Now. What is this? It’s cronuda agave, good, that was good. It’s cronuda agave and needs to two cabbage leaves from the same cabbage. Cooked and uncooked, that’s the bioluminescence. And that is… actually it’s a peach. A live peach, but look at the energy. And this, the upper one, this is a courtesy of Michelle May, is an organic seed, the lower one is a commercial seed. That’s a pure synergy 62 different nutrients with balance. This is a sprout, a brighter sprout, isn’t that nice? That’s another shot of that. This is a current sprout, oops! The person on the left, the hand on the left is the same person, junk food for a week; this is their current photography in all kinds of natural food for a week. Look at that, there’s energy, just in a week. It’s the same person, different food. Back there, Hans Attencorough, at the first medical clinic in Vienna found that when people were really healthy they had a really strong positive negative charge in their cells, in and outside the cells, and that was key to health. Now, when they were not healthy, there wasn’t much of a charge differential. So, he did this pretty sticky electros in the cells, in the tissues, so what we understand, what we really begin to understand is that fruits and vegetables bring a tremendous amount of electron energy into our cells. So they bring health, and that was what he found was the best way to build up the electron potential, the best way. So, this is a really interesting research. Makes the point very clear. We’re going to leave this up to you to wonder what that is. No. Wait, don’t start guessing now. I have to make one more point here first. There’s two other principles about live food that we need to consider. One principle is that we are all part of a living field. And that living field is called bio photons. How many people are familiar with that term? Ok. Doctor Pop, over thirty years has done, from Germany, has done a lot of really interesting research in the topic. And basically, we’re all one… as a living field, kind of individuating out of it. And we communicate as all one by bio photons. And, ok, wait until we get that concept for a second. What Doctor Pop found is living food was the highest in bio photons, and wild crafted food was twice as high, excuse me, was twice as high as organic, while organic was five times as high as commercial in bio photon energy, and cooked food had zero. The bio photons are also how the cells communicate with each other. Have you ever seen a school fish take it like this, they are moving all together at once? So not to the cells, not only do the cells communicate, but the bio photon energies is how organisms communicate to each other. So we are all light beings giving off light, communicating with each other all over the place. So that’s how the school fish do it, that’s how the birds, they all, you know, how they go like this and they all do it together, the whole bio photon field. So, bio photons are extremely important. They did some research in Germany, and they found that when people ate junk food, they had about a thousand units of bio photons, roughly, and if you want, are natural, you had 23 thousand, if you were a baby you had 43 thousand. And, baby and organic, and if you were alive, you rate up 83 thousand. And if you do it a lot faster, in certain humans, there were few people who had 114 thousand. So, 83 thousand, 83 times more bio photons than if you are eating junk food. That means there is 83 times better communication inside the cell nucleus to the cell wall, and between the two cell walls, remember the cell walls are the brains of the cell, right? And they are communicating with each other, and then, tissues communicating with tissues, beings communicated with beings. The other thing we notices about live foods is that live food, then, the more you eat live foods, the greater your intuition is, because you are more consciously communicating with the living field, the bio photon field. Does that make sense? Did you follow the logic? Isn’t that interesting? That’s psychic energy, right, exactly. So, one of our master students did a report on… she interviewed 525 people who had 85% more live food for two years. Then she found that 87.5% of the people found they had clearer minds, more spiritual focus, more spiritual interest, more balanced emotions, ok? The amount of people who were depressed went from 20% to 7%, just on the live food. And anxiety went from 22% to 8%, on the live food. There was three times more energy, which is actually a kind of finding that is pretty traditionally found. So, it’s very interesting, it all supports the same thing. So, when we start to understand that we are beings of light, then we start to understand that we are giving off light. This is a pineal gland giving off light. It’s laser photography done inside a living person. One other thing to think about, as we talk about live foods, is that.. there was a research done by Doctor Splinter, in 2001, and what he found, when he underfed rats 40% is that their genetic, their gene expression, increased for antiaging by 400%. And their antioxidant gene expression increased, and the anti-inflammation gene expression increased, and the anticancer gene expression increased, so what is going on? What is going on is, when one under eats, which is what? Just by 40%, the… what we call the phynatepic expression of our DNA, there is the genotype, which is hard drive, like this is fixed, and the expression of the DNA, which is not fixed, you literally can upgrade you expression of your DNA. Now, let’s do some math, what we know on live foods is, when you cook the food, it loses 50% of the protein, 60% in reserves of vitamins and minerals, and knocks 100% of the final nutrients. Therefore, you can eat half as much, so we are not doing that here. But you can eat half as much, right? That’s better than 40%, that’s 50%, and therefore, what are you doing? You’re turning down your antiaging genes, by 400%. Your anti-inflammation genes, your anticancer genes, they are all getting turned down. And you’re getting the same nutrient value because you can eat half as much and still get the same amount of nutrition. Isn’t that interesting? So that’s the first documentation in Splinter’s work that you can actually reverse the aging process. That’s really deep. Ok? Really deep. We’ve always known that the less you eat the longer you live. But this is a different statement; this is saying “you literally can reverse the aging process”. The fact is the genes have, all the way back to the embryo, they have the program, and we basically just turn it back to a different expression. And that’s why a lot of fasting in the tree of life, we do spiritual fasting which is very good as, what else? Detox fasting. And we see people, in a very short time, reversing their diabetes, we have diabetes progress, we are getting people off, with fasting or, with just live food and supplements, it should be both. Special supplements in four days, I mean, we have to have them under medical supervision, because they move so fast that people can go into insulin shock because you have to kind of keep cutting the insulin down as we do that. So, it’s pretty exciting to know we can do this, and this is why we do it so that people get healthy, you are literally turning on the antiaging genes. Isn’t that interesting? And the fasting really accelerates it, that why we do so much fasting there. We have 100% live organic coffee, and so forth, and that’s obviously very, very good, but the fasting is like a very, very, very powerful way. We do green juice fasting, and as we say, we have the natural soy defense to pull off all the toxins, we checked 26 toxins, and basically almost everybody has them, and really after a week, as I mentioned before, simply the deplete rated, but really all 26, there 86% of people are free of that, and in two weeks they are a 100%. So it’s a very good way, this is why we really emphasize the importance of detoxing, and preparing mothers to, like, before they get pregnant, to do this because, mothers would download half their toxins into the baby. Not a really great scene, so, if we can clear that out, you children would have a much better start in life. There is over 200 toxins on the average in the umbilical blood of babies, according to recent research, there’s up to 279, 217 of them are neurotoxins and 180 are carcinogens, so, not a small thing. We figures if we get the 26 out with the heavy metals, and things like DDT and dioxins and so forth, and the depleted uranium, and so forth, Teflon, um, we’re probably getting out the two hundred as well. So, it’s really exciting to understand all the levels of dynamics so that’s why the fasting is important, cause when you clear out, then your mind gets much clearer, it typically takes about a week to get to that state, and then, of course, we’ll do longer fasts, we’ve had very dramatic changes in people’s lives with long fasts. Seventy days, eighty days, type of things. So, these are some of the great advantages of why food and of living this way, and we’re just gonna look at this. This is a pineal gland giving off light, this is the pituitary giving off light, this is adrenaline, excuse me, neuro-adrenaline, this is adrenaline and you can see its cycle like the Kundalini. This is testosterone, it’s got that angular quality. And estrogen, a little more curved. And this is how a lot of the the whole of the process works: the sun electrons are pulled across what we call the Cytochrome Oxidase System which makes energy. And they create energy, and move ADP to ATP, which is the biological energy in the system. That’s what we’re getting from the electricity of our live foods. And then we come out with that. That’s a drawing David made after a 40 day fast, where we’re just a vortex of energy. So we’re… this is kind of a large overview of live foods. There’s two or three more things we want to mention. First we’re going to turn this off. And, what we want to mention is… it’s important to drink lots of water. You want to drink about half your body weight in ounces, so if you’re 140 pounds, you want to drink about 70 ounces of water. What kind? The best… that’s a good question. The best actually is, turns out, is going to be distilled and the reactivated. Distilled water by itself is aggressive water. Maybe not so healthy, but there’s a lot of processes where we put some things in, and there’s a whole chapter in the book but, you want to… Distilled water is what we call immature water. And mature water is distilled water with a few minerals added back in. Why distilled? Because all the push-in today. Because of the depleted uranium, because of the pesticides and herbicides. It’s just, the other systems get a lot but not all out. That’s the problem. So, we want to be as well hydrated as possible, and we need to understand that we are all unique beings with unique constitutions, and we need to eat according to our constitution, again that’s, you know, that’s an our or so lecture. One of the things, however, Gabriel can’t refrain from talking about it, is the issue of the myth of “Eat right for your blood type”. That is a myth that is quite inaccurate. It’s based in two principles. One is the original caveman diet, which is a heavy meat diet. The second is the original cavemen raw Type O’s. Therefore a type O should eat meat. Brian, myself, David, we’re all type O so, get that clear. Gabriel’s eaten live food since 1983, so. Not hurting too much for them. They’re just 60 few years ago, did 601 push ups so, can’t say that’s a meat, you know, don’t have a meat problem. What’s the point? The point is, none of that’s true. Robert Leakey, who’s one of the great anthropologists said we’re basically a Chimpanzee diet. And the Chimpanzee’s grow as basically vegans with a touch of meat, with a rare hare or something like that. And 3.5 millions years ago, they found some skeletons now, of people living in trees, their hands were just a little curved, and basically their diet is the same diet. So back 3.5 million years we’re still finding people who basically were not eating the mythical Neanderthal diet. Now, interesting point, research has just also shown that Neanderthal is not genetically related to our modern humans. On top of everything else. So, that’s another point. So, whether they existed and ate a different diet that’s fine, that’s not who we are. It’s not our genetic linage actually. That’s really important. But the big thing is, those who are in our genetic linage, really ate like chimpanzees which is a primarily vegan diet. That’s one problem, OK? The second issue that even the animals have different blood types. So, the two principles, and if you make a theory, it’s got to be tested. The two principles don’t hold water. Don’t hold anything. But people are used to be in excuse to stop being vegans. “I’m type O, I need to eat meat.” That’s just nonsense. Absolute nonsense. I’m talking from a scientific point of view. Not from a “this is Gabriel’s opinion versus this opinion”. It’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the hard sciences of the situation. Gabriel also knows of another person who we got some of the data from, who absolutely disagrees with these conclusions as well. And she’s a leading medical anthropologist. So he doesn’t even have support from other people in the field. Because it’s just not true. So, we’ll just deal with that. We eat Vedicaly, we have different types, there’s fast oxide, there’s whole oxidisers, there’s high protein, low protein… the work is to find it. That’s outlined very clearly in Conscious Eating, chapter 3. It’s a huge chapter. And in Spiritual Nutrition, also Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, how to do it, there’s a whole history form you can fill out, figure it out yourself. So you’ve got to eat accordingly to your constitution. Some people need a higher protein, some people need a lower protein. You need to find that out. That’s very, very important. And then, finally, don’t eat too much, and whatever you eat, eat with love and with prayer. So we’ll review this. So, food made with love, organic, vegan, at least 80% live, which the whole group that’s met said that can eat live food that’s 80% or more. High sugar, low sugar, high minerals. Minerals we didn’t mention, but minerals help frequency of consciousness. The more minerals we have, the more conscious we become. They also run all our enzymes. Gabriel didn’t mention much about enzymes, because Victor’s going to talk about it most likely, but guess what. Zink runs three hundred minerals, three hundred enzymes. Magnesium runs three to four hundred enzymes, that means that enzymes don’t work without the minerals. So you have to have the minerals to work right. Ok? So, high minerals, according to your constitution, and not too much. And lots of water. So we put all those together and you an optimum diet for a spiritual life, or all life. And we start to get, let’s say, a whole better grasp, from this point of view, of what life is about. So we’re going to conclude with that and we’re going maybe take a little stretch break, and go into meditation. And we’re going to talk about meditation and you’ll get the Shaktipat, the 6 steps in this process, so let’s just conclude for a moment. Those who don’t want to stay for meditation, this is the time to go. If you got to go to the bathroom, this is the time to do that, and let’s try to gather back in about 5 minutes because I guess it’s late, we started late, but I don’t know what time it is. 9:15. Perfect, 9:15, we’re really on track. O well, we’re still on track. So this forward meditation is what we call Shaktipat meditation. And we use… Shaktipat is what we call the descent of grace that activates the Kundalini. Now, does it do it on everybody? 100% no. Gabriel is empowered by his, one of his spiritual teachers, Swami Muktananda, after being with him for seven years, who’s specifically empowered to be a vehicle for Shaktipat. And, even with some working out, maybe 40, 50% of the people would get it. So it all depends on your readiness. That’s the good news, in a way, because people have some concerns about Kundalini, but your body will not awaken unless you’re ready, in this system. That’s the thing you have to understand. Your body will not awaken, the energy of Kundalini will not awaken, unless you’re ready. So we have all these safe guards build in. That’s an important principle. So, that’s the first principle. Second principle is surrendering to the energy as it unfolds within you. That’s a very important principle, because it’s a feminine form of meditating, versus something like Zen, where you are really imposing your energy on the system. There may be movements, maybe this, maybe that, all this things happen, and if you’re trying this “I’ve got to sit straight”, like this, it really jams you. So, it’s a feminine form of meditating, letting it just unfold. In 1995, Gabriel, at the twenty first day of the water fast, in that little temple you saw up there, had this kind of six to twelve hour vision, it’s hard to tell, you get lost in time, where the mantra Yod He Wa He came through, and I was told to switch mantras, and this is the mantra that need to be given to people. Its relevance made a lot more sense when The God Code came out in 2003. It’s like “Oh, yeah, it’s the universal mantra liberation for all beings. Wow!” So, that’s the mantra that was told, and we do “Yod” in an in breath, “He” on the out breath. “Wa” on the in breath, “He” in the out breath. It’s not “Va”, it’s “Wa”, that was what was given. Now, there are many ways to pronounce this. That’s the key. We’re just doing the syllables, you’re not really doing the whole name, the syllables are key, so “Yod” coming in, from the Harrah, breathing into your heart, and “He”, out. “Wa” in, all the way to your for, to your third eye, and “He” out through the heart. And that’s basically it. When the breath is steady, the mind gets steady. And that’s the essence. And you simply do that until you disappear. But sure when disappearing, the mind gets quiet. When the mind gets quiet, then you know that you’ve done what we call “The first stage of meditation”, which in yoga’s called “Dharana” or concentration. So there’s really two fazes. There’s concentration, focusing in the mind, that’s the mantra, and then with meditation, when the mind’s quiet, and then with grace we go beyond that, into witness the state of the old state Samadhi. It’s the of the eighth limb yoga. Of Ashtanga Yoga practice. So, keeping that in mind, then it becomes really simple. We repeat the mantra with our breath in the pattern we mentioned, from the Harrah, up to the heart and out, “Yod He”, and then “Wa”, third eye, “He”. Therefore we’re linking consciousness and mind with the heart. It’s a very important step. The heart’s the key, the heart’s the key. And then, we observe what goes on, we don’t really understand it, we don’t think we understand it. Don’t even try to understand. Make your life easy. If you try understanding you start thinking, and then you get in the way of the whole process. And, let it unfold, as we witness it, and sit comfortably. You can sit in a chair, you can sit in the floor, it doesn’t matter, really. Optimally you can be in full lotus, and that’s fine, but short of that, in this context tonight, just sitting in a chair is fine. And… that’s it. It’s a very simple meditation, it takes a little… It takes some practice, and you need to start with shorter and then you go longer, the more practice you get. Just like doing push-ups, except this is… For getting your mind to be quiet. The reason a vegan-life of diet is important, is it makes it easier to have a quiet mind. And when we do fasting, by day 6 and 7, people’s minds get really quiet and we get to a 90% of the people, sometimes 100%, one day fasting there were 100% of the people got awakened it’s ’cause a mind’s quiet and what we saw are the energies moving in a way that you can handle the awakening. So it’s really straight forward, in a way. So, the advantage tonight is we were able to talk long enough that you were able to digest your food. Okay, so we can all now have a chance to meditate. So, we have to find my… no, here it is. And so we have Mantra Cards. And those of you who would like the blessing, and this is what we call a… Oops. An awakened Mantra, why? Because… You can read about this in any book, what makes it awakened was the experience in 1995, after the 21-day water fast, where it became highly charged, okay? And that’s the difference between reading this in a book, and repeating it, which is not a bad thing and can often work, and getting it from a person who, who… it’s come as a highly activated mantra. That’s, that’s the difference. So, in this context, if you choose, this is like… like a blessing. And, now… in a… Was noticed as Exodus, or Shemot 20:22, it says when you repeat the name of God, ’cause this is the name of God, that brings you to, it’s the name that helps create the liberation process, and it draws grace. And when you really keep repeating it, and you’re singing it here, you’re drawing your grace to you, so it’s a way of drawing your grace to you. You can do it in the day, too, as you walk around. You’re walking around, and all the information is there in a sense, and proverb 16:8 it says: [Speak in another language]. This is so basic, but it’s the key to waking up. It’s the key to waking up, and everybody sees it, but once you know anything about Mantra, or Mantra Meditation, this is how it works. You just keep focusing on the vibration of god. Now you know in your DNA, and you’re speaking to your DNA, and it gets even more fun. It’s like “Whoa, I’m activating the God-name in my DNA”. So, that’s like a turn-on in itself, when you really start to understand the significance of that. So, what we’re gonna do… is anybody who’d like the blessing of this, you’re welcome to come up and get this, and I’m gonna give it to you. And then, we’ll go in the meditation with the technique and then once we’re settled in, then, we’ll be a vehicle for grace and go on and touch the different people. Hold on, here we go. Okay. Okay. So, just repeat… I’m gonna… We’re gonna repeat the instructions again so that people feel comfortable. Yod an in-breath. He an out-breath. Wa and in-breath. He and out-breath. The name means… uhm, that which was isn’t what’ll be. Which means we’re beyond time and space. We’re beyond ego, and that translates into… Which means I will become what I already am. We already are the truth, we just simple have to wake up to it. So, it’s not like we have to go anywhere. We already got it, we’re vibrating in our DNA. So, it’s like a… It’s so beautiful ’cause it’s… it was given to us 3400 years ago and it’s completely active now. The Yod He is also the, uhm, the integration of… inner-male and female, and Wa He is the integration of outer-male and female and we, as we, are probably pretty well in this room, the male-female energies have to become balanced for us to have a world at peace. So, it speaks to that also. So… it’s beautiful. So we’re gonna… if we could turn off the lights, please, and maybe the air conditioner, please. Uhm, these are all useful things, turn the lights off, and quiet the room down a little bit. We’ll probably go for 15-20 minutes. Toge can go around and give a touch, and then we’ll have a touch assuring to integrate the experience. So, and… pretty much, we don’t need the cameras for this part, I mean… So, if we could turn off that white ball, and that… That’s a little bit what it looks like when you go deep, but it’s a lot brighter than that. Yeah, thanks, here we go. So, we’re gonna have a few minutes to show you, and appreciate that you’ll be able to stay. Would anyone would like to share your experience? The reason we’re sharing, it’s to help you get a better understanding. Yes, go ahead. First of all, it’s all buzzing. It’s a great feeling, it’s a high. And, uhm… my solar plexus is… I can’t express this, its kinda like humming. Mhm. And I find it easy. You find yourself moving around, too. The kundalinis is definitely awakened. And, uhm, it’s good. Now all you need to do is lay the 6 foundations and keep getting deeper. Great. Okay, anyone else? I feel it spiraling through my spine, it felt like the… almost like the Yod, and then the He… but one of them was going, uhm, one way, and then the other started going the other way. I understand. Well, the kundalinis awakened, that’s good. The kundalinis its supposed to have two heads, so that’s interesting that you picked that up. There’s some going up, there’s some going down and they work in parallel. Very good. But that’s definitely a sign of it being awakened. Anybody else? I also had a tingling in the spine. Well, that’s a sign of… tingling, it may seem like a little bit, but… it really is what happens. It’s a sign that it’s awakened. Uhm, we have, like, mild, medium and, you know, intense. But it doesn’t matter, as long as the switch is turned on, things just unfold. And, and… so we all get it in different levels. And, the beauty about kundalinis is that they’re self-regulatory systems that keep it from getting too much. So, it’s definitely a sign of awakening and that’s very good. Yes. I’d say that I felt… the energy in me was going back and forth. When you touched my forehead, it straightened it out and it flew freely. Like there were some blockages. Great. And it changed. Great, that’s another sign that’s awakened. Another peace here, given that someone needs to touch you, and that’s what you were going on, you’re feeling it because the room was activated. Now, what happened is that and then it went further with it, that’s great. But the point also was that it doesn’t just happen in meditation, so tonight, you’re laying down to sleep and all these things start happening, don’t worry, it’s fine. It’s just the kundalini having a delay activation, that’s all. Keep that in mind, it’s a good thing to be aware of. I also felt like my sense of smell became intensified. I have a tea here, next to me, and I thought I can smell everything real fruity and real intense. Like my sense. This is one of the signs often people… feel the, or smell the aromas of things. Anybody else had any of that experience? Okay, what happened to you? Same. I could smell the tea really strongly. It’s said this is why they used to use incense in ancient temples, is that it’s a way of communicating with the angels. And sometimes, whether it’s the tea your smelling, but often people smell different aromas. Yeah, it’s definitely, I mean, I can smell this, one scent, but it was a… a scent that I couldn’t quite identify with. Right. That’s what we’re talking about, that’s what we’re talking about. And in one room, people may smell five different aromas and the point being is that it’s a sign that the angels have kind of come, actually. Because they somehow bring an aroma, I don’t know what it is, but that is what happens. Great, but that it’s a sign that the energies awakened, too. Kundainis’ awakened. Anybody else want to share? Yes? My breathing pattern was affected. Like I didn’t have to breathe. Okay, that’s called kumbhaka, people try to approximate it in Yoga, but it really is, it’s a sign that the energies awakened and don’t worry, you know, like sometimes you’re breaking like, “Oh, my god, what’s gonna happen?” but it takes care of itself. But it’s definitely a sign that some process… and when your breath stops, your mind gets real quiet often. I don’t know if that was your experience or not, but it it’s definitely a sign of kundalini awakening and it’s a very… It’s a thing that happens very frequently and it’s a sign of the awakening. Great. Did I see another hand somewhere? Yes? It still feels like you’re over me, and I can still feel you… Well, energy doesn’t stop just because I turned the lights on. And it may go on for the next day or two. But that’s… again, that’s a sign that the systems have opened up and the energy is awakened. Okay. I got very hot. Temperature-wise, my body temperature rose and I wasn’t doing anything. So, you weren’t having a hot flash, okay. I don’t think so. The energy, that’s one of the classic sings of the kundalinis awakening. And then, one more thing that it may not be, but I’d have… problems with my extremities here, like they kinda jumped and it was not me doing it. Those are called… and that jerking stuff is again it’s a good sign of awakening. How many other people felt heat? Just raise your hand, I’m just curious. So, anybody who felt heat, just know that’s a sign of the Kundalinis awakened. And what it is, is that the energy is moving so strongly into the system, it’s like a hot wire we get heated up. There’s a little resistance in the wire but it’s moving. And that’s, in a way, kind of a metaphor for that. But that’s definitely a sign for it. If you felt that heat in this context, it means it’s being awakened. Anybody else ready to share before we get ready to get up to our…? Okay. If questions arise about this, the reason Diego talks about this is because it’s a little… it’s not the usual thing, and so, by having a chance to share, you have a chance to kind of come to peace with it. And since we’re staying here for the next few days, I’m very happy… If you have a question about it, or something happens tomorrow, you can just check in. it’s part of the process, okay? Okay. Let’s have a good evening. Okay, very good.

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