Taking Charge of Your Health

DENISE BENNET: Hello, my name is Denise Bennet,
and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. This right here, the coconut butter, I really
like to use this. If you wanted to, you could use actual coconut milk which is the juice
from a coconut, and that automatically has the oil on it, of course. This has some of
the coconut flesh that has been processed. So, I do like to use this, if that bothered
you, you don’t have to. You could actually just use the coconut water, and will get the
same, almost the same effect. Here’s our agave, not too much, I don’t think we need very much.
Okay, this should be done. Now, coconut butter will become a lot softer and easier to use
in warm weather. So, if it’s cold, actually, coconut oil will become completely liquified
in the summer months. And if it’s in the winter and you’re making the same recipe, you’re
going to have to allow yourself a little more time. Oh that’s nice, that’s really nice.
We’ll add a little bit more, of the juice. Now if you are a yogurt fan and you’re used
to the cow type, well I think you’ll still be in for a really nice surprise and you may
not go back to it. And, well if you do some research you might not want to consume that
product anyway. But this, now this is perfect. This is perfection in my opinion. So, this
is going to be our yogurt that we’re going to use for our breakfast plate, and I’m just
going to sneak a little bit because we need this for breakfast. So, I’m just going to
make sure that I’m happy with it. Yeah, I’m definitely happy. And we will move onto the
next step.

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