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Reduce redness. Reduce occasional blemishes. Reduce water loss that leads to wrinkles and
uneven texture. Reduce oil. Balance your skin from the inside out– with
pure, organic, whole plants. What causes breakouts? Ayurvedic skin care teaches us that unsightly
blemishes are more than skin deep. Excess heat in the blood, liver, and elsewhere
can manifest in the skin, leading to irritations and discomfort. Healthy Skin is a cooling and cleansing formula
that combines a number of Ayurvedic herbs – such as anantamul, manjista, neem, gotu
kola, and turmeric– all of which have been used for centuries to support a healthy complexion,
clear skin, and a visible inner radiance. Our formula is scientifically proven to work. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled
trial, Healthy Skin was more effective at decreasing water loss through the skin, decreasing
redness distribution and intensity, and decreasing oil excretion, compared to the placebo or
just turmeric alone. So how do you take it? I recommend starting with two to four tablets
taken throughout your day, or taken once in the morning. Because our formulation is gentle and safe,
serving amount can vary depending on what you discover works best for you. Participants in our study were instructed
to take four tablets, twice daily. Just remember to take it daily, with food
or on an empty stomach, and with a large glass of water. Healthy Skin is safe to take in combination
with all our formulations. In fact, taking Healthy Skin in conjunction
with Triphala tablets can significantly increase desired results. Triphala is a blend of three fruits that encourages
the subtle removal of natural toxins from the GI tract and helps to tone and nourish
all the tissues of the body. Fewer toxins means smoother, calmer skin. Most of our customers see results quickly. Based on the clinical research, I recommend
at least 6 to 12 weeks for your body to balance and show improvement. You can order three bottles and try them out
under our 90-day, full refund, “Healthy Guarantee”. Support healthy, radiant skin from within
and gain the confidence to let yourself shine. Healthy Skin.

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